Braunvieh Heifers for Sale

Let me say something before you read on.  This is the number one hit page on our website.  Everyone wants to buy a young cow that has a long productive life ahead of her.  If you have experience dealing with heifers, please skip to “Whats for sale”  below.  If not, PLEASE take the time to read the next little bit.  It may, or may not, save you ALOT of grief!

We have lots of potential customers asking for heifers.  But when I say “I want to fill my customers needs, I mean that!  So,  I start asking questions.  “No I don’t live at the ranch….No I don’t have a chute…..No…NO… ”     Heifers are not a great way to get your start in the cattle industry!   Here’s why:

Lots of work and expense~Anyone that has developed heifers knows what I am talking about.  We push our heifers pretty hard.  To get one to breed in 16 months or less you have to give ’em the best ya got.  The best pasture, more supplementation.  Then if you get them bred, we all know the time/work involved.  You make the best breeding decisions you can, but no matter what, you expect some calving problems… pretty much ANY breed!  Then you have do deal with mommas that need a little help with learning. You are the teacher, like it or not.  Bottle feeding,  late nights, momma rejecting the calf…’s all part of the deal.  And then, even when you do everything right……there are:

Lots of disappointments.   She’s a bad momma.  She doesn’t breed back. She’s got no milk.   All that work for a cull (and you will have those, regardless of what you invested in the heifer).   We have all seen that heifer turn around and look at that wet calf laying there and she’s thinking “what is that thing…..where’s my feed?  I have to confess, I have had some very bad thoughts in those moments!

Which heifers to keep is among the most difficult decisions we have to make as cattle breeders.  Add to that, I have to sell some of my best genetics to develop a reputation and repeat buyers, while at the same time, keep the future core of my herd.  That is a fine line to walk.


We sell very few heifers…..even fewer as a result of the drought.  But, we have big plans at the Diamond H.  New Pens (see video below) and new 4 wheeler.  I could use savings and the bank, but that ain’t how we do it here.  So, gotta sell some good cows and heifers.  Your purchase will help build pens that have been a dream here a long time.

Pens getting started


You need to see the Braunvieh bulls that we use on heifers.  They are some good rips!

Xerox  X002

Not a small part of the value of these heifers is the bull to whom they are bred.  Most all are cleaned up by Xerox.  As you can see, he is very phenotypically correct, additionally, he makes em very clean fronted.  His daughters have topped the price in LOTS of Braunvieh auctions.  He is moderate in frame, and one of the top reasons…he is in the top 1% in the breed in birthweight!  He’s good…he makes ’em good!  For more information, check out this link (herd sires)


Well, Yes…I AM a Ranger 11R fan.   I am a fan because he was a special bull.  Now, I realize there are those that don’t hold my viewpoint, but I hold results in high regard, and the performance of his genetics (via sons and daughters), are well documented.  You can read more about him at this link…herd sires.  Many of these heifers are AI bred to Ranger 11R conventional or female semen.  The female semen quantity is very limited….I consider this a very valuable breeding.  His females are moderate, have excellent udders, and consistently wean calves of 50% or above of their own body weight.  Of course, the female calves tend to lower birthweight even more.  If the AI sticks, you will get a good result, one that I believe will move your program forward.

I had the vision to sell only bred back, second calf heifers.  Well the weather has blocked that path, we simply do not have the pasture necessary to develop them to that point.  So…back to the drawing board.  I write this in January 2018.  We have 39 heifers with the cleanup bulls.  I have 17 of them sold, If you are interested in any, I suggest you contact me and I’ll let you know what we have available.  Prices for bred heifers are $2200 and up, depending on quality of the female.  Most are AI bred and with the either Xerox, 77ZA or our newest heifer bull, 19E.  Everyone wants pictures….I have it on my to do list… is much harder than ya think!


 Heifers are so willing to help you take a picture.  Here ‘s one I got when I tried to shoot a few.

God’s Best to you all !

Heifers, are without doubt much like their human counterpart…..middle school aged girls.  I can hearing them saying..”is this my good side?” or “does my hair look OK?”  All I know, they are a PAIN to take pictures of. This is an usual pose…  It is very time consuming to get the job done well.

 Please contact us if you are looking for females.  Things change.  Let’s talk about what  you are looking for to compliment your program.  If we don’t have it, maybe I can help you find it.   And don’t forget, pray for rain, and pray for our country!


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