I have been saying for some time, it seems like weather is changing around here.  I read recently they think the 105th meredian line that used to be considered the “dry line”, that is west of which is drier, east of which rains more has moved about 150 miles east.  I believe it…..we are drier than we used to be.   Our cattle have done well in spite of all the hurdles they face here in Childress County.  Our last fall calves set all kinds of ranch records.  100 ratio of weaning was 704 pounds! Just weaned this fall, and had a large number that weaned over 700# and the top bull weaned 799#.   Then when we preg checked that group of 54, we had 2 opens, both older cows!  The group included 14 heifers, and 12 second calf heifers.   Then on to spring….we calved 91% of our spring herd in 13 days, the entire group in 34 days!  When we preg checked them, we had two open cows over 10 years old (we bred neither one) and a bred heifer that we bought at the National Sale that did not breed back.  I say all that to say this:  Our cows are fertile; very productive cows!  BUT……we need to sell MORE than a handful of them…cows I would have sold in the past and here’s why:

I figure I have 10 to 15 good year left, God willing.  I have made up my mind to spend that time trying to breed “Angus” black cattle.  It is very difficult in this breed, and it has not been done.  And while I intend to keep a contigency of fullblood cattle, I am setting a course to breed the best BLACK, not chocolate brown, homozygous black cattle I can.  I think I have two herd sires that can take me there.  The heifers I am weaning are knocking my eyes out and I need to make room for them It is a risky decision to replace proven cows with heifers of unknown performance.   I will have to sell no less than 30 cows to make room for these young ones.  We are moving forward, these heifers out of 19E and 22E are the foundation of what I see as the future of this program, so I am making available cows that do not deserve to be sold!

Picking which ones to sell is a very difficult decision…these are NOT culls, they are good cows!  I’ll answer the question “why is he selling these?”.  Easy answer….something has to go!  Some of these are top 50% cows, some are at calving at near the end of our calving program, some just have several daughters in the herd.  NONE and I repeat NONE have not done a good job for this ranch, and NONE don’t deserve a job!  I predict, you will be glad you bought them.



Registered Braunvieh Cows/Pair for Sale private treaty on the Diamond H Ranch




Fall Bred Braunvieh Cows for Sale

As of this posting, these cows are either very heavy bred or have calved.  There are some great cows in this bunch.  





423F    PB94938      Alexander Beaumont Peaches      DOB 1/18/18      BW 81         Adj. WW 520


This a nice Braunvieh black female sired by the Beaumont bull known for his low RFI efficiency genetics.  She is a nice young cow bred with her second calf to our 19E Mack bull.  That could result in an Angus black offspring.  Mack has weaned dozens of 700# calves, this young cow should do well with that breeding.



D38    PB90165   DHR Princess Diana    DOB   2/26/16     BW  84     205 day wt  574

There is only one reason this girl is for sale….she will not get us closer to our color goal.  She is our of our 8S Princess donor sired by the 3W Lonestar Vernon fullblood sire.  How’s that for “heart of the program”?  Her first calf was a Ranger11r son sold at the top of the list in his group to a friend in Colorado…named him “Rock Star” if that tells ya how he looked!  She is a young cow, in her prime, and is the kinda cow you can build a program around for sure!



Spring Bred 2nd Calf heifers


There are 5 in this group and I could not be prouder of each one of them. Three of them calved at 19 to 20 months.  All five bred back as a “sophomore”, without question the most difficult breed back.  They are losing their baby teeth, are still growing themselves and are giving all their nutrition to raise their calf.  Their tank is empty and they still have to be a good enough cow to breed back.  We did not have one first calf go open (for the sixth program in a row).  That is the ultimate test of a herds fertility!   Sure they look rough, they ought too.  These pictures were taken 3 weeks after weaning their first calf, and as you can see, we are a bit drier than most of you, and they don’t have the best groceries.  All the above, in my estimation, are reasons that these are the most valuable females in our herd!






