Welcome to the Diamond H Website.  We are grateful you will take the time to look through the pages here to learn about our program of raising great black Braunvieh cattle.  I try to give you a feel of who we are and our philosophy of the cattle business.  We are constantly in the process of updating pictures, and keeping the information as up to date as possible.  Please forgive me if you find something old….it is A LOT of work keeping this website relevant!  I will say this:  the very best picture of an animal WILL NEVER represent that animal very well.  We hope that you will come visit us and see our herd if you are considering adding our genetics to your program.  A customer from Montana once said, “the pictures just did not do these heifers justice”.  Anyway, thanks for spending time with us.  Give us a call or contact us if you have any questions.  We love talking about cattle!

We AI most every cow to bulls outside our program.  Bulls famous for their performance.  It is gratifying to know the Ranger 11R bull outperforms them on a regular basis.  I have often said it is a shame that we never acknowledge how truly great our Fathers are until they die.  Seems to me, bulls are pretty much the same way.  THAT is why serious breeders should use AI in their programs!

homozygous black and homozygous polled Braunvieh Bull Ranger 11r

We believe Ranger 11R will prove to be a bull to move the Braunvieh breed forward. He has defiinitely built a legacy on the Diamond H. We buried him 11/16/2013. He will be missed and his absence will leave a hole in our days.




Some other ranch highlights:

  • Diamond H Named BAA “2011 Braunvieh Breeder of the Year”

  • Xena 208X wins Braunvieh Show Heifer of the Year

  • Ranger 11R is number one Sire of Prodigy Recorded and number two of Prodigy Born (2011)

  • Fall 2010, Spring 2011,  Fall 2011,  and Spring 2012  programs all calve in 42 days or less

  • and certainly….we survived the Drought of 2010/ 2011/2012/2013 and counting (so far)

  •  We see the end of no grass growing…first rain that grows grass since 2010 occurs on Memorial Weekend 2014


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