I put all our cows on the website, because I firmly believe the mother’s have such a great impact on the genetic/performance future of the offspring.  Yes, a bull is critical in changing a herds genetics, but you can look at the cow and see what the likely characterisistics of the offspring will be.

The donor pen is the best of our good ones

.  Unlike many programs, we do not flush heifers, they have not proven they will pass on their genetics, or they are fertile, or will be good mamas.  We don’t put a cow on this page that has had one good calf.  The cattle here have earned the distinction by producing, CONSISTENTLY, a superior offspring.

We do not have embryos on all the cattle here.  There are a some that have not been flushed, but will be.  They have earned it, we are just needing to get past this drought!  We have a dozen or so resips and we plan to use our lower performing cows as resips and grow the herd using ET.  We have enough grass to start that process in Spring 2015.

a purebred Braunvieh donor cow

Cassandra E525   PB13577

I wish I had a picture of this girl when she was 6, she still looks pretty good at 18!  We bought her when she was 13, and she has always carried her weight.  Every flush has been productive,with great offspring.  If you ever see her in a pedigree, I recommend it!


Black Chyna  6P  (PB50257)

Well for me, any cow that has the Princess (8S) cow makes the donor pen.  But add to that the Sixer heifer Stephanie Nelson bought, and the 16T heifer Steve Holt bought, etc…this girl is good!  She is out of Powerdrive, a Pol Frank bull that injured himself early on.  Her dam is the 258K cow below.

10P is a paternal sib to 6P

 Patsy 10P  PC50260

Also out of the Powerdrive cow (yes we are gonna flush to him).  She has produced U10, a probable donor, Cooper, a bull we used, a Ranger son working on the Freeman Ranch (he calls him the Hill bull) and a son at the Navasota Bull Challenge and sale.  She brings power and carcass.  Add to all that…she is gentle as a kitten.


258K  PB32900

This dam is an own daughter of Admiral Pino out of a Sambo 737 cow.  She is dam to 6P among others.  She is 13 in this picture, still a picture perfect udder and holding up quite well!  She had a BW of 70# and will be flushed to the mating that produced 6P this summer after she weans her spring calf.

G730 (2)-w1000-h500

 Black Bobbi G730  PC23190

This is a black cow LOADED with foundational Braunvieh genetics.  A Matador daughter, her sires side includes, El Conquistador, Riss Fabian, the Erle cow, and the GLB Mercedes Cow.  On her dams side is where the black gene comes from and includes Sambo Jordi.  Remember, she is soon to have her 16th birthday in this picture and that udder is pretty good (can you tell I’m an udder man…..it’s very important.  Believe it or not, she produces moderate offspring and though hetrozygous black, tends to throw her black gene most of the time.

purebred Braunvieh cow

829W    PB71633   DHR “Blondie”

When I find myself saying, year after year, “man that’s a good calf”, it’s time to think about flushing a cow…and Blondie found her way into the Donor pen just like that.  I bought her as the calf side of a Braunvieh pair.  I bought the pair for the calf, not the cow, and she has certainly not disappointed.  She is out of Mo’s Bullet, a bull I once came VERY close to buying!  But, her strength, I believe comes from the bottom side.  I owned her Grand Dam for several years.  In fact we named this calf after her Grand Dam…Blondie!  Bottom line, Blondie is the reason anyone would breed Braunvieh cattle….great udder, great disposition, great phenotype, and lots of growth!  We have flushed her to Ranger and Yancy, two very different, yet great bulls!

There are still more to come.  Man this website is a lot of work!