Diamond H Ranch Braunvieh Bulls for Sale



I don’t think a lot of people put enough weight on their bull buying decision.  Without a doubt, your bull is the single greatest influence on your herd, and therefore your profitability.  AND, if you use a bull, he has bred 3 years before you know if his genetics are working or not!  You better be right! And his impact on weaning weights and fertility will directly effect YOUR BOTTOM LINE!  So, if you don’t think you can’t afford that expensive high performing bull….. I suggest you sell two cows, and buy one really good bull.  He will pay for himself in a hurry!  Saving $1000 or $2000 on a bull today will cost you $1000′s in the next short period of time.  Think about it, if a bull that costs you $3500 adds only 25 pounds wean weight, that is $60 plus, per head.  Times 30 cows is $1050 additional profit the first year.  If that bargain bull you bought at the sale or out of your neighbors culls, lowers weaning weights 25 pounds, you lose $1000 per year!  YOU MIGHT GET LUCKY WITH THAT BARGAIN BULL, BUT IN THIS BUSINESS THAT IS A RISK, I PERSONALLY AM UNWILLING TO TAKE!

This heifer with her 6 month old calf illustrates Braunvieh's efficiency and ability to put pounds on the ground!

This heifer with her 6 month old calf illustrates Braunvieh’s efficiency and ability to put pounds on the ground!  She weighs 1090 pounds and will definitely wean this calf at over 50% of her body weight. THAT is a money making proposition.

We have a wide range of genetics ranging from half blood Braunvieh (crossed to Angus and Gelbvieh genetics), to Full Blood Braunvieh. Our genetic mission is to produce bulls which will put money making performance into your seed stock and commercial herd.  We focus on “the big three“;   birth weights,  weaning weights,  and yearling weights.  While maintaining a fullblood presence in our herd, we are striving to accomplish our performance goals  in a purebred, black and polled package. See Herd Sire page for pictures of the bulls that provide the foundation for our Seed Stock Braunvieh Genetics.  Let me say here that there may be the commercial cattleman saying “that stuff is not important to me, I’m just a commercial breeder”.  I respond by saying, if you want to make money at the sale barn, THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!  I would love to go over how it impacts you and your program.           69ZA

Some good news on The Diamond H!

The first part of the bull test in Navasota is the RFI portion, which spans 80 days.  RFI is a very scientific measurement of the feeding efficiency of an animal.  The RFI is only relevant to the placement of an animal in the group it tested with….like ADG, RFI can be impacted/influenced by many environmental factors.  The fall test was a total of 117 animals representing 7 breeds.  The Diamond H had 4 Braunvieh there.  Our top bull, a purebred was the number 2 gaining Braunvieh.  He gained 4.07 pounds per day, lost the top Braunvieh spot by .18 pounds, and was 20th overall gainer.  What makes him a winner in my book was that he was also the top performing RFI Braunvieh Bull (6th spot overall).  THAT is what you are looking for …a bull that gains well, and does so very efficiently.  69ZA is traditional color and I had intended to sell him.  I have two VERY GOOD traditional colored sires, I don’t need another one.  THEN I WENT TO NAVASOTA AND PICKED THIS GUY UP….ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!  I am putting his genetics in my herd, he will clean up all black cows in this spring breeding.   The Diamond H had the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 10th ADG in the Braunvieh breed.  Those same bulls were 1st, 3rd and 5th RFI as Braunvieh.     That is a fact that tells me that we are producing consistent performers!   All those bulls are sold.  I will be selling a part of 69ZA.  I believe him to be a very special bull.  If you are interested, please call.

Our Braunvieh Bull Development Program

A 1080 pound Ranger11R daughter nursing her 5 month old bull calf.  She will wean 60% of her body weight.....that makes ya money!!

A 1080 pound Ranger11R daughter (out of  Princess)   nursing her 5 month old bull calf. She will wean 60% of her body weight.  A small cow that weans solid calves……that makes ya money!!

