Well… once in a while, a person gets the opportunity to impact their small, personal, part of the world. I believe that opportunity presented itself to me.

A Canadian Breeder known as Fieldstone Braunvieh made the decision to disband his herd to pursue the Grass Fed beef business in Canada.  His herd represented decades of thoughtful breeding.  My wife and I flew to see the animals in March 2019.  We were very impressed with the consistency of the females he was offering for sale.  We saw fullblood animals that were of the quality we were interested in and we decided to import 39 bred cows to Texas.  It was our intent to keep some and make the others available to people looking for world class Braunvieh genetics.  We were pleased to make the cattle available in the US to be added to the BAA herdbook.

The cows adapted, and have done a great job here on the Rolling Plains of Texas.  The ones that I have left over have all had at least one calf and are in one of two groups.  Some were held over and bred for fall calving.  Others were kept in a spring calving program and have calves on their side and are with a bull as I write this post in June 2020.  I have 8 left for sale and have them priced to sell.  I have adequate fullblood genetics and don’t have the grass to keep the remainder of the cows.  I do not have them all pictured but will have as soon as I am able.  Pricing is available upon request.


Here is a little background on the genetics




Fieldstone Wonderbar is a Swiss Way Marshall 53N son out of the Jasmine Donor.  Fieldstone used this bull extensively, as he is a proven calving ease bull, with good performance….he is a beauty!  More than half these cows were Wonderbar daughters.  I am glad to have him in MY herd!



Most of the remaining cows are bred to our 3W bull,  a Northstar Vernon Son….he’s a proven performer in pasture and bull testing..




Even the BEST picture will not do these girls justice!




12Y         Sire:  Wonderbar     Dam:  15U        BW 90     Adj WW   585

This girl calved a 3W son 4/4 that weighed 72 pounds…low BW fullblood genetics waiting to be used.  She was one of the last to calve last year, I moved their breeding date up 3 weeks, and she calved over a month before she did last year….that’s a good cow!  This picture is horrible, taken just after she calved while being on winter grass.  I will update this soon I hope.  She is looking great, has gained a lot of weight and slicked off.


Photo coming soon


13Z     Sire:  Wonderbar     Dam:    24T         BW  108      Adj WW  606


Another Braunvieh story with this gal.  She moved her calving date just under a month this year, and had twins..56 and 61 pounds out of the 3W Lonestar Vernon bull.  She is recovering very well.  As you can see, the birthweights have come down as she moved sou



Photo Coming soon



34Y   Sire:  Mr. International     Dam: 29R     BW  90     Adj.  WW  612


This cow as done a good job on this ranch.  We kept her last heifer, and this is a picture of the 3W heifer she had this spring.  The calf is less than 30 days in the picture below!  She is in the pasture with 3W.  Her as a 3 in one with this heifer calf will be a great start on building a great fullblood herd!




This is 34Y’s 3W heifer calf.  With a 70# birthweight, this dam is doing her job






46W      Sire:  Aron Egg       Dam:  7H      BW 110    Adj WW  693


I had originally decided to keep this girl, but just don’t have the room so am offering her for sale.  She is out of a bull that was in LOTS of great pedigrees, a Swiss Bull, Aron Egg….I have never seen one before.  Look at how she is built..long, deep bodied, huge volume.  She is a beautiful cow that has a long career.  Her udder is in great shape for a cow of her experience.  Whoever buys this cow, will own something few people have ever had.




62Y        Sire: Wonderbar     Dam Fieldstone 37U    BW 93   Adj WW  515

This is cow is like many others….Ivan on top, goes back to Shaka Buekes on the bottom side.  Calvin put her on his top picks.  She is a smooth CLEAN FRONTED cow!  Looks like show genetics to me!  She has a very nice 3W heifer on her side, and is with 3W in the pasture.