Canadian Sourced Fullblood Braunvieh Females

If you want to look at the cattle and skip my color commentary, scroll down! You will see the bulls the cows are out of first, then the cows themselves….there are around 15.



Well… once in a while, a person gets the opportunity to impact their small, personal, part of the world. I believe that opportunity has presented itself to me.

  I am passionate about breeding cattle in general, and the Braunvieh breed specifically. I believe in the breed, and they have met ALL my expectations with one exception.   I have put much effort into keeping Fullblood Braunvieh cows in my herd, but the fact is, I have been unable to find cattle that could meet the rigors of our breeding program. I’m not saying they are not out there, I’m just saying, I have been unable to find them.   I have an opinion as to why that is, but let it suffice to say, the cattle and AI bulls I have used, had neither the fertility, nor the performance, to stay in the Diamond H Program. I am very excited to say I think that has changed!

My first exposure to Fieldstone Braunvieh was a couple of years ago, while I was on the internet and ran across their site. When I saw the pictures of their cows and herd sires, I told Karra, “we should take a trip to see them, it would be fun and I would like to see some truly extraordinary Braunvieh cattle”.   And believe it or not, we were discussing a trip this summer, to Canada and points between. So it was a surprise when Calvin, owner of Fieldstone Braunvieh, called around Valentines day, to see if I had any interest in purchasing some cows.  As for all of us, time is marching on, and he has made the decision lower his work load by liquidating his herd, and to stay connected to the beef business by marketing grass fed beef.  As we were exchanging pleasantries, I thought, “fat chance I could buy a truck load of cows”.  As the conversation ended, I told him “if you get some sold, and transportation somehow worked out, I would be interested in a handful”. However, not long after I hung up, I thought to myself….these cows need to be in the BAA herdbook, in the United States,  not on some ranch in Canada. SO….we took a BIG risk, and bought the final, (and perhaps best) part of his herd!  And folks, I think these cows can impact the Full Blood portion of the BAA herdbook.

We imported a full truckload of full blood females.  It is our intent to keep in the neighborhood of 10 head and are offering the balance for sale.  These cows average 5.7 years of age.  They are ALL front pasture cows; cows anyone would be proud to own.  All these cows are functional, having been bred the first time as long yearlings and  not one has been open in their lifetime.  As I write this, they have had their calves and I will be weaning the calves in 3 weeks, October 15th 2019.  They have spent 60 days with our fullblood bull.  They have not been pregged checked, so are “exposed”.


Two thoughts….First concerning birth weights.  We have bred and selected to lower the birth weights (BW) of our cattle from day one.  It is/has been a central tenet of our program.  The BW’s on these cows (in some cases) are significantly higher than would be acceptable in Texas.  However, 1800 miles north in Canada, these BW’s are not only acceptable, but common.  It is commonly accepted that the farther north, the higher the BW.  Don’t let their BW’s impact your ideas about them.  I was honestly surprised at the weights of the calves….there were some higher BW’s but the vast majority were typical here….mid to low 80’s.  AND….let me tell ya, these cows adapted to not only our temps, but to our grass…in a hurry!  They have not missed a lick!

Second on age….As I said, we are going to keep near a dozen of these cows, and are EXCITED to do so.  Of the 14 we have chosen for our “short list” (and that list may change over the next few weeks), there is 1 ten yr old, 3 nine yr olds, and 3 eight year olds.  That means 1/2 of what I intend to keep are 8 years and older.  I am not afraid of an eight year old Braunvieh, neither should you!


I think it is good to see the sires of the cows.  Fieldstone Wonderbar is a Swiss Way Marshall 53N son out of the Jasmine Donor.  Fieldstone used this bull extensively, as he is a proven calving ease bull, with good performance….he is a beauty!  More than half these cows were Wonderbar daughters.  I can’t wait to get him in MY herd!

Well, this is not the professional picture like Wonderbar, but this is a terrific bull.  AOZ5M  also know as GU Mr. International was a bull out of the George Ulrich program.  George and his father came over from Switzerland.  He also developed and used Ricco 7C, the Willabar Bouncer bull, and others.  With a 92# BW  616 Adj WW and 1096 YW  he was developed in the pasture.  He sired many of these females.


Here are a few of these beauties. Though they have been here a while, I have not gotten new pictures since they arrived.  I don’t even have some of them pictured…am gonna get that done..soon!

Even the BEST picture will not do these girls justice!



14A red   Sire: Swiss Tradition Astor      Dam: Swiss Tradition Itta         Age 6 yrs  BW and Adj WW  N/A

Sold into Kansas

This cow was bought from a small, but well known program in Canada, Swiss Tradition.  Famous for bulls like Marshal, Zorro, Ivan, Marvin, this program has produced lots of cattle that appear in good pedigrees here in the US.  She is still on my short list of “maybes”.




17B  White    Sire: Swiss Tradition Marvin    Dam:  Swiss Tradition Tera   Age: 5   BW and WW not available


Another young female out of the Swiss Way Tradition program.  Picture is not flattering. Feet are under her.  She is longer and deeper than the picture shows.  Very similar to 14A above.  Has a black bull calf on her side.


  • 24Y  Sire  AOZ5M   Dam  FLE164S    Age 8   BW 91    ADJ WW   609

  • This cow has genetics from two other well know Canadian programs.  The bull out of the George Ulrich program the dam out of the Starline program.  Not many of these cows weaned over 600#.  Black bull on her side.




35X  Age 9   Sire: AOZ5M  Dam: Fieldstone 23N   BW 90  Adj WW 714

Sold into South Texas

This girl is the only one of this group to wean over 700 pounds.  She is on my short list, but I have put four of them on the website for sale if they are in demand.  The sire is a bull Fieldstone bought from George Ulrich called “Mr. International”  He has extraordinary length and power.  This girl is my kind of cow, thats for sure!   Has a black bull by side.



