Diamond H Herd Sires

When you read this page, you will notice something.  Two purchased senior herd sires, of superior quality.  We looked for, and bought great genetics that fit our goals.  Then you will see a group of bulls that have our herd code on them.  We believe our cows can raise superior genetics.  We are constantly testing and breeding our own bulls in search for the next great one.  He is waiting for us to find him, we are looking!

We sure do miss this guy. I believe he will impact this breed.

Ranger 11R  (PB53600)

Any breeder of cattle will tell you he/she had a favorite. Maybe it was because of personality, or maybe performance….but just like kids, we have a favorite.  Ranger 11R is/was mine.  He was easy to load, had a great personality and we have yet to replace him, try hard as we have. He passed away on November 16, 2013 and I sure do miss him.  There are lots of good “Ranger stories”, but suffice it to say, he liked to breed. At first he was very difficult to load.  BUT, he was smart too….so when he figured out that when he got on the trailer, he got off in the midst of fertile cows….he LOVED the trailer.  In fact, we just pulled into the pasture and he jumped in!   He is “Angus black” and has been DNA tested homozygous black and after breeding him to dozens of horned cows, we believe is homozygous polled.  Two things impress us about Ranger.

First, he is extremely consistent, he brings quality to every breeding.  He has a very broad top, massive depth and volume (yes black Braunvieh can have depth) and a superb rear quarter. His results are well documented in the pasture and feedlot tests.

Second are his birth weight to weaning weight curve.  We used Ranger as a heifer bull when he was young, and consistently AI our heifers to him today with no birthing problems. In Fall and Spring of 2011/2012 his average birth weight on over 30 calves was 74.5 pounds.   His dam is a long bodied black cow out of Final Answer, making Ranger double bred of the well known Phenomenon cow.

Ranger 11R was TWO TIME winner of the Herd Sire award at the Midland Bull Test in Montana .  A Ranger daughter, who was a top seller at the 2011 National Braunvieh Sale had a BW 78, WW 640.  She was ultra-sounded  at 14 months weighing 1180 pounds with a 16.2 ribeye, IMF of 4.14, and .20 BF.  His genetics are performing in the pasture in the feedlot and at the packers.

We have both conventional and male semen on Ranger 11R.

This Ranger son was sold to a customer in Central Texas. Ranger makes 'em thick!

This Ranger son was sold to a customer in Central Texas. Ranger makes ’em thick!


Braunvieh Heifer for sale

This is a 16 month old Ranger daughter we kept in the replacement pen. She shows his depth and thickness. I am excited about her future in this herd.









Ranger out of a fullblood cow made 6X. She, 42S, and 3X (below) show what kind of bag Ranger puts on his daughters……. UDDER,UDDER, UDDER….UDDERLY BEAUTIFUL)

A purebred Braunvieh heifer for sale.

A Ranger daughter we sold to Dwight Alexander.

A Ranger daughter with her first calf.

I put all these pictures to show how consistent Ranger is.  He puts a GREAT udder on females. Ranger cattle show the depth, length and spring of rib  the astute cattle breeder is looking for.   We consistently breed Ranger to our heifers.   We believe in his birthweights!


An all swiss Braunvieh herd sire

Mr. James AS50405

A friend told me about James.  My research told me that he was a low birth weight bull that had great weaning and yearling weight performance.  A very high percentage of his prodigy are still in registered herds, which told me they were functional.  My thinking was to put him on my polled and black Ranger daughters, thus stacking the low birth weight, high performance genetics of these two, big butted, big footed bulls. He brings the same low birth weight, high performing genetics as Ranger11R.  OK…call me indecisive.   I had made up my mind to sell James…..then,  I was looking over the replacements I bred for fall and I saw the three James daughters and said to myself….”are you crazy?”   They have calved, two to Ranger 11r, and the results are gonna be good!  Now to get those females raised, calved out and bred back.  IT ONLY TAKES 6 YEARS TO FIND OUT IF THIS WAS A GOOD PURCHASE!!  I am confident that I will find out that it is.


Purebred Braunvieh Bull for Sale

This 14 month old James son recently came off test. He proved very well. He sold to a commercial customer.    As you can see, James gives them depth and bone.


This yearling James heifer shows the growth and muscle he put in his females,

This short  yearling James heifer shows the depth, volume, and muscle he put in his females,she will calve in Spring 2015.

This James son is a good example of what his males will do. This 3 year old is working on a commercial ranch.

