Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale on the Diamond H Ranch

I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.  That said, as I write this, we had a good 6 weeks of timely rain in April and May….grew a little grass for the first time in a while.   Then as quick as it came, it left, and we are hot and dry with 20 mph + winds. .  I have no choice but to continue to drop our numbers…I will be selling experienced cows, cows in their prime, and young cows.  Prices will be according to the cow, her quality, her history, whether she has a calf, etc. I have no cows that deserved to be culled ….that happened 8 years ago,  I use two terms that will help you know what the price will be like while you are looking at the website:  Braunvieh on a Budget (BOB cows) or Top Shelf (self explanatory)  If I don’t mention it, they are middle of the road in our program.    I don’t publish prices for obvious reasons.  If you are interested, I will send you a sheet with all pertinent info and prices.   I will put a few pictures to give you an idea, but there are not many that are not for sale….for a price.  This is an opportunity to get some genetics that aren’t normally for sale!…Give me a call at 806-681-9333 and lets talk about it!

We put together this video about the value of a female.  If you have some time, it might be interesting.  Which leads me to say…I know your time is valuable, all of us are in that boat.  So let me sincerely say thanks for taking the time to give us a look….I don’t take it for granted.

I want to make a couple of comments on our cows.  First, our cows have lots of spring of rib…capacity or volume as lots of folks say.  I like a cow that has lots of volume, because it gives you so much flexibility in breeding them.  That “volume” is a difficult thing to put in your cattle, if it is already there, you can concentrate on other attributes.  Here are a few of our spring bred cows that are less than 2 months bred…though they look like they will calve any minute!






Second…you will notice several of these cows have lived a decade.  An English cow has passed her prime at 7 or 8 years.  Braunvieh have much more longevity.  I have top producing cows over 10 years old, and the record on the Diamond H, was a 20 year old cow bringing a calf to the weaning pen.  Remember, if an old cow has the fertility to breed at 10 years, she still has to have a bag, and the milk,  that will support a good calf.  Here are some older cows still producing in our program….you can see, their body condition and bags don’t look like they are in their teens!





18P was born September of 2004, making her nearly 15 years old….and…..look at that bag….seen worse on 5 year old english cows!


42S is the oldest Ranger11R daughter in the BAA herdbook.  She produced 30 eggs in two flushes last fall.  She is 13 years old, and I expect to get 3 or 4 more calves out of her.



Certainly one of my best, and perhaps my favorite cow, Princess 8S.  She has weaned 70% of her body weight 3 times.  We flushed her last fall with great success.  She sure doesn’t have the body OR bag you would expect on a cow that is 13 years old.



So folks…don’t be afraid of buying an older Braunvieh cow.  The older ones are priced to pretty much pay for themselves with the calf on their side and their salvage value.  And…you can expect a 10 year old cow to have 4 or 5 more calves!




Fall Bred Braunvieh Pairs for Sale


A10      DHR KK     PB80305      DOB 2/15/13     BW  82          Adj WW 688 (106)


I named this cow after my wife…what more needs to be said?  She has done a great job on the ranch, she deserves the “Top Shelf” designation.  Her dam is our 42S donor, who is the oldest Ranger11r daughter in the BAA herdbook…yes the first!  The 42S donor goes back to the 18P donor, do you see “cow family” developing?  Then I bred 42S to James, stacking low birth weight, high growth bulls in Ranger11r and James.  She ratio’ed 106 in ADJ WW, with over 3 lb per day growth birth to weaning, I think it worked!  She has never missed, and her bulls have averaged a 108 ratio, her daughters a 102.  AND…She calved a 72# heifer out of our growthy King James bull!  The calf is developing very well…she looks to be exceptional as well.  A10 was AI’d to the Ranger11R bull and is in the pasture with our 19E Kenworth bull.  Either way the offspring will be good, and very black!






