Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale on the Diamond H Ranch

I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.   Our cattle have done well in spite.  Our last fall calves set all kinds of ranch records.  100 ratio of weaning was 704 pounds!  The top bull calf weaned 771 pounds.  Then when we preg checked that group of 54, we had 2 opens, both older cows!  The group included 14 heifers, and 12 second calf heifers.   Then on to spring….we calved 91% of our spring herd in 13 days, the entire group in 34!  Then when we preg checked them, we had two open cows over 10 years old (we bred neither one) and a bred heifer that we bought at the National Sale that did not breed back.  Our cows are fertile, very productive cows!  But……we need to sell several of them.  First, we are a little overstocked, second, we are producing so many top shelf heifers, I am going to start keeping more than I have in the past.  There are 5 or six in the fall bred group and there are 15 in the spring group that are worth keeping.  Anyway, we are moving forward, full speed ahead and need to make room.




I want to make a couple of comments on our cows.  First, our cows have lots of spring of rib…capacity or volume as lots of folks say.  I like a cow that has lots of volume, because it gives you so much flexibility in breeding them.  That “volume” is a difficult thing to put in your cattle, if it is already there, you can concentrate on other attributes.  Here are a few of our spring bred cows that are less than 2 months bred…though they look like they will calve any minute!






Second…you will notice several of these cows have lived a decade.  An English cow has passed her prime at 7 or 8 years.  Braunvieh have much more longevity.  I have top producing cows over 10 years old, and the record on the Diamond H, was a 20 year old cow bringing a calf to the weaning pen.  Remember, if an old cow has the fertility to breed at 10 years, she still has to have a bag, and the milk,  that will support a good calf.  Here are some older cows still producing in our program….you can see, their body condition and bags don’t look like they are in their teens!





18P was born September of 2004, making her nearly 16 years old….and…..look at that bag….seen worse on 5 year old english cows!


42S is the oldest Ranger11R daughter in the BAA herdbook.  She produced 30 eggs in two flushes last fall.  She is 14 years old, and I expect to get 3 or 4 more calves out of her.



Certainly one of my best, and perhaps my favorite cow, Princess 8S.  She has weaned 70% of her body weight 3 times.  We flushed her last fall with great success.  She sure doesn’t have the body OR bag you would expect on a cow that is 14 years old.



So folks…don’t be afraid of buying an older Braunvieh cow.  The older ones are priced to pretty much pay for themselves with the calf on their side and their salvage value.  And…you can expect a 10 year old cow to have 4 or 5 more calves!  That means these young cows have a long productive life ahead of them.  Our genetics have proven their fertility AND longevity!  With one exception, the cows listed here for sale have done their job on our ranch.  They have not missed, and have weaned more than 50% of their body weight, year after year.  The young ones did not miss during that difficult second year, not a small feat!

You can’t believe how much work it is to keep “What’s for sale” current…THAT is why most websites don’t have them posted!  I spent an entire day (literally) getting the heifer page current with decent pictures recently!  So I’ll quit complaining and show ya what we have.


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Fall Bred Braunvieh Cows for Sale


Well cow actually….our fall herd has been culled to the bone….this is the only one I could let go of and she is a strong young cow.





71D   PB91870  Rangers’ Link  DOB 9/18/2017   BW 87  Adj WW  544

This young cow is a highly desirable Ranger11r daughter, out of a Golden Link bred cow we bought years ago out of a program in Wyoming.  For her first calf last year, she weaned a 693 pound male, not a bad first effort!  You can see that she still looks young, and will grow into a nice cow.    This is one of those that you sell the ones you could easily keep….this cow is gonna do good things.  She calved a very nice heifer out of our 21 Y Andrew bull.  She will go back to the bull to rebreed on 12/8.  Till then she sells as an open pair.

