Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale on the Diamond H Ranch

 I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.  That said, as I write this, I just woke up to missing a rain that was 100% chance THE SECOND TIME IN THREE DAYS!!  We are in extreme drought, and it is time for me to reduce the herd……drastically!  I have no cows that you would want to cull….that happened years ago.  I will be selling experienced cows, cows in their prime, young cows.  Prices will be according to the cow, her quality, her history, whether she has a calf, etc.  I will put a few pictures to give you an idea, but there are not many that are not for sale….for a price.  This is an opportunity to get some genetics that aren’t normally for sale!…Give me a call at 806-681-9333 and lets talk about it!

We put together this video about the value of a female.  If you have some time, it might be interesting.  Which leads me to say…I know your time is valuable, all of us are in that boat.  So let me sincerely say thanks for taking the time to give us a look….I don’t take it for granted.

And folks, never forget, regardless of life’s challenges, problems, and shortcomings….we live in the best country in the world (there is no doubt of that statement) and are blessed to be part of one of the best occupations in business.  AND we have a very good, kind and loving God.   Regardless of your position on that last part….life is good!

Blessings from the Hill’s….Karra and Todd



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