The drought has impacted every decision we make on the Diamond H.  One of those that is requiring MAJOR change is our Bull Development/For sale program.  We no longer have the grass to develop and maintain the large number of bulls that we have in the past.  Therefore we are going to do things differently till the pastures regrow and heal.  That may be a long while.  We have lost an estimated 80% of our modified grass pastures which will require killing volunteer grass and replanting (again) what we want there.  In the meantime: We are taking a two prong approach.  We will select what we think are the best bulls (choosing by eyes only, a practice I admit I am against, you will miss some good bulls that way), and test them in Navasota.  The rest will be made steers and sent to a feedlot in Gage Oklahoma (details below).   The bulls that make the cut will be very good and have COMPLETE data.   They will be the cream of our crop, mostly bulls that we would use ourselves.  There won’t be many…..you better speak up if you want one! The steers will go to Cattleman’s Choice feedyard in Gage Oklahoma.  This feedyard encourages producers to maintain ownership through to the rail.  They do several things differently which is why I chose them.  First and foremost, they sell and pay based on the individual carcass, on the grid.  They give the producer the resulting individual carcass data.  That will definitely favor our genetics, as I am certain we can capture premiums in both grade and yield.  The have also negotiated significant premiums in other categories as well.  SO WHY IN THE WORLD AM I TELLING YOU ALL THIS?  FIRST, CARCASS TRAITS ARE HIGHLY INHERITABLE.  AND THIS DATA WILL SHOW YOU IN REAL NUMBERS WHAT OUR BULLS CAN DO.  I BELIEVE OUR GENETICS WILL MOVE YOUR PROGRAM FORWARD VERY QUICKLY AND GETTING PAID PREMIUMS ON THE GRID IS THE PRINCIPLE MEANS TO MAKE MONEY FEEDING CATTLE.  THE DATA WE WILL RECIEVE WILL AID YOU IN MAKING A BETTER DECISION TO BUY THE TYPE OF BULL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.  AND SECONDLY, IF THINGS PAN OUT, IT MAY OPEN THE DOOR FOR A CALF BUY BACK PROGRAM FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT BUY OUR BULLS.  TIME WILL TELL.  IN THE MEANTIME….

There are several ways to buy Braunvieh bulls from the Diamond H

  • Freshly weaned bulls prior to testing.  Weaning is typically April/May or August/September.  If you buy them before we put them on test, you save money and you can develop them yourself.   We will have a few bulls that will wean on or about 8/17/2014.  If you want to select one before we send them to Navasota, give us a ring. There are some realdandy’s!


  • Bulls that have completed testing at the Genetic Development Center in Navasota, Texas.   You can read about the center at the previous link.  Let me say, this is a first class, state of the art testing center, which includes RFI testing, a measurement which I believe will be one of the most sought after characteristic of a bull in the future (I think it already is).  If you are unfamiliar with RFI, Click here, and you can get a simple explanation of what it is and how it is measured at Navasota.  Remember, efficiency is a very inheritable trait, and it is ONE WHICH CAN MAKE YOU MONEY!!   These bulls are priced primarily on performance relative to their contemporaries.  They start at a base price.  If they perform above the group in any category, the get a premium.  If they perform below, we apply a discount.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU CAN/SHOULD EXPECT! We will test all our bulls that we sell.  That costs money.  If you are not willing to pay for that testing, you are not a Diamond H bull buyer!  We believe that strongly it is the right thing to do.  We have 9 bulls on test that will come off in October.  Prices start at %3500 for these fully tested bulls.  


  • Mature Bulls.  We sometimes have bulls that we have used/tested as herd sires.  Sometimes they did not do what we expected, sometimes we have enough of their genetic influence in our herd.    These  mature Purebred and Fullbloods and represent the top level of our genetics.  These are bulls that topped their contemporaries in our test and were kept to improve the genetics of our seedstock herd.  Let me make something clear.  WE DO NOT SELL OUR PROBLEMS ON THE DIAMOND H.  WE KILL THEM.  IF THE BULL HAD A PROBLEM, IT BECAME HAMBURGER, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM!