Spring Bred Braunvieh Cows for Sale

I’m telling ya, there are some real gems in this group.  Truth is, the older ones are the most valuable (in my opinion).  They are veterans, have proven they can stay the course in a difficult, data driven program to be in for the long haul.  Your call….invest in proven performers, or pick the next great one?

It should be noted:  these pictures are one week after weaning BIG calves….they held up well.




109C      Dado’s Ms. Alex       PB 89345        DOB 12/2/2015        BW 78       Adj WW  546

This first cow came to the Diamond H by our arrangement with our friend Stoney Sheer.  He flushed a Mark Nelson cow to Dado, a famous fullblood bull in Mexico.  Apparently her dam is one of Mark’s top cows, and Stoney paid to flush her.  She has a good BW Adj WW spread, and as all the cows in this group, has done her job in her time here.  She is called safe in calf to our 31W Ranger11r son.



20E  Xerox’s Dynamite  PB94111    DOB  10/10/2017  BW 79  Adj WW 590

Sold into the Hill Country of Texas

Honestly, this is one that I have serious qualms about selling.  She is a very nice Xerox daughter out of a Ranger11r/N52 cow.  If you have been in this breed long, you know N52 is one of the top (and I mean top) cows in our breed.  Look at this cows spread to weaning.  Add to that she laid down and had her first calf sucking in 20 minutes, a keeper heifer with a 67 pound BW.  Then she bred back to our 31W bull in the front of the program (according to ultrasound), and kept her body score through the whole process!  This calf has a lot of potential….I don’t sell these often.



C169  Commanche  PB 87492   DOB  2/10/2015   BW  91   Adj WW 576

This girl is a very interesting piece of any breeding puzzle.  First sired by our Ranger11r son power wagon, Y34.  Her dam, Z57 was the first calf of a cow we kept for a while, and was sired by the well known fullblood Riss Fabian.  The dam of this cow weaned 608 and a friend of the program bought her and her dam several years ago.  So she gave this cow, her power and growth, and Y34 doubled the power side of the equation.  So…this is a moderate powerful cow in a black package.  Then check this out…she is bred to our 22E bull.  THAT could be a good one!


02Y  BC 79256  Veronica  DOB 8/30/2011  BW 68  Adj WW 527

Here is the veteran of the pack, and I promise ya, this picture does this girl no justice.  She is sired by a great Wagyu bull, Michifuku 32H out of a great Ranger11r daughter we sold a few years back.  Veronica has done whatever we have asked, whether a natural calf or carrying an ET calf if we needed her to.  She is a great mother, good milking, very fertile.  She weans a good heavy calf, and is bred to our 22E bull.  She is a proven cow that is bred right.




73A      Lotus      BC84522       DOB  10/29/2013       BW 93      Adj.  WW 693

This cow is sired by a 1/2  Wagyu/blood bull we used for heifers for a while.  He proved to have some good performance, and the dam of this cow was a small Ranger11r daughter we sold some time back.  This girl has been consistently good, but I think she still has the “long ball” in her.  Few females wean her weight, and when the right breeding happens, she could knock it out of the park.  She is bred to our 22E bull…..that could be it.



79D’s last calf when he was 30 days old.

79D   Phoenix    PB91875  DOB  10/11/2016   BW 86   Adj. WW  555

I had my eye on this one from when she was a baby.  Her dam was a cow that was in the pen to go to Hereford to flush and got hit by lightning!  This Xerox daughter is built right, she is all momma!  She has a beautiful udder and is the kind we keep for sure.  According to ultrasound, she bred to our 31W Ranger11r son in the first 2 weeks.  She is a fertile doing cow.


E96    DHR “101”      BN92468    DOB  3/25/2017   BW 76  Adj WW  572

This is an interesting story.  We named this cow after her dam, a Gelbvieh that we had on the ranch for 12 years.  We used her primarily for a recipent cow.  She was so fertile, she nearly never missed taking an embryo….and we got this Xerox daughter as a result of one of those times.  This is a very good cow…fertile, a good milker and most likely has her mom’s longevity.  Problem for us is her color (darn AAA)  If she doesn’t sell we will keep her as a recip.  Our recips are top cows, why put your best genetics in an average cow?  Never made sense to me.  She is bred to our 31W bull.