82ZA        DHR  Mae     PB82449     DOB  5/30/12   BW  71    Adj WW  682  (112)

The truth is…my fall herd has some pretty terrific cows and this is ANOTHER one of those!  Another James daughter, out of a cow that I bought on the side of her mother….she was that good as a calf!   Again, never missed a calf, and her bull calves have averaged a 107 ratio.  If you take out one female, her females have averaged 105! Check out the spread BW to Adj WW….you see where the growth is..she gained 3.11 per day on grass!  She has a bull calf out of our 22E Peterbilt bull.  Those genetics have not left the ranch as of yet!  She is in the pasture with our 21Y Andrew bull…..All good, maybe great!


Spring Bred Braunvieh Cows


Well, I wish I was rich….had oil on the ranch or something…I would love to expand my herd in a big way.  But, as we all know, land is EXPENSIVE and I can’t afford any more, and I am land locked with a limited (very) amount of grass, so, unfortunately my only option is to sell cows.  We have 25 heifers that are either confirmed bred, or are pasture exposed waiting to be palpated.  I am confident that nearly, if not all of those,  will be bred.  And let me tell ya, there are BUNCHES that are good enough to make our program.  So, if I am gonna keep this herd moving forward, I need to keep some of this new generation.  It is risky to sell a cow you know to keep a heifer you do not…but in the seedstock business I have to take that risk if the program is to become better.  I will make some mistakes, but hopefully not too many!  SO….that means that I have to sell lots of good bred cows.  I have 14 good fullblood cows that I imported from Canada that I need to sell.  I have lowered the price of them drastically, as I am way overstocked in the winter in the Texas Panhandle….not a profitable thing.  If I keep them I have to feed them, so I need to get rid of them….pronto!(click here to see them)  They are priced as low as $2500 bred!I also need to sell about 15 or so of my herd.  Doesn’t matter if they are all spring bred or a few of my fall cows which are currently with bulls and in April,  will  be able to sell as a three in one.  I don’t have many pictured at this point, but I will sell (almost) any cow in my herd.  It come down to price for quality.  The truth is, my entire herd is made up of great cows, as we have culled very hard for the last 10 years….just no freeloaders left!

I will work on getting some pictures, but they have their winter clothes on…..and it aint as easy to get good pictures as one might think!  So in the meantime, f you are looking for GOOD females, I have ’em for sale….just come to the ranch and we will figure it  out!




D12  DHR Ranger’s Royale   PB90156   DOB  1/10/16  BW 72   Adj WW 569


This is a good young cow and the truth is, I don’t know if I am gonna sell her but I got a decent picture of her, and so she is listed.  She went open as a sophomore when she was in Weatherford.  Normally, that is a cull, but Weatherford was a disaster, and I can hardly blame her for my decisions and bad management.  She came back in a 4….not surprising she could not breed back.  She is a Ranger11r daughter out of a very good cow I sold and she is gonna grow into a terrific black cow.  She is bred to our C191 bull, another reason I might keep her.  I just can’t decide….I’ll let fate do that!


37S      AAA Woodrings Ms Samantha   PB60173  DOB 10/20/06  BW 87#   Adj WW 590#


When people as me if I like the Sambo 637ET bull, I say I only have (seen) one and she is a great cow!  I traded Woodring for this cow.  Sired by Sambo 637, her dam was a Pol Frank cow.  She has had 8 calves for us….both bulls and heifers have an average ratio of 107…she is a top producer!  Yeah she is getting along in years but you can tell, she is in good condition, and still has ALOT of punch in her bag.  Look at the bull calf that she raised last year…he turned 4 months the day I shot this picture…. She is Bred to the Andrew 21Y  or Beefmaker 77ZA bull,  I will I’m confident she has two or three more calves in her!

And folks, never forget, regardless of life’s challenges, problems, and shortcomings….we live in the best country in the world (there is no doubt of that statement) and are blessed to be part of one of the best occupations in business.  AND we have a very good, kind and loving God.   Regardless of your position on that last part….life is good!

Blessings from the Hill’s….Karra and Todd



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