Welcome to the Diamond H Website.  We are grateful you will take the time to look through the pages here to learn about our program of raising great black Braunvieh cattle.  I try to give you a feel of who we are and our philosophy of the cattle business.  We are in the process of putting the entire herd online so you can take a virtual tour of the ranch.  I will say this:  the very best picture of an animal WILL NEVER represent that animal very well.  We hope that you will come visit us and see our herd if you are considering adding our genetics to your program.  A customer from Montana recently said, “the pictures just did not do these heifers justice”.  Anyway, thanks for spending time with us.  Give us a call or contact us if you have any questions.  We love talking about cattle!

We AI most every cow to bulls outside our program.  Bulls famous for their performance.  It is gratifying to know the Ranger 11R bull outperforms them on a regular basis.  I have often said it is a shame that we never acknowledge how truly great our Fathers are until they die.  Seems to me, bulls are pretty much the same way.  THAT is why serious breeders should use AI in their programs!

homozygous black and homozygous polled Braunvieh Bull Ranger 11r

We believe Ranger 11R will prove to be a bull to move the Braunvieh breed forward. He has defiinitely built a legacy on the Diamond H. We buried him 11/16/2013. He will be missed and his absence will leave a hole in our days.

We have some recent updates from the Ranch that we think are newsworthy! 

First, in keeping with our commitment to deliver the highest quality of cattle possible, we have recently completed testing OUR ENTIRE HERD for BVD.  We also test all calves at weaning for BVD PI.  In addition we will quarantine any animals arriving on the ranch prior to testing to insure that we remain a TESTED BVD PI FREE HERD!

Another exciting bit of news is that the US Meat Animal Research Center has given us their intention to use both Ranger and James in their upcoming Germplasm Evaluation Project.  The study will involve bulls from many different breeds crossed to different breeds of cows.  They will be looking for results in all areas meaningful to the beef producer.    They will study results in areas that include: Gestation length, unassisted calving percentage, perinatal mortality,  percentage of calves that survive until weaning, birth weights, etc..  Then upon slaughter, yield grades, marbling, rib eye size, etc, will be recorded and will be made available for breeders to compare.  This will be invaluable for those producers that are looking to be profitable.  Using the top performing breeds is integral to profitibility and such a study will provide the tools the astute breeder needs to be successful.  We are honored, and excited, that MARC chose two of our bulls to be used in the study.  AND…..while it will be several years until we know the results, I feel confident that the Braunvieh will be found out…..to be in the top performers across the board!

And finally, we have a female from the VERY TOP OF OUR GENETIC POOL FOR SALE.  She is a cow.with a very high performing prodigy!  We view this a a great opportunity to invest in your program by investing in ours!



Here are two GREAT Performing Braunvieh Bulls!

(and will be used in the upcoming MARC Germplasm Evaluation Project)

Homozygous Black Polled Braunvieh BullAll Swiss Braunvieh Bull
  • Ranger 11R (above left)- Two time winner “Herd Sire Award” Midland Bull Test.  Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled

We purchased James (above right) to stack his low birth weight and strong performance numbers on our Ranger daughters.  He is “All Swiss”.

Some other ranch highlights:

  • Diamond H Named BAA “2011 Braunvieh Breeder of the Year”

  • Xena 208X wins Braunvieh Show Heifer of the Year

  • Ranger 11R is number one Sire of Prodigy Recorded and number two of Prodigy Born (2011)

  • Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Fall 2011 programs all calve in 42 days or less

  • and certainly….we survived the Drought of 2010/ 2011/2012/2013 and counting (so far)


Invest in YOUR program by investing in OURS


Perhaps you are researching Braunvieh cattle, just as I did.  There are some excellent tabs on this page that give you some great history on the Braunvieh breed and results of their ability to perform.

I am the first to admit, I never intended to breed any cattle, let alone Braunvieh cattle.  For full details on that statement go to the “Vision from Above” tab.  However let it suffice, when the decision was made to enter the cattle business, excellence was the standard from the beginning.  The Lord led me to John and Loretta Hall through “Kairos”, a prison ministry.  In a nutshell, I asked John what breed he would raise if he were starting from scratch and he led me to Braunvieh cattle.  I started researching the Braunvieh breed, and convinced of their merit, started my herd with 6 bred cows.

However, the past years have shown me experientially what my research and John had told me earlier.  The Braunvieh are a complete breed.  They are more docile, more fertile, produce more milk and are more feed efficient than many of the hugely popular breeds of today.  In Texas, we call that easy keepin!

Temperament – There are many studies that link docile temperament to fertility.  I believe that by experience.  I also know it is more fun to work with cattle that want to work with you.  We don’t use ropes or hotshots.  Most of our cattle will eat cake out of your hand.  If one gets on the wrong side of the fence, it doesn’t mean an afternoon spent convincing her to come home.  It usually means 5 minutes and a few shakes of a sack of cake!

Fertility – This makes or breaks profitability in any cattle program.  On the Diamond H, we lutalyse our Braunvieh heifers at weaning, because it is not uncommon for contemporaries to breed at 6 months.  We breed our heifers at 12 months with very few problems.  Many of our highest performing calves are out of 10 plus year old cows.  We have several cows over 15 years old in production.      We begin using potential herd sires at 12 months on up to 12 cows.   Consider the economic impact of breeding one-year earlier and having cows in production over 10 years, or using a bull 4 or 5 years longer!  That is money in your pocket.  This breed will help you succeed as a commercial cattleman!

Milk -The Brown Swiss was bred out of the Braunvieh.  The Braunvieh breed produces lots of milk, which naturally increases weaning weights.

Feed efficiency -  When we put our bulls on test, it is not unusual to have 4 pounds average gain with 5 pounds conversion.  Additionally, Braunvieh cattle typically grade higher on the rail with less days on feed, than the popular black breed of today. In an environment of $8 corn, that is important!  We are using a test facility  in Navasota Texas to test all potential herd sires for feed efficiency using a system called Grow Safe.  It is a long explanation which you can read about at this link  RFI explanation.  In a nutshell, the system tracks the EXACT amount of feed the animal consumes for a 70 day period.  That is compared with ADG and put in a formula and out pops a number called RFI (residual feed intake).  What it tells you is how efficient that animal is compared to others in the test.  THAT is information you want to know.  In addition, efficiency is a highly inheritable trait.  BOTTOM LINE FOR THE COMMERCIAL PRODUCER.  IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY, USE EFFICIENT BULLS.  You can put more efficient animals per acre.  You will have lower feed costs in the feedlot.  If you want to make money, you can’t ignore this.  For more information on the GDC and efficiency testing, go to this link.  Genetic Development Center

Carcass Traits-  In the feeding business there is a antagonism between finishing and yield grades.  The final days on feed needed to get the black breed to marble and grade, they put on lots of back fat which lowers yield grades.  The Braunvieh breed marbles naturally which allows them to finish on less days of feed, increasing your bottom line.  The do so while maintaining a low level of back fat.  Higher yield grades means more profit as well.  THAT is why the Braunvieh logo is “Braunvieh, When Profit Matters”.   I don’t know about you, but I don’t JUST do this because I think it is fun!