G67         BC 97293         DOB 5/1/19       BW 92          Adj. WW 597


This 3/4 blood cow is out of a halfblood we purchased from the Mystic Hill program sired by our deceased Fullblood sire 3W.  Take note that this picture was taken when she was not yet a two year old (by 2 months). She calved as an 19 month old showing fertility, early maturity, and a very good ability to mother early in life.  The bottom picture was taken as a young mother in March.  You can see the 690# Xerox bull calf she raised took it’s toll on her.  Heck, that was better than 65% of her body weight!  That is the kind of cow to have in your herd.  Then, she bred back and will continue to grow and mature this winter.  This calf did a great job with her first, bred back and is ready to make a great lifetime cow!




G46  BC97277         DHR Olive Oil      DOB  3/14/19      BW  68#       205 day wt.   595#


Another heifer that calved just before her 2nd birthday, soon after the “Articgeddon” we suffered last February.  She had a 72# heifer out of our E62 bull and grew that girl to a WHOPPING 728# 205 day weight!  And as thin as she is….she just weaned 65% of her body weight as a first calf heifer….think a little loss of body score is to be expected!  Remember just 3 weeks since weaning.  SO….. this heifer is out of our only Registered Angus whose genetics we hand picked to breed up black cattle.  She has given us several like Olive Oil or we would keep her…that kind of performance in a first calf heifer is rare.  She is sired by the Lonestar Vernon bull.  So take that great genetic package and then we AI’d her to Ranger11r and pastured her with our star 19E bull..  some real value here!  Do I keep saying….”heart of our program”  you tell me!



G33   PB99248       DHR Matadora ET        DOB  3/2/19      BW  91#        205 day wt. 664


At this point, if your paying attention, I just gotta say “they just keep on coming!”  Another first calf heifer that calved before here 2nd birthday, raised a 84 # birthweight, 600# weaning weight heifer…look at this girl, tell me she weighs 1050 dripping wet!  That makes a 57% of body weight weaning ratio….another stellar performance for a first calf heifer!  She is out of the 42S donor cow, that I flushed to the Matador fullblood bull.  I saw so many of his cows that the Bonina program raised back 25 years ago, I wanted to flush one of my best to him and this is one of those calves.  She is AI bred to Ranger11r and pastured with 19E.  Too many to keep or she would stay at home!




35F  BC 96466  Black Bombshell    DOB 9/9/18   BW 86   Adj WW 588

This one is a story.  First, she is a 31W out of an Angus that we used as a resip.  Look at her weaning weight.  We sent her to the development yard with the others.  She came back and was waiting to be bred.  THE DAY we were gonna give the first shot, we went out to move them and this girl had a calf on the ground…as a 15 month old!  The calf disappeared 3 weeks later, we don’t know what happened, but she was a baby having babies!   She bred back in the front of the program to our 3W fullblood bull and had a nice heifer that weaned 626# with a 3.05 WDA!  She lost some body score from weaning that calf for sure….but she weaned nearly 60% of her bodyweight!  She will get it back over the winter. Clearly, this girl is a producer, she has a nice udder, and I love her phenotype AND her disposition! Truth is if my boat was not loaded with black 1/2 bloods, I would keep this one…I just have too many!  She is safe with calf by the performance outlier, 22E Peterbuilt….a black result for sure.




Spring Bred Cows







C166    PB87490    China’s Dolly    DOB 2/8/15 BW 80  Adj WW 615



C166 is a cow of distinction.  She is sired by a bull that could have been a herd sire on our ranch, but at the time, we already had 3 double wild type bulls that were doing a great job, so we sold 69ZA, the sire of C166.  He was sired by Uron, a well know Mexican bull.  C166’s dam is out of our U10 donor, so this cow has lots of power in her genetic package.  She has weaned three calves, two of which were heifers that weaned a 107 ratio!  She just weaned a 644# bull calf.  This is a young cow that has had a great start….lots of good calves in her future for sure.  This is one that is hard to put on the market…if she was black, she would not be for sale…simple as that.  Palpated bred…..AI’d to Ranger11r pasture exposed to 22E Peterbuilt.







