Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale on the Diamond H Ranch

I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.   Our cattle have done well in spite.  Our last fall calves set all kinds of ranch records.  100 ratio of weaning was 704 pounds!  The top bull calf weaned 771 pounds.  Then when we preg checked that group of 54, we had 2 opens, both older cows!  The group included 14 heifers, and 12 second calf heifers.   Then on to spring….we calved 91% of our spring herd in 13 days, the entire group in 34!  Our cows are fertile, very productive cows!  But……we need to sell lots of them.  First, we are overstocked, second, we are producing so many top shelf heifers, I am going to start keeping more than I have in the past.  There are 5 or six in the fall bred group and there are 15 in the spring group that are currently with the bulls that I could keep.  Anyway, we are moving forward, full speed ahead and need to make room.

You can’t believe how much work it is to keep “What’s for sale” current…THAT is why most websites don’t have them posted!  I spent an entire day (literally) getting the heifer page current with decent pictures yesterday!  I intend to take pictures of 12 to 15 cows for sale…..not including the fullbloods we have from Canada.  BUT that is gonna take some time.  I hope to have it done by mid June.  In the meantime, if you come to the ranch you can pick from 80% of my herd.  I am needing to sell, so they are priced to sell (but they are not on sale).  Keep checking back for pictures.

I want to make a couple of comments on our cows.  First, our cows have lots of spring of rib…capacity or volume as lots of folks say.  I like a cow that has lots of volume, because it gives you so much flexibility in breeding them.  That “volume” is a difficult thing to put in your cattle, if it is already there, you can concentrate on other attributes.  Here are a few of our spring bred cows that are less than 2 months bred…though they look like they will calve any minute!






Second…you will notice several of these cows have lived a decade.  An English cow has passed her prime at 7 or 8 years.  Braunvieh have much more longevity.  I have top producing cows over 10 years old, and the record on the Diamond H, was a 20 year old cow bringing a calf to the weaning pen.  Remember, if an old cow has the fertility to breed at 10 years, she still has to have a bag, and the milk,  that will support a good calf.  Here are some older cows still producing in our program….you can see, their body condition and bags don’t look like they are in their teens!





18P was born September of 2004, making her nearly 16 years old….and…..look at that bag….seen worse on 5 year old english cows!


42S is the oldest Ranger11R daughter in the BAA herdbook.  She produced 30 eggs in two flushes last fall.  She is 14 years old, and I expect to get 3 or 4 more calves out of her.



Certainly one of my best, and perhaps my favorite cow, Princess 8S.  She has weaned 70% of her body weight 3 times.  We flushed her last fall with great success.  She sure doesn’t have the body OR bag you would expect on a cow that is 14 years old.



So folks…don’t be afraid of buying an older Braunvieh cow.  The older ones are priced to pretty much pay for themselves with the calf on their side and their salvage value.  And…you can expect a 10 year old cow to have 4 or 5 more calves!

And folks, never forget, regardless of life’s challenges, problems, and shortcomings….we live in the best country in the world (there is no doubt of that statement) and are blessed to be part of one of the best occupations in business.  AND we have a very good, kind and loving God.   Regardless of your position on that last part….life is good!

Blessings from the Hill’s….Karra and Todd



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