Not much to say about us really. Certainly, I never thought I would breed cattle at all, much less Braunvieh Cattle.  But now that I do, I must say I love it.   In fact, at the age of 63, I can tell you that I truly think I am where God wants me to be.

Karra and I met in first grade, lived two doors down from each other.  I fell in love with her in the eight grade.  She never strayed from the narrow path, I , on the other hand, spent most of my early years in the ditch…..BC (before Christ) days as I call them.  She went to Baylor, I went to a school in Durango, Colorado and then to Texas A&M for an MBA in finance.  We got married (really weren’t dating much when I asked her the first time) within a year of me getting out of graduate school.  She told me no several times, but I am persistent (a good quality to have in the cow business).  Karra’s family has owned several ranches over the years.  She was in school at West Texas pursuing an Masters in AG when we got engaged.  I  once told her, “you know we will never live on a ranch”…..  God has a great sense of humor!!  We are as happy as a couple can me.  I married so far “up” you would need a Hubble telescope to see her!

We own a retail gift store in Amarillo, Texas and bought the Diamond H (at that time, a cotton farm, no cattle)  from a man whom I call my mentor, Ed Liles.  I thought it would be a place to relax on the weekends.  God hoqwcwe,  had other plans.  We started with six fullblood cows, and little by little, built a herd that maxed out in 2010 before the drought.  We are trying to grow again, though the weather has not particularly cooperated.   I enjoy studying cattle pedigrees, and am a voracious reader of articles concerning the cattle (specifically cow/calf business.  I am blessed to have a lady named Cynthia managing our concerns in Amarillo, I could not do this without her.  God knows that, and so does she.

We have a son and daughter in law in Houston whom have three sons.   He is a trader of petroleum products for a company there.  Our daughter and grandson, Kody, live in Amarillo where she practices veterinary medicine.  

If you want to know about us….know this.  Without God we would have nothing.  He has brought us through many trials in our 38 years together, and we know He will be there for the future ones we are sure to experience. His grace has been immeasurable and we are so very grateful for that truth.