This James son is a good example of what his males will do. This 3 year old is working on a commercial ranch.

We have both conventional and sexed semen available on James.

Double bred Northstar Vernon

3W    “Lonestar Vernon”    OB52132


We own Lonestar in partnership with our good friend Dwight Alexander, and  he has proven his worth as a herdsire.  He is a Northstar Vernon son, out of a cow that was a top selling heifer at the first Broken Oak production sale.  His dam is a Vernon grandaughter and the bottom side of her pedigree has Erle,  Sampson 629, Sambo Jordi, and Swiss Way Marshall 53.    He has yet to miss (produce a poor calf)  in a breeding.  When you see him in person you will find him to be very balanced, front to back (I can’t get a good picture of this bull).  His birth weights are very consistently in the mid to low 80’s and his calves have lots of bone and muscle, very stylish calves. Perhaps one of his best traits is his disposition!  He is a teddy bear!  The son below is an example.  The calf pictured below is 6 months old, out of a 1000# Ranger daughter. And for the first time, we have his genetics available to the public, with both conventional and sexed semen for sale.

black purebred braunvieh bull

The Diamond H Braunvieh Heifer and Potential Herd Sire Bulls

When you are working to develop top producing genetics in a high performance breed, there is a “push-pull” between your performance goals and the problems that result from pushing the envelope genetically.  I believe it should be any breeders goal to get a female in production as soon as possible.  It is better for the development of the heifer to become a cow, and certainly better for profitability for the program.  Heifer bulls are perhaps one of the most difficult lines to walk.  Many breeders choose the route of low performing breeds such as Longhorn or Jersey.  Yes, it gets a live calf on the ground and puts the calf in the position to learn to be a momma.  However, the resulting offspring is often less than desirable, and usually terminal.

We will not compromise performance.  We are always looking for a bull that has the performance we are looking for, while at the same time will put a live calf on the ground.  These bulls are being used for different reasons, but with these ultimate goals in mind.  Please take note, these pictures are not all that good, we are constantly trying to upgrade the quality of our pictures.



Y34        “DHR  Cha-Cha”      PB 76599

Y34 was chosen for several reasons.  First, performance.  He had a 4.37 ADG, a 1.52 REA/CWT, and a 3.42 IMF.  He is tested Homozygous Black, and his coat is getting pretty much “Angus Black” .  His own birthweight was 64 pounds, and he was the first calf for a cow that has not had an offspring over 67 pounds.   He is certainly a smaller framed bull, but currently weighs 2030.  He definitely has the power and phenotype that I am looking for.  He produces thick fancy calves that perform. He serviced 30 cows that will calve Spring of 2015.  This will be his final test as to whether or not he moves up as a senior sire.   He has been leased for most of the past year, as he is our most requested lease bull.  He was clean up on our non black spring cows.

 Fullblood Braunvieh Herd Sire


ZA 69            “DHR OTTO”       PB82440


This bull tested as a top performer in all categories (he is 16 months in this picture).   Truth is, I was not looking for another traditonal colored sire, but how can one pass up numbers like this bull carries?  Born 9/25/12 at 84 pounds.  He had an ADJ WW of 725# and continued the consistent rate of growth to a 1268 yearling weight.  His test numbers in Navasota, showed EXCELLENT balance.  He was the number 2 Braunvieh in ADG at 3.42,  coupled with the top RFI (measurement of efficiency) number of -2.38.  A top gainer, with the top feed efficiency number…….THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!

I bred this bull to all our black hided spring cows.  We only got a few calves, our AI worked well!  The jury is still out on this guy!  Dwight Alexander is currently calving out cows bred to “Otto”.  Will keep ya posted!

This is a heterozygous black Ranger son. He did very well in all aspects of testing at Navasota. We are still waiting on his first calves.

This is a heterozygous black Ranger son. He did very well in all aspects of testing at Navasota. We are still waiting on his first calves.


 ZA 77         “DHR BEEFMAKER”       PB 82446


This Ranger 11R son is out of a consistent fullblood cow.   He calved on 10/5/12 at 82# .  He went on to wean at a respectable 725# and a 1237# yearling weight.  That gives him a WDA of  3.45…that works!  During the Navasota test, he had a top five performance in both ADG and RFI with 3.12 and -.84, respectively.    We bred him to the spring 2014 heifers and several cows.  No birthing problems, good birthweights.  He has MOST of the top wean weights….this guy seems to be the real deal.  We will use him on more cows this Fall!