Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale on the Diamond H Ranch

The drought definitely changed a lot around this part of the world, changes that, have in some ways, changed the way  we raise cattle on the Diamond H.  Truth is, I think it made us better.   In the past years we  have culled and culled and culled.  Not for the normal reasons like fertility or attitude.  In the first part of the drought, we took upwards of 100 bred females to the packing plant. (I gotta tell ya, at times it got pretty difficult….downright depressing).  No one else had a place for them either.  Lots of ranches were forced to quit…..  100 year old ranches.  With God’s encouragement, we pressed forward (sometimes against our better judgement).   We leased some land,  bought a little more.  We are still doing all we can to grow the herd.

So, full disclosure…..I need to raise some cash.  I recently bought a BUNCH of genetics from a program on the east coast, we need a new four wheeler or two, and MOST IMPORTANTLY (most exciting at least) we are going to build new pens at the homeplace AND the east place!  That is something we had planned the year of the drought, but just couldn’t make it happen!  SO what do ya do when you need some cash?…sell some of course!  I had some on this page and had pictures of all of them.  I did not sell all I wanted to, and we still need to sell 6 to 8 head of GOOD cows.  Yes, I know I need to have photos, etc on this website so you can see what we have. But truth is, I am having trouble getting all I need to get done….done.  SO…..We will sell pretty much anything you want to buy with very few exceptions.  Sure donors are pricy, but as I said, what we have left are good cows.  They will be priced according to age, pedigree, history of performance, etc.   When I get a breath, I’ll post some pictures.  In the meantime, tell me what you are looking for, I’ll send pictures of whatever (if anything) I think might work.

We put together this video about the value of a female.  If you have some time, it might be interesting.  Which leads me to say…I know your time is valuable, all of us are in that boat.  So let me sincerely say thanks for taking the time to give us a look….I don’t take it for granted.


 And folks, never forget, regardless of life’s challenges, problems, and shortcomings….we live in the best country in the world (there is no doubt of that statement) and are blessed to be part of one of the best occupations in business.  AND we have a very good, kind and loving God.   Regardless of your position on that last part….life is good!

Blessings from the Hill’s….Karra and Todd






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