Canadian Sourced Fullblood Braunvieh Females


If you want to look at the cattle and skip my color commentary, scroll down! You will see the bulls the cows are out of first, then the cows themselves….there are around 15.



Well… once in a while, a person gets the opportunity to impact their small, personal, part of the world. I believe that opportunity has presented itself to me.

  I am passionate about breeding cattle in general, and the Braunvieh breed specifically. I believe in the breed, and they have met ALL my expectations with one exception.   I have put much effort into keeping Fullblood Braunvieh cows in my herd, but the fact is, I have been unable to find cattle that could meet the rigors of our breeding program. I’m not saying they are not out there, I’m just saying, I have been unable to find them.   I have an opinion as to why that is, but let it suffice to say, the cattle and AI bulls I have used, had neither the fertility, nor the performance, to stay in the Diamond H Program. I am very excited to say I think that has changed!

My first exposure to Fieldstone Braunvieh was a couple of years ago, while I was on the internet and ran across their site. When I saw the pictures of their cows and herd sires, I told Karra, “we should take a trip to see them, it would be fun and I would like to see some truly extraordinary Braunvieh cattle”.   And believe it or not, we were discussing a trip this summer, to Canada and points between. So it was a surprise when Calvin, owner of Fieldstone Braunvieh, called around Valentines day, to see if I had any interest in purchasing some cows.  As for all of us, time is marching on, and he has made the decision lower his work load by liquidating his herd, and to stay connected to the beef business by marketing grass fed beef.  As we were exchanging pleasantries, I thought, “fat chance I could buy a truck load of cows”.  As the conversation ended, I told him “if you get some sold, and transportation somehow worked out, I would be interested in a handful”. However, not long after I hung up, I thought to myself….these cows need to be in the BAA herdbook, in the United States,  not on some ranch in Canada. SO….we took a BIG risk, and bought the final, (and perhaps best) part of his herd!  And folks, I think these cows can impact the Full Blood portion of the BAA herdbook.

We imported a full truckload of full blood females.  It is our intent to keep in the neighborhood of 6 head and are offering the balance for sale.  These cows average 5.7 years of age.  They are ALL front pasture cows; cows anyone would be proud to own.  All these cows are functional, having been bred the first time as long yearlings and  not one has been open in their lifetime.  As I write this, they have had their calves and spent 60 days with our 3W fullblood bull.  I moved the group’s breeding up 3 WEEKS!  And true to their great form, all but four bred in spite of that!  These are good cows!



These cows have adapted, and done a great job here on the Rolling Plains of Texas.  ON  age….As I said, we are going to keep six of these cows, and am EXCITED to do so. The average age of these cows is 8.9 years.  The average of the 5 I kept are 9.8 years.    I am not afraid of a nine year old Braunvieh, neither should you!


I think it is good to see the sires of the cows.  Fieldstone Wonderbar is a Swiss Way Marshall 53N son out of the Jasmine Donor.  Fieldstone used this bull extensively, as he is a proven calving ease bull, with good performance….he is a beauty!  More than half these cows were Wonderbar daughters.  I am glad to have him in MY herd!


Many are bred to our 3W bull,  a Northstar Vernon Son….he’s a proven performer in pasture and bull testing..



I don’t have all pictured…some are older pictures, the ones on wheat were taken April 2020.  I am WAY overstocked….  SO….I have them PRICED TO SELL!

Even the BEST picture will not do these girls justice!




12Y         Sire:  Wonderbar     Dam:  15U        BW 90     Adj WW   585

This girl calved a 3W son 4/4 that weighed 72 pounds…low BW fullblood genetics waiting to be used.  She was one of the last to calve last year, I moved their breeding date up 3 weeks, and she calved over a month before she did last year….that’s a good cow!  I learn every day.  I am trying to take new pics of these cows, and in doing so, I realized how different their coats are in comparison to the fall cows.  I attribute that to two things:  first and foremost, nutrition.  These spring girls are behind my spring girls, due to how they were bred in Canada.  They are catching up, but I have had them in a “long bred nutrition plane: dry grass and tubs, vs their fall counterparts that have been on wheat for 4 months.  Secondly, I did not get this group wormed last fall.  I think they are a little wormy as well.  We just wormed and vaccinated them….their coats will undoubtedly look different in 6 weeks, but for me a confirmation of what I believe about nutrition!



13Z     Sire:  Wonderbar     Dam:    24T         BW  108      Adj WW  606


Another Braunvieh story with this gal.  She moved her calving date just under a month this year, and had twins..56 and 61 pounds out of the 3W Lonestar Vernon bull.  She is recovering very well.  As you can see, the birthweights have come down as she moved south.  Look at the quality of that udder and teats….a big volume, strong milking cow, ready to do it for several more years!



17B  White    Sire: Swiss Tradition Marvin    Dam:  Swiss Tradition Tera     BW and WW not available


Another young female out of the Swiss Way Tradition program.  Picture is not flattering, bad light, feet are under her.  She is longer and deeper than the picture shows.  She is AI bred to Ranger 11R and exposed to our 21Y Andrew bull to calve in fall.