89A         PB84534            DHR Dorothy          DOB 3/3/14            BW 90             Adj. WW 500



If you know this program, you know we don’t throw the term donor around easily.  If there is a donor quality cow on this page, it is Dorothy.  Her prodigy far outstrip her personal results.  Her calves, with the exception of one, have ratioed 104 avg.  Her last heifer calf weaned 726# and is built like a brick–house!   Her top side was out of two great cows of our program, and her dam was a very broody Fullblood with Canadian genetics we bought years back.  She was full of who’s who Swiss and Canadian genetics on both sides of her genetics.  Now the “but”.  The power you see in this cow can be expressed at birth.  You have to be thoughtful about how you breed her.  She has plenty of get up and go, you need to tone that down.  I believe that makes Dorothy a great breeding piece and she will raise great ones!  Is AI’d to Ranger11r and pastured with 19E she was palpated to be bred with a HEIFER calf….both low BW sires that are ANGUS black.


73A    BC84522         DHR Sheryl       DOB  10/29/13   BW  90   205 day wt.  648

If you have been paying attention all these cows have a DHR in front of their name, all home grown cows that have to perform to keep their job.  This girl has done just that.  She weaned a 110 ratio personally, and has weaned 104 on two bulls.  We put two embryos in her, both of which stuck.  She just weaned a 22E bull at 679#. This girl has done everything we have asked her to do.  She is out of Ranger11r daughter we sold sired by a 1/2 blood Wagyu bull we used on heifer for a while.  So here you have a black 3/4 blood that has shown great fertility and productivity.  The Wagyu influence will make her do a great job on carcass to boot.  We are selling her not due to color or performance but age….we have lots of young un’s coming.  If she doesn’t sale, no harm…we will make room for a proven cow that fits our future!  Palpated bred to 19E Mack…here comes a black high performing calf for sure!



95C  PB89327        DHR Sunrise       DOB  10/15/15      DOB  72         205 day wt.  447#


A daughter of our favorite “Tequila”  cow we bought from our friend Russ Freeman years ago. One look at this cow, ya gotta think “broody” or “spring of rib”.  This one is plain and simple a victim of our decision to go Angus black.  She has had four straight calves with an average wean weight of 633# for an average ratio of 102.  She is sired by a Ranger son out of our 10P donor that we sold a few years back when we found 77ZA.  Honestly I hate the idea of selling this very gentle proven top producer…I feel like she is being sold for no good reason, but….  If she doesn’t sell we will use her as a recip.  The kind of cow you should use, fertile and raises a good calf!

SOLD into Rio Grand Valley of Texas

D16   PB 87490       COLE  Blossom        DOB  3/26/16     BW  77    no 205 day weight

While this girl does not have our hardcode, she is our genetics.  I sold a fullblood to a couple some years back and let them use our 77ZA bull to breed the cows they bought from us.  This was one of the first.  The couple had some health issues, and did not get her exposed and eventually sold me back most of what they had bought.  This girl came to us as a 3 year old that had not been exposed.  We put her with our E62 bull and she weaned a 699# heifer.  Not bad for a first calf!  Her age let her do it without no loss of body score…I’m sure I will regret selling this cow, but while her performance says “yes”, she won’t take us to our color goal.







I realize that everything is not current all the time…please forgive me on that.  It is always a good idea to check with me if you have questions.   You can’t believe how much work it is to keep “What’s for sale” current…THAT is why most websites don’t have them posted!  I can spend an entire day (literally) getting the heifer page current with decent pictures!  So, you patience with my imperfections is appreciated!!

We don’t post prices.  If you are interested, please call and I will send you a spreadsheet.


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