D12  Ranger’s Royale   PB90156   DOB  1/10/2016   BW 72   Adj WW  569

Sold into North Louisana

This Ranger11r daughter is out of a very productive cow we sold some years back.  She was one of those I should have kept, but…..This young cow has performed well in adverse conditions.  She is bred to our 22E bull which should be a growthy, black offspring.



423F    Peaches       PB94938      DOB 1/18/18       BW 81      Adj WW  520


OK  take note this is a different deal.  We bought this cow as a bred heifer at the National Braunvieh Sale.  She is a Beaumont (of low RFI fame)  daughter.  I bought her because she was bred to Black Uno, and Beaumont was a Uno grandson.  We were hoping for a female, got a bull, and bummer….She did NOT breed back!  In her defense, she was bred in the middle of our program, so she had to heal up quick!  That is the cow business.  I am always preaching the second one is the hardest.  Here’s the deal, we will breed her in the fall program, and I expect she will breed back.  So…you can buy her cheap now, and take the risk, or buy her in the spring bred (still a better price cuz she did not breed when she should have) for more money.  Your call.



35F  BC 96466  Black Bombshell    DOB 9/9/18   BW 86   Adj WW 588

This one is a story.  First, she is a 31W out of an Angus that we used as a resip.  Look at her weaning weight.  We sent her to the development yard with the others.  She came back and was waiting to be bred.  THE DAY we were gonna give the first shot, we went out to move them and this girl had a calf on the ground…as a 16 month old!  The calf disappeared 3 weeks later, we don’t know what happened, but she was a baby having babies!   She bred back in the front of the program to our 3W fullblood bull.  Clearly, this girl is fertile, she had a very nice udder, and I love her phenotype AND her disposition! Truth is if my boat was not loaded with black 1/2 bloods, I would keep this one…I just have too many!



F69    Bit Coin   PB95272    DOB 3/14/2018  BW 82  Adj WW 423


This is one tough cow!  First, her momma came home from Weatherford, nearly dead…literally.  I would say she was a low 4 or a 3 body score with this calf on her side.   Still, the calf bred at 14 months, calved at 2 years, raised a calf and bred back.  She looks a little rough, but she weaned a calf a week ago, and she is still a youngster!  She comes from a GREAT cow family, her dam and grand dam have given the ranch 5 herd sires.  How her mother weaned this calf and bred back, i’ll never know, but I’m telling ya, these are good genetics.  She is a Xerox daughter and is bred to our 31W bull.  He is a son of her grand dam, making her bred to an Uncle.




D32   Milagro   PB90164    DOB 3/22/2014   BW 75    Adj WW 629

Sold into Hill Country of Texas

This 77ZA daughter is out of a cow that was a one of a kind on the ranch.  She goes back to a cow “Tequila” that had some great ones.  She is the prototype cow I am looking for…very moderate, solid udder, good feet, and fertile.  She has not missed, and is bred to our 31W bull (front of program according to ultrasound)



D32’s last calf, at 45 days.



Z11   PB80246    DOB  2/10/2012  BW 80   Adj WW 507

Last and CERTAINLY NOT least….check this out!  This cow is out of a cow we sold Mystic Hill and they bred to their Mainline bull.  I bought her bred.  She did her job for two years and for some reason, I decided to make her a recip.  She has carried 3 straight.  Here is where it gets good.  This is a good purebred cow that is 5 months bred to a flush of Final Answer 64J to our Princess 8S cow.  That has proven to be a very good homozygous black, homozygous polled offspring.  So if you want to buy a good PB cow, with the top of our genetic pool in her breeding, this is the cow for you!