I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.   Our cattle have done well in spite of all the hurdles they face here in Childress County.  Our last fall calves set all kinds of ranch records.  100 ratio of weaning was 704 pounds! Just weaned this fall, and had a large number that weaned over 700# and the top bull weaned 799#.   Then when we preg checked that group of 54, we had 2 opens, both older cows!  The group included 14 heifers, and 12 second calf heifers.   Then on to spring….we calved 91% of our spring herd in 13 days, the entire group in 34 days!  When we preg checked them, we had two open cows over 10 years old (we bred neither one) and a bred heifer that we bought at the National Sale that did not breed back.  I say all that to say this:  Our cows are fertile; very productive cows!  BUT……we need to sell more than a handful of them…and here’s why:

I just spent the day last Friday looking at the fall heifers we just weaned last week.  I spent a day last week preg checking last years fall (and some spring) heifers.  There are LOTS OF SERIOUS good one’s coming, and I think I can see where I want to be in three years. It is a risky decision to replace proven cows with heifers of unknown performance.   I will have to sell no less than 30 cows to make room for these young ones.  We are moving forward, these heifers out of 19E and 22E are the foundation of what I see as the future of this ranch, so I am making available cows that do not deserve to be sold!

Picking which ones to sell is a very difficult decision…these are NOT culls, they are good cows!  I’ll answer the question “why is he selling these?”.  Easy answer….something has to go!  Some of these are top 50% cows, some are at calving at near the end of our calving program, some just have several daughters in the herd.  NONE and I repeat NONE have not done a good job for this ranch, and NONE don’t deserve a job!  I predict, you will be glad you bought them.



Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale private treaty on the Diamond H Ranch





You will notice several of these cows are getting a ” little short of tooth”.  An English cow has passed her prime at 7 or 8 years.  Braunvieh have much more longevity.  My personal experience?  I have several top producing cows over 10 years old, and the record on the Diamond H, was a 20 year old cow bringing a calf to the weaning pen.  Remember, if an old cow has the fertility to breed at 10 years, she still has to have a bag, and the milk,  that will support a good calf.  Here are some older cows still producing in our program….you can see, their body condition and bags don’t look like they are in their teens!




18P was born September of 2004, making her nearly 18 years old….and…..look at that bag….seen worse on 5 year old english cows!  We flushed her in November of 2020…she produced 13 grade ones in 2 flushes!



42S is the oldest Ranger11R daughter in the BAA herdbook. (she is a daughter of 18P above).  She produced 30 eggs in two flushes last fall.  She is 15 years old, and I expect to get 3 or 4 more calves out of her.




Certainly one of my best, and perhaps my favorite cow, Princess 8S.  She has weaned 70% of her body weight 3 times.  We flushed her last fall with great success.  She sure doesn’t have the body OR bag you would expect on a cow that is 15 years old



So folks…don’t be afraid of buying an older Braunvieh cow.  The older ones are priced to pretty much pay for themselves with the calf on their side and their salvage value.  And…you can expect a 10 year old cow to have 4 or 5 more calves!  That means these young cows have a long productive life ahead of them.  Our genetics have proven their fertility AND longevity!  With one exception, the cows listed here for sale have done their job on our ranch.  They have not missed, and have weaned more than 50% of their body weight, year after year.  The young ones did not miss during that difficult second year, not a small feat




Fall Bred Braunvieh Cows for Sale

I’m telling ya, there are some real gems in this group.  Truth is, the older ones may be the most valuable (in my opinion).  They are veterans, they have proven they can stay the course in a difficult, data driven program to be in for the long haul.  Your call….invest in proven performers, or pick the next great one?


32Y        Fieldstone Youthful    DOB 3/26/11     BW 104      WW 584

This is one of the cows I imported from Canada.  I had intended to keep her, but “too many females, too little grass”.  She is bred to our 19E bull.  Your opportunity to own a great cow with hard to find genetics bred to what I believe will prove to be a breed changing bull.  If I don’t sell her, we will just keep breeding her….she deserves a job…she has earned her place and I have priced her reasonable for sure.  I feel confident she could have 4 or 5 more calves….she is, after all, a Braunvieh!