Registered Braunvieh Bulls for sale at the ranch

Well, we are in a strong market….for everyone!  We are in the same situation as everyone.  The drought cut our numbers in half.  We don’t have the ground to develop as many bulls as we would be able to sell ……broken record, huh?  So we are sold out, and all our bulls are leased.  We have 9 bulls in Navasota, currently on test to come off in late January.  Based on how they looked when they left the ranch, and the genetic packages, I think this is gonna be one good set of bulls!  Have high hopes for a consistent set of results.

 Mature Braunvieh Bulls for sale

We have no bulls over 2 years old for sale at this time.

Tested Braunvieh Bulls for Sale

These three bulls were the last ones that we had come off test.  They sold within two weeks of arriving home.  I’m leaving them on (bad pictures) to give those unfamiliar with our program a “feel” of what we sell. Purebred Braunvieh Bull for Sale

A08 is a purebred Braunvieh James son out of 13S, a cow out of our RCB Rascal donor cow.  He performed well at Navasota with a 3.64 # ADG coupled with a -.69 RFI.  His carcass traits were very good with a 13.7 REA and 3.57 IMF .  He maintained a .12 Rump and .21 Rib fat.  SO….you can expect his prodigy to be very good gainers, and  have good yield grades and expect a very high percentage of  Choice and better.  He had an own birth weight of 81# on 1/15/13  with ADJ WW of 692.   SOLD

purebred Braunvieh bull for sale

A03 is a purebred Braunvieh Elino son out of U10, a cow raised on the Diamond H.  Elino is an well known  old fullblood Braunvieh Bull out of Mexico.  Elino is known for carcass traits and producing great females.  U10 is a small framed, very thick cow who produces her calves to grow out the same (she is the dam of 34W, a herd sire/lease bull.  A03 is not a big bull, but is VERY thick, with good volume and a wide, powerful butt.  On test, he gained 2.71 a day, with an RFI of 1.21.  He was a carcass trait standout with a 13.5 REA coupled with a strong 3.77 IMF number.  He had a .22 Rib fat.  His prodigy should perform well in the feedlot and on the rail.  He was born on 1/19/13 with a BW of 82 and an Adj WW of 582.  SOLD…thanks to our friends at Mitchell Farms.  They bought 100 units of Ranger 11R as well.  They used him last year and the results demanded another round.  They usually buy heifers, but they are going to keep the Ranger daughters!


Black Braunvieh bull for sale

This bull is only 10 months old in this picture. He has developed VERY well.  New picture as soon as I can get it done.


A101 is a 7/8 percentage Braunvieh Bull.  He is a Ranger son out of our 10P donor cow.  Although not tested at this point, he has a high chance that he is homozygous black.   That same breeding has worked well.  He has a full sib working on the Freeman Ranch in Colorado, and one in Washington State.  This bull did well at the Navasota testing facility.  He is an April 15th calf, so he was 3 months behind the rest of the group (the youngest bull in the entire test).  He was really too young to compete well with the other bulls on test, but I wanted to know what he would do and if he was to be tested, it had to be then.   That said, he had an ADG of 3.17 giving him a 3.10 WDA. At his age, he was always the last at the bunk and was probably told to move when he wasn’t finished!  I figure, that is not a bad performance under the circumstances!   He really shined in carcass traits.  His IMF was a WHOPPING 4.61, and his REA measured 12.10; while only 9 1/2 months old!  This bull is gonna be a performer.  He had a BW of 84 and an ADJ WW of 651 for a 107 ratio.

It was my intent to keep A101 to use as a herdsire, however, this guy is a little “high headed”.  Not dangerous at all:   if he was, he would go to the packer.  He is just nervous.  I am confident he would settle down with a little work.  I have him on a grass lease, and  don’t have the time to work with him.   He does not do well in a closed in environment such as a small pen.  He won’t come after ya, he just has a larger “flight zone” than what works for us.  Therefore, I’m gonna sell him.  He will do just fine in a larger ranch environment.  I will discount his price for his attitude.  I’ll work on a better picture.  Give me a call and I can give you more details.  He’ll definitely be worth the money!!

Here is is a young bull we sold recently.  I thought it might give those of you new to our program a sense of what our young bulls look like, until we get some others grown up a bit.


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