49B     Age 5     Sire: Wonderbar    Dam:  Fieldstone 32Y   BW  101   Adj WW 478

You know, truth is, I don’t know much about these cattle.  But I keep finding myself thinking…deep bodied, nice bag,  “bet shes a bull maker”.  Fieldstone grew his own females…..he liked his genetics, so do I.  A traditional colored bull calf at side.



51Y   Age 8   Sire:  AOZ5M    Dam: Fieldstone 24T   BW  98   Adj WW 554

Sold into South Texas

This International daughter is as broody as they come.  She is another one on MY short list that I am gonna list here.  She is the kind I hang my herd bell on!  Shaka Buekes is grandsire on Dams side…Dam’s sire is Swiss Tradition Ivan.  Cream colored bull at her side.



13Y   Age 8    Sire SwissTradition Ivan       Dam 19M  BW 115  Adj WW  620

 I sure like this cow.  ANOTHER classic broody Fullblood.  Don’t let the BW bother you.  This cow is the dam of 12B above who’s BW was 81.  This is a good cow family.  The sire on the dams side is Shaka Buekes again.  You see him in all sorts of good pedigrees.  Fieldstone has a tank full of embryos out of him.  She was in the first group to calve….she has a black heifer on her side.



17B Blue    Age 5   Sire: Fieldstone You the Man  Dam: Fieldstone 6U  BW 106  Adj WW 620

This girl is out of a bull Fieldstone raised that was sired by Mr. International.  Same story on Dams side…Deep in Fieldstone genetics.  She is illustrates why we wanted their genetics in the US!  She has a black bull calf on her side.



17Y yellow   Age 8  Sire: Mr. International   Dam 22U    BW 120  Adj WW  580

This cow is perhaps the best personality of them all.  We sure like working with her.  She is inquisitive and very gentle.   I will say, he did a poor job of dehorning !(his words not mine)  When I study these cattle I see that 6 are out of “U” year cows.  That tells me that was a good year for cows on his ranch.  Another thing is that all but one of the calves out of those cows are over 100# BW.  Not sure what that means, but it didn’t bother Calvin, and these cows are having lower BW calves.   It must have been environmental that year.  Also, we had a warm dry winter and lice are bad…..welcome to Texas girls!  She is showing signs of that…I treated them the day we took pictures.  One last comment…I asked Calvin to give me his top picks….she was one of them.  She has a tan colored bull by her side, that I really like.  She calved in the first two weeks.



21Z   Age 7    Sire: Wonderbar    Dam:  34W   BW 84   Adj WW 570

More of the same…deep flanked and sure footed, big volume girl.  A very good BW to Adj WW spread.  The Dam side of this cow is sired by ST Ivan and a cow sired by Marantha Arthur 4Y.  He is in many famous Canadian pedigrees including Northstar Vernon and several great Starline cows.  Folks, we are lucky to have the opportunity to put these genetics into our pedigrees….it’s been a long time coming!  Had a very low BW bull.  He is a good looking scamp!




31 Blue   Age 5   Sire: Wonderbar  Dam: Fieldstone 30Y    BW 95    Adj. WW  540

SOLD into Arkansas

Another moderate Wonderbar female.  Dams side is sired by S.T Ivan and another Dam sired by Shaka Buekes.  Shaka bred an ET cow of Fieldstone named Jupiter to get this cows Dam, Dam.  The Shaka breeding on that generation is common on these cows.  It was apparently a mix that Fieldstone liked and used consistently, with success.





34Y    Age 8   Sire: Mr. International   Dam:  34U   BW  103   Adj WW  612

This cow sired by the Ulrich bull is one of the small group of girls that weaned over 600#.  Her dam is a Swiss Tradition Ivan daughter out of a Fieldstone cow sired by the Shaka Buekes bull.  If all the pedigree talk is to confusing, melt it down to say…there are a multiple great bulls and cows in this pedigree.  He keeps the ID number from one generation to the next.  There are 3 “34” cows in the herd…tells me it is a functional cow family that lasts!  Has a cream colored heifer which she calved in the first two weeks.







51Y     Age 8       Sire Mr. International      Dam Fieldstone 24T     BW  98   Adj WW  554

Sold into Texas Coastal Plains

This girl is one of those that just looks like she stepped off a mountainside in Switzerland…she just needs a bell hung around her neck!  She was on my list, but I just can’t keep as many as I want.  Her volume is exceptional.  She is as thick and deep as they come.  Her dam is also an Ivan daughter on top, Shaka on the bottom. I want to note….Calvin bred consistency in his herd….I told him that when I saw them.  As I study pedigrees, I see why.  It is a disciplined approach to cattle breeding.  She weaned a top calf last year.  She may be older, but I think she has a lot to offer!  Has a cream colored bull calf by her side.








62Y    Age 8    Sire: Wonderbar     Dam Fieldstone 37U    BW 93   Adj WW  515

This is cow is like many others….Ivan on top, goes back to Shaka Buekes on the bottom side.  Calvin put her on his top picks.  She is a smooth CLEAN FRONTED cow!  Looks like show genetics to me!








74A   Age 6    Sire:  Wonderbar    Dam:  Fieldstone 32X    BW   88     Adj. WW  572

The last cow listed was on Fieldstones “top pick” list as well.  !   Her dam was a Mr. International daughter, that goes to Shaka on her top side.  Her grand dam was an ET cow called Fortune Cookie.  He was a good breeder, that is for sure!



That is the a large part of the Fullblood females I have for sale, everyone, a nice female!   I want to try to keep the rest, but stay tuned, who know’s?  Our weather has been very difficult for us.  We aren’t enjoying all the rain most of Texas has gotten!