Welcome to the Diamond H Website.  We are grateful you will take the time to look through the pages here to learn about our program of raising great black and traditional Braunvieh cattle.  I try to give you a feel of who we are and our philosophy of the cattle business, and how Braunvieh cattle fit in that philosophy.  We are constantly in the process of updating pictures, and keeping the information as up to date as possible.  Please forgive me if you find something old….it is A LOT of work keeping this website relevant!  In fact, if you find something I need to change, please shoot us an email via the contact page.

                Why should  you buy Registered Cattle……

                   even if  you don’t keep ’em registered

                (you should take the time to read this)

Lots of folks out there think paying more for registered cattle is, well, dumb.  Well, I couldn’t disagree more, unless of course, you don’t want to make money being a cow/calf operator.  There are lots of ways to be in the cattle business, but I’m talking to the Cow/Calf operator that wants to be profitable. YES, I KNOW, you CAN make money and not use registered cattle, but there is a strong argument that it is more difficult and here’s a major part of the why:

There are lots of things that hurt profitability, but none more than carrying or having a cow go open. That number of that cost varies, but a good guess would be in the neighborhood of $1300 (calf and carrying cost till next year) each time it happens.  When you buy an unregistered cow( at the auction or from your neighbor) , you have NO information about her.  How old is she, how many calves has she had, how many years did she NOT have a calf, how have those calves performed (at weaning or yearling), what were their birthweights (or asked differently~did any have to be pulled?). All that, not to mention her personal data such as: where did she come from (sire/dam), what was her BW and how did she grow until weaning.  Folks, all that information is CRITICAL to knowing if this cow can make you money or not. What you DO know about that unregistered cow you just bought is this: she looks good/bad, she is pregnant or not, and she has teeth or not. That calf in her belly may be the first one she’s had in 3 years (and maybe her last?).  Compare that to the wealth of information available to you on the Braunvieh Association of America (BAA) website. All the cows personal information and DETAILED information about her calving history (or lack there of) including ALL information on every calf she has ever had. THAT will give you the information you need to know if she REALLY IS a good cow or NOT!

So I ask you, is that information worth the premium? You decide for yourself. We think the answer is definitely…..YUP!


There is a LOT of information on this website.  Some is my opinion, founded in my experience working with these cattle.  Some are just facts about Braunvieh cattle.  Some is just about the cattle industry and our philosophy about how to be a successful cow calf operator.  Perhaps some of the most interesting (certainly most entertaining) are the videos the BAA produced for the “American Rancher” program. (Click Here to view one of the videos) One includes an interview of 90 year old Harlan Doeschot, the man who originally imported the breed from Switzerland to the U.S. in the early 80’s.  Also highlighted is a successful commercial producer, Art Brownlee, who shares data he has kept for over a decade on the calves he has retained ownership to the rail.  His results are impressive, to say the least.  AND if you want to read more about how Art and Merry have operated profitably in all markets, check out this article in the “Angus Beef Bulletin“.  (can it get any more third party than that?)

Many come to our website looking for a bull.  Some of you are familiar with Braunvieh cattle, others are not.  This website will give you information (if you want it) to aid in making an educated decision.  I say this on my bulls for sale page and I say again….A bull purchase is the most important decision you make in this business.  Even one year of using the wrong bull can have a very significant impact on your herd and its profitability.   Click here to see the bulls we have for sale.  Here is a link to a video we made about the Diamond H Bull program.

Remember, the very best picture of an animal WILL NEVER represent that animal well.  We hope that you will come visit us and see our herd if you are considering adding our genetics to your program.  After the girls he bought  arrived on the truck, a customer from Montana called and said, “the pictures just did not do these heifers justice”.

Anyway, thanks for spending time with us.  Give us a call at 806-six 81-9333 or contact us if you have any questions.  We love talking about cattle!

We AI lots of cows to bulls outside our program.  Bulls famous for their performance.  It is gratifying to know the Ranger 11R bull outperforms them on a regular basis.  I have often said, it is a shame that we never acknowledge how truly great our Fathers are until they die.  Seems to me, bulls are pretty much the same way.  THAT is why serious breeders should use AI in their programs!

homozygous black and homozygous polled Braunvieh Bull Ranger 11r

We believe Ranger 11R will prove to be a bull to move the Braunvieh breed forward. He definitely built a legacy on the Diamond H. We buried him 11/16/2013. He is missed and his absence leaves a hole in our days


We have made a lot of good friends in the cattle business.  Some have stayed with us, some have bought lots of cattle from us, and we have never shaken their hands.  Michael and Jamie Schallott of Arapahoe Ranch in Coalmont Colorado (a place much prettier than Childress), are some of those friends. They have bought several bulls and AI heifers to Ranger .   You can see a picture of their family and a Diamond H Bull working on their ranch at this link  (what are friends are saying about us). We can tell you why we think you should do business with us, use our cattle in your program.  But this letter from them says it better than I could ever hope to…….

“Diamond H, has done a bang up job of being at the forefront of this breed. I have been trying to find a all around bull for calving ease and profitability to my herd, and I believe we have found it in Ranger and his sons and daughters. A good solid, all around bloodline, that I feel will make my herd more profitable in today’s volatile market. Todd is great to work with, and genuinely cares about your success. My family looks forward to working with Diamond H for a long time.”

Michael & Jamie Schallot~Arapaho Ranch~Coalmont Colorado

We have learned about new technologies that allow us to do a better job of selection.  One of those is Leptin.  Leptin is a hormone in the fat metabolism pathway that has been shown to affect the amount of fat deposition in beef. A DNA variant alters a critical amino acid which affects the folding of this hormone. The leaner cattle have a “C” and the more marbled cattle a “T” in the critical position.  Bottom line, after 250,000 cattle are studied by several different entities, the results confirm that cattle carrying the “T” marker, marble easier, thus needing less days on feed.  That makes money and it is an easy thing to test.  It is one more thing that we are doing as seed stock breeders to help the commercial producer make more money on the cattle they produce and sell….that is important we think! 

Some notable facts about our ranch:

  • Diamond H Named BAA “2011 Braunvieh Breeder of the Year”

  • Ranger 11R is number one Sire of Prodigy Recorded and number two of Prodigy Born (2011)

  • Our entire herd has been tested for PI-BVD and been found clean.  We continue to quarantine new animals and test all calves to keep it that way!

  • We have tested all our black genetics for all potential Angus genetic defects and our genetics are DEFECT FREE!

  • Fall 2010, Spring 2011,  Fall 2011,  and Spring 2012  programs all calve in 42 days or less

  • and certainly….we survived the Drought of 2010/ 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 (its easing some) and counting (so far)


SO, we invite you to:

Invest in YOUR program by investing in OURS