Welcome to the Diamond H Website.  We are grateful you will take the time to look through the pages here to learn about our program of raising great black Braunvieh cattle.  I try to give you a feel of who we are and our philosophy of the cattle business.  We are constantly in the process of updating pictures, and keeping the information as up to date as possible.  Please forgive me if you find something old….it is A LOT of work keeping this website relevant!  I will say this:  the very best picture of an animal WILL NEVER represent that animal very well.  We hope that you will come visit us and see our herd if you are considering adding our genetics to your program.  A customer from Montana once said, “the pictures just did not do these heifers justice”.  Anyway, thanks for spending time with us.  Give us a call or contact us if you have any questions.  We love talking about cattle!

We have made alot of good friends in the cattle business.  Some have stayed with us, some have bought lots of cattle from us, and we have never shaken their hands.  Michael and Jamie Schallott of Arapahoe Ranch in Coalmont Colorado (a place much prettier than Childress), are some of those friends. They have bought several bulls and AI to Ranger annually.   You can see a picture of their family and a Diamond H Bull working on their ranch at this link  (what are friends are saying about us). We can tell you why we think you should do business with us, use our cattle in your program.  But this letter from them says it better than I could ever hope to…….

“Diamond H, has done a bang up job of being at the forefront of this breed. I have been trying to find a all around bull for calving ease and profitability to my herd, and I believe we have found it in Ranger and his sons and daughters. A good solid, all around bloodline, that I feel will make my herd more profitable in today’s volatile market. Todd is great to work with, and genuinely cares about your success. My family looks forward to working with Diamond H for a long time.”


Michael & Jamie Schallot

Arapaho Ranch

Coalmont, Co



We AI lots of cows to bulls outside our program.  Bulls famous for their performance.  It is gratifying to know the Ranger 11R bull outperforms them on a regular basis.  I have often said, it is a shame that we never acknowledge how truly great our Fathers are until they die.  Seems to me, bulls are pretty much the same way.  THAT is why serious breeders should use AI in their programs!

homozygous black and homozygous polled Braunvieh Bull Ranger 11r

We believe Ranger 11R will prove to be a bull to move the Braunvieh breed forward. He has defiinitely built a legacy on the Diamond H. We buried him 11/16/2013. He will be missed and his absence will leave a hole in our days.

We have learned about new technologies that allow us to do a better job of selection.  One of those is Leptin.  Leptin is a hormone in the fat metabolism pathway that has been shown to affect the amount of fat deposition in beef. A DNA variant alters a critical amino acid which affects the folding of this hormone. The leaner cattle have a “C” and the more marbled cattle a “T” in the critical position.  Bottom line, after 250,000 cattle are studied by several different entities, the results confirm that cattle carrying the “T” marker, marble easier, thus needing less days on feed.  That makes money and it is an easy thing to test.  It is one more thing that we are doing as seed stock breeders to help the commercial producer make money….that is important we think!




Some other ranch highlights:

  • Diamond H Named BAA “2011 Braunvieh Breeder of the Year”

  • Xena 208X wins Braunvieh Show Heifer of the Year

  • Ranger 11R is number one Sire of Prodigy Recorded and number two of Prodigy Born (2011)

  • The entire herd has been tested for PI-BVD and been found clean.  We continue to quaraintine new animals and test all calves to keep it that way!

  • We have tested all black genetics for all Angus genetic defects and our genetics are DEFECT FREE!

  • Fall 2010, Spring 2011,  Fall 2011,  and Spring 2012  programs all calve in 42 days or less

  • and certainly….we survived the Drought of 2010/ 2011/2012/2013/2014 and counting (so far)


Invest in YOUR program by investing in OURS