423F    PB94938      Alexander Beaumont Peaches      DOB 1/18/18      BW 81         Adj. WW 520


This a nice Braunvieh black female sired by the Beaumont bull known for his low RFI efficiency genetics.  She is a nice young cow bred with her second calf to our 19E Mack bull.  That could result in an Angus black offspring.  Mack has weaned dozens of 700# calves, this young cow should do well with that breeding.








C169  Commanche  PB 87492   DOB  2/10/2015   BW  91   Adj WW 576



C169 heifer calf


This girl is a very interesting piece of any breeding puzzle.  First sired by our Ranger11r son power wagon, Y34.  Her dam, Z57 was the first calf of a cow we kept for a while, and was sired by the well known fullblood Riss Fabian.  The dam of this cow weaned 608 and a friend of the program bought her and her dam several years ago.  So she gave this cow, her power and growth, and Y34 doubled the power side of the equation.  So…this is a moderate powerful cow in a Braunvieh black package.  And if you are looking to expand your herd, as you can see….she has a very nice 22E heifer at her side.  This is gonna be one powerful female to be sure!  I think this young heifer is a definite SHOW Prospect on the side of a good cow!



44F   PB98563         SLS Gena             DOB 10/8/18           BW 80                 Adj WW 582


One of 44F’s two heifer calves.

This is a first calf heifer pair.  She is out of a Fullblood cow that Stoney Sheer bred that goes back to the GINO bull, old school foundational genetics.  She is sired by our 31W bull.  She had her twin heifer calves  in the middle of our February “articgeddon” storm.  She was the first of 4 sets of twins this year.  Got off to a rocky start, but she has recovered and is doing a great job with her Xerox sired heifer twins.  This is one of several chances to add bunch of females to your herd…she is planned be AI’d on 4/30 to Ranger11r and pasture bred to 19E Mack.



G45 PB96471 Zorro’s Second DOB 10/6/18 BW 80 Adj WW 611








                         taken in August ’20                                                                            taken in March 21


                                                                G45 heifer siblings playing


So, I realize there are a lot of pictures, but I think these pictures tell a story worth telling.  The picture  52F on the left was taken in August when the heifer was bred, waiting for her time to calf.  The picture on the right is 45F 5 weeks after calving at the first of the worst winter storm on record.  Then she endured  12 days under freezing, 2 of those days had a HIGH of 5 degrees.  There are several heifers in this group that calved in and started raising calves during the storm, but 44F and G45 both calved twins!  I wanted to show this pictures to show how well these heifers are not only enduring their new role of motherhood, but are (in my view) actually maturing into very nice cows!  Yes they have had the advantage of wheat, but raising 2 calves at the age of two, one would expect them to look pretty rough.  All that to illustrate the point:   I often say I am proud of our cows.  I’m proud of them because when the chips are down, they do their job.  Not every breed, not many cows can do the same…

So about the cow..she is, herself a twin, sired by 31W out of a Fullblood that was an ET calf bred by Stoney Sheer.  When you look at her Adj WW one has to be impressed with what her dam accomplished for sure, but she clearly has growth in her.  I think both she and 44F are gonna be great ones. This cow as I stated, has heifer twins out of Xerox and is doing a great job.  What an udder!  I like this cow, she has proven she can stay the course and overcome hardship and flourish!



G67         BC 97293         DOB 5/1/19       BW 92          Adj. WW 597


G67 Calf


This 3/4 blood cow is out of a halfblood we purchased from the Mystic Hill program sired by our deceased Fullblood sire 3W.  Take note that this picture was taken when she was not yet a two year old (by 2 months). She calved as an 19 month old showing fertility, early maturity, and a very good ability to mother early in life.  Check out that udder (a common theme on the Diamond H).  Her Xerox bull calf is one of the best in her contemporary group.  She is a year from full grown, and is gonna be a very nice female!  Will be bred to Ranger11r and pastured with 19E.  







