I have put several of our cows on the website, because I firmly believe the mother’s have such a great impact on the genetic/performance future of the offspring.  Yes, a bull is critical in changing a herds genetics, but you can look at the cow and see what the likely characteristics of the offspring will be.

The donor pen is the best of our good ones

Unlike many programs, we do not flush heifers, they have not proven they will pass on their genetics, or they are fertile, or will be good mamas.  We don’t put a cow on this page that has had one good calf.  The cattle here have earned the distinction by producing, CONSISTENTLY, a superior offspring.

We do not have embryos on all the cattle here, some have the embryo calves on the ground, even producing.  .  There are a some that have not been flushed, but will be.  They have earned the name and title of donor.   

Cassandra E525   PB13577

I wish I had a picture of this girl when she was 6, she still looked pretty good at 18!  We bought her when she was 13, and she has always carried her weight.  Every flush has been productive, with great offspring.  If you ever see her in a pedigree, I recommend it!

Black Chyna  6P  (PB50257)

Well for me, any cow that has the Princess (8S) cow makes the donor pen.  But add to that the Sixer heifer Stephanie Nelson bought, and the 16T heifer Steve Holt bought, etc…this girl is good!  She is out of Powerdrive, a Pol Frank bull that injured himself early on.  Her dam is the 258K cow below.

 Patsy 10P  PC50260

Also sired by the Powerdrive bull (yes we are gonna flush to him).  She has produced U10, also a donor, Cooper, a bull we used, a Ranger son working on the Freeman Ranch (he calls him the Hill bull) and a son at the Navasota Bull Challenge and sale.  She brings power and carcass.  Add to all that…she is gentle as a kitten.  We just flushed her to Ranger11R female semen, and Final Answer.  The latter flush are full sibs to our U10 donor below.

U10   Chyna Doll

U10 is one of those unassuming looking cows….but she packs ALOT of punch!  I think her udder is the secret of her success. She is out of our donor 10P sired by Final Answer (Braunvieh, not Angus). Though she has had some good females, I think bulls are her specialty!   U10 is the dam of the sire, Y34 Cha Cha and several of the highest priced bull we have sold.  At 1120 pounds, she has weaned nearly every calf, male or female over or very near 600 lbs.  We just flushed her to our 3W bull and Ranger11R.

There are still more to come.  Man this website is a lot of work!