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Welcome to the Diamond H Ranch.  For some, this is the only exposure you will get to our ranch, for others, we are fortunate that you have already or may visit us sometime.  THAT is, without question, the best way to learn about this breed generally,  and our program specifically.  Prior to getting to meet you in person, we are grateful you might take the time to look through the pages here to learn about our cattle and our philosophy.  I am fully aware there is lots of (perhaps too much) information on this website, way more than website “experts” say you should have.  I tried to put a lot of info about the breed, our production program, and our cow philosophy.  So, read what you want…skip all the rest!  I have kept this home page fairly the same over the years, but something has changed, and I think it is necessary to clearly state the things that I believe set our program apart….things that I think matter, maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but I want to make the case here.

There are a lot of changes going on in the world, some I like, some I don’t.  Truth is, most people don’t care what my opinion is…but in this cow program, what I think is the law….and unless there is reason, it ain’t gonna change.  Recently I discovered you didn’t haven’t to turn in birth OR weaning weights to register a Braunvieh animal in the Braunvieh Association of America (BAA).  “Has to be a mistake, after all DATA IS THE “VALUE ADDED” IN REGISTERED CATTLE…heck, it’s the SOUL of the registered cattle business…” I’m thinking to myself.  I pointed it out to the powers to be and I was told (not by all, but the majority), “if we do that, we will run people off, and we don’t want to do that”  Maybe you call it “getting along” or “being inclusive….  in this business, I call it compromise! If you don’t agree, you will probably want to click the “X” at the top of the page.  Because for me, there can be no compromise in what we do, nor the cattle we produce.  That costs money, and if you don’t believe that “you get what you pay for”, our cattle are not for you…..simple as that.  I don’t ever expect to compete with people that sell a breeding bull for $2500 or a bred heifer for $1500. I’m not saying that is not a way to do this business, I’m just saying it isn’t how we do it.  I believe our cattle will perform at the top of the heap, and I think that because we keep performance records, and we cull ’em if they don’t measure up.  And while this paragraph on my website will undoubtly raise the ire of some folks, I think it needs to be said.  That said….

If you want to hear what I think we do that helps set us apart from the crowd, read on….but if you just want to get to the


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If you are interested in a Braunvieh bull please visit:  Braunvieh bulls for sale.

If you are interested in Braunvieh bred or open heifers, please visit:  Bred and Open Braunvieh Heifers for sale

And finally, if you are interested in a females with a proven track record, please visit:  Bred Cows or Pairs

There are a couple of other subjects that I think should make the Home page. 

First…… we want to introduce a new  senior herd sire, 22E.  He tested with 320 bulls, representing 12 breeds including 4 composite breeds.  He had the top ADG with a 4.39# and did so with a -.6 RFI. This outstanding growth with the good RFI gave him the top “profitability index” (it ratioed 137 in the test), a combination of ADG and RFI….that is the holy grail of our business:  efficient growth performance!  Add to that a 13.73 Ribeye and an outstanding 4.68 IMF (a 148  ratio), made this bull superior in every category .  He is a 7/8 Braunvieh, sired by our 21Y Andrew bull and out of a 3/4 blood  Y47 daughter who’s dam is a Ranger11r daughter. That puts Ranger11r on both sides of the pedigree…



22E       DHR Peterbuilt      BC94113  7/8     DOB  10/10/17      BW  88       Adj WW  691       Adj YW   1298 

ADG  4.68   RFI  -.60   Ribeye 13.73   IMF   4.68     BF  .31 


Second, is the video below (look for the stout bull).  It appeared on American Rancher a  couple of years ago.  If you have the time, I definitely believe it is worth the time spent to hear some compelling DATA facts about the breed from two people that have the the credentials to inform you on the facts.  First is 90 year old Harlan Doeschet, the man who brought the original Braunvieh cattle on the boat from Switzerland.  They didn’t fly them in those days!  He has some great stories about why he chose the breed and why you should as well.  Also on the video is Art Brownlee.  Originally an accountant, he entered the beef business and has managed it as a business.  He has lots of very compelling data as to why Braunvieh are more profitable for the commercial cattleman.  If you are new to the Breed, or have questions that have not been answered, these guys present the facts, in a black and white way.



And Lastly…..there are a couple of things I think you need to know that we do that, I believe, are indicative of our commitment to excellence.

  • We have tested all our black genetics to be certain that they are free of any genetic abnormalities found in Angus….all were free of genetic deformations!


  • We Have also tested our entire herd to be BVD PI free!.  We don’t have one, therefore, will not sell you one either!