49B          Sire: Wonderbar    Dam:  Fieldstone 32Y   BW  101   Adj WW 478

This gal is NICE.  I keep finding myself thinking…deep bodied, nice bag,  “bet shes a bull maker”.  Fieldstone grew his own females…..he liked his genetics, so do I. She came here, had a calf, and bred back, and you can look at her and tell she has done well in a MUCH different enviornment…She is a good cow, exposed to 3W Lonestar Vernon.





13Y       Sire SwissTradition Ivan       Dam 19M  BW 115  Adj WW  620

 I sure like this cow.  ANOTHER classic broody Fullblood.  Don’t let the BW bother you.  This cow is the dam of 12B above who’s BW was 81.  This is a good cow family.  The sire on the dams side is Shaka Buekes again.  You see him in all sorts of good pedigrees.  Fieldstone has a tank full of embryos out of him.  She was in the first group to calve.  We kept her heifer calf, one of three we kept.  Exposed to 3W Lonestar Vernon.





17B Blue      Sire: Fieldstone You the Man  Dam: Fieldstone 6U  BW 106  Adj WW 620

This girl is out of a bull Fieldstone raised that was sired by Mr. International.  Same story on Dams side…Deep in Fieldstone genetics.  She is illustrates why we wanted their genetics in the US!  She is AI bred to Ranger11R and exposed to our 21Y bull.





21Z       Sire: Wonderbar    Dam:  34W   BW 84   Adj WW 570

More of the same…deep flanked and sure footed, big volume girl.  A very good BW to Adj WW spread.  The Dam side of this cow is sired by ST Ivan and a cow sired by Marantha Arthur 4Y.  He is in many famous Canadian pedigrees including Northstar Vernon and several great Starline cows.  Folks, we are lucky to have the opportunity to put these genetics into our pedigrees!  Exposed to 3W Lonestar Vernon


34Y   Sire:  Mr. International     Dam: 29R     BW  90     Adj.  WW  612


This gal is in her working clothes, that’s for sure!  The spring calvers have been on dry grass and tubs and just got moved to green.  She will look better, with some groceries, but look at that bag, and look at that calf……the proof’s in the pudding….She is a producer!




This is 34Y’s 3W heifer calf.  With a 70# birthweight, this dam is doing her job!





34Y       Sire: Mr. International   Dam:  34U   BW  103   Adj WW  612


This cow sired by the Ulrich bull is one of the small group of girls that weaned over 600#.  Her dam is a Swiss Tradition Ivan daughter out of a Fieldstone cow sired by the Shaka Buekes bull.  If all the pedigree talk is to confusing, melt it down to say…there are a multiple great bulls and cows in this pedigree.  He keeps the ID number from one generation to the next.  There are 3 “34” cows in the herd…tells me it is a functional cow family that lasts!  Has a cream colored heifer which we kept and she calved in the first two weeks.  She calved a very stylish 70# heifer out of our 3W bull on 4/23.




37X      Sire:  Mr International    Dam:   29R    BW 90  Adj WW 682

This is my kind of cow…in fact, she is one of two that I intended to keep, but am forced to sell due to conditions beyond my control.  She is long, very powerful in the rear with a big, flat, top.  And as you can see, her BW to Wean spread is very good.  It is our only insight to her performance.  She lost her last calf when she arrived here.  It was breech and I did not get there in time.  It was not a big calf.  One thing that stood out…she stayed over her calf for 3 days  before leaving to drink.  She would not let us near it (they did not know me yet).  I really like this one!




46W      Sire:  Aron Egg       Dam:  7H      BW 110    Adj WW  693


I had originally decided to keep this girl, but just don’t have the room so am offering her for sale.  She is out of a bull that was in LOTS of great pedigrees, a Swiss Bull, Aron Egg….I have never seen one before.  Look at how she is built..long, deep bodied, huge volume.  She is a beautiful cow that has a long career.  Her udder is in great shape for a cow of her experience.  Whoever buys this cow, will own something few people have ever had.




62Y        Sire: Wonderbar     Dam Fieldstone 37U    BW 93   Adj WW  515

This is cow is like many others….Ivan on top, goes back to Shaka Buekes on the bottom side.  Calvin put her on his top picks.  She is a smooth CLEAN FRONTED cow!  Looks like show genetics to me!  Palpated bred to 3W Lonestar Vernon and will calve any day (4/26/20)





74A       Sire:  Wonderbar    Dam:  Fieldstone 32X    BW   88     Adj. WW  572

This cow listed was on Fieldstones “top pick” list as well!   Her dam was a Mr. International daughter, that goes to Shaka on her top side.  Her grand dam was an ET cow called Fortune Cookie.  He was a good breeder, that is for sure!  Exposed to 3W Lonestar Vernon.