02Y  BC 79256  Veronica  DOB 8/30/2011  BW 68  Adj WW 527

Here is a veteran of our herd, and I promise ya, this picture does this girl no justice.  She is sired by a great Wagyu bull, Michifuku 32H out of a great Ranger11r daughter we sold a few years back.  Veronica has done whatever we have asked, whether never miss having a natural calf or to carry an ET calf if we needed her to.  She is a great mother, good milking, very fertile.  She weans a good heavy calf, and has a nice 22E heifer calf on her side. This girl will make some great prodigy for a program developing  retail meat sales.


C166    PB87490    China’s Dolly    DOB 2/8/15 BW 80  Adj WW 615


C166 22E bull calf

C166 is a cow of distinction.  She is sired by a bull that could have been a herd sire on our ranch, but at the time, we already had 3 double wild type bulls that were doing a great job, so we sold 69ZA, the sire of C166.  He was sired by Uron, a well know Mexican bull.  C166’s dam is our U10 donor, so this cow has lots of power in her genetic package.  She has weaned three calves, two of which were heifers that weaned a 107 ratio!  This is a young cow that has had a great start….lots of good calves in her future for sure.  This is one that is hard to put on the market…if she was black, she would not be for sale…simple as that.








35F  BC 96466  Black Bombshell    DOB 9/9/18   BW 86   Adj WW 588

This one is a story.  First, she is a 31W out of an Angus that we used as a resip.  Look at her weaning weight.  We sent her to the development yard with the others.  She came back and was waiting to be bred.  THE DAY we were gonna give the first shot, we went out to move them and this girl had a calf on the ground…as a 16 month old!  The calf disappeared 3 weeks later, we don’t know what happened, but she was a baby having babies!   She bred back in the front of the program to our 3W fullblood bull and has a nice 3W heifer calf at her side (no pic yet, sorry)  Clearly, this girl is fertile, she had a very nice udder, and I love her phenotype AND her disposition! Truth is if my boat was not loaded with black 1/2 bloods, I would keep this one…I just have too many!


F69    Bit Coin   PB95272    DOB 3/14/2018  BW 82  Adj WW 423


F69 bull calf


This is one tough cow!  First, her momma came home from Weatherford, nearly dead…literally.  I would say she was a low 4 or a 3 body score with this calf on her side.   Still, the calf bred at 14 months, calved at 2 years, raised a calf and bred back.  She comes from a GREAT cow family, her dam and grand dam have given the ranch 5 herd sires.  How her mother weaned this calf and bred back, i’ll never know, but I’m telling ya, these are good genetics.  She has a very good bull on her side.




89A         PB84534            DHR Dorothy          DOB 3/3/14            BW 90             Adj. WW 500


89A heifer calf

If you know this program, you know we don’t throw the term donor around easily.  If there is a donor quality cow on this page, it is Dorothy.  She her prodigy far outstrip her personal results.  Her calves, with the exception of one have ratioed 104 avg.   Her top side was out of two great cows of our program, and her dam was a very broody Fullblood with Canadian genetics we bought years back.  She was full of who’s who Swiss and Canadian genetics on both sides of her genetics.  Now the “but”.  The power you see in this calf and any calf she has, can be expressed at birth.  You have to be thoughtful about how you breed her.  She has plenty of get up and go, you need to tone that down.  I believe that makes Dorothy a great breeding piece.




I realize that everything is not current all the time…please forgive me on that.  It is always a good idea to check with me if you have questions.   You can’t believe how much work it is to keep “What’s for sale” current…THAT is why most websites don’t have them posted!  I can spend an entire day (literally) getting the heifer page current with decent pictures!  So, you patience with my imperfections is appreciated!!

We don’t post prices.  If you are interested, please call and I will send you a spreadsheet.


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