Braunvieh Heifers for Sale

Clearly, Heifers are a popular item, this is the number two hit page on our website.  The young cow will give you many years of production,  but heifers are also the highest risk in our business.  IF she does calve without problems/or assistance, will she be a good mom, raise a good calf, and MOST IMPORTANTLY breed back as a “sophomore” heifer?  I don’t know the number for sure, but I have heard that 25% of replacement heifers do not make it to be a 3rd calf, I’m betting it is higher than that.  So, the genetics of the heifers you buy are VERY important!  I am very pleased to report that, in the last four years (8 breeding programs) over 90% of our heifers bred in 45 days with the bull, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, not one sophomore heifer has gone ope!!.  As this is the hardest animal to breed (by far), I think that is the “acid test” of a cow dprograms fertility!  That is a high bar for sure!


Take a look at the Braunvieh bulls that we use on heifers.  They are some good rips and are proven low BW bulls!    These bulls are the kind that allow the first calf heifer to put a live calf on the ground and it is not a “throwaway” or “pass” calf.  Rather, you will get an animal that can most likely move your program in the direction you are hoping for!

Xerox  X002

Not a small part of the value of these heifers is the bull to whom they are bred.  Xerox was purchased to be the heart of our heifer breeding program.  He passed away in 2022, but  we still use him AI on Ranger daughters we want to outcross.  As you can see, he is very phenotypically correct, and he makes ’em very clean fronted.  His daughters have topped the price in LOTS of Braunvieh auctions.  He is moderate in frame, and one of the top reasons to use him…he is in the top 1% in the breed in birthweight!   Now that I have tested many of his son’s at a performance test…I have formed the opinion: he is not only a low BW bull, he is also a performance bull.   He’s good…and he makes ’em good!  For more information, check out this link (herd sires)


Well, Yes…I AM a Ranger 11R fan.   I am a fan because he has proved himself to be a special bull.  Now, I realize there are those that don’t hold my viewpoint, but I hold quantified results in high regard, and the performance of his genetics (via sons and daughters), are well documented.  You can read more about him at this link…herd sires.  Many of our heifers are AI bred to Ranger 11R conventional or female semen.  The female semen quantity is very limited….I consider this a very valuable breeding.  His females are moderate, are very fertile,  have excellent udders, and consistently wean calves of 50% or above of their own body weight.  Of course, the female calves tend to lower birthweight even more.  If the AI sticks, you will get a good result, one that I believe will move your program forward.





A new addition to our bull battery is the registered Angus, dubbed “Ferdinand”.  He was owned by some close friends that will be keeping some Diamond H cattle on their place. I confess, I am not a great Angus fan, however I was struck by this bulls’ phenotype the first time I saw him.  He has lots of guts, and a powerful rear quarter.  And as it turns out, is a proven low BW producer.  We have our eye on a Braunvieh bull that is on test (early 2023) as a heifer sire, but needed a pasture bull to fill in for a short while.  I felt Ferdinand to be a very suitable short term replacement.  He will put a strong 1/2 blood on the ground in a black, polled package.




If  you have been following us for a while,  you are aware that we have been shrinking our herd with sales and not replacing open or old cows at the normal rate.  Our herd is currently less than half its numbers pre 2011 drought.  The Lord has provided a family that are not only providing land for us to GROW AGAIN, but one that have become the closest of friends!  Bottom line, we will not be selling many heifers or cows for the next few years.  We will sell some heifers that are good enough to breed, but for whatever reason we won’t be putting back into our herd.  NO, the females we sell are not culls, culls go to our retail meat program, we DO NOT sell inferior cattle with our brand on them….ever!

We have a group of heifers that had the bull pulled on 12/20.  There are 4 or 5 that I will sell (or keep if they don’t sell).  I will get pictures taken and get them cataloged in the month of January.  They will be for sale when they are palpated safe with calf….that will be around March 1.


In the meantime, this girl is our offering at the BAA National Sale.  The sale takes place in Ft Worth during the Rodeo on Sunday January 15th at 6PM.  You can bid live or by telephone.  We take those that are the top tier of our genetics to the National Sale.  This girl certainly meets that standard.



82H   PB100711  93.2% AGM   DOB 10/17/20   BW 79    Adj WW  632   YW  972

She sold to another Seedstock program…Bluebonnet Braunvieh….thanks Benny!

Sired by the 21Y Andrew bull, this polled purebred is out of a dam we bought from the Bodine program several years back.  She is very deep, with lots of spring of rib, and a VERY broad top.  Her rear quarter shows the power this dam will bring to any breeding.  She is AI bred to Ranger11r and cleaned up to the low BW registered Angus bull we call Ferdianand.  This is the kind of female  you can build a program around to be sure.



Two year old Exposed Purebred Braunvieh Heifers


We normally bring home heifers from the development yard to breed them at 14 months.  These girls somehow missed the bus (I wish I could tell ya how it happened, but I guess I’m gonna have to plead my age bracket on this one).  As a result they obviously carry much more frame and are in great condition because they were grown another 6 months before the next breeding program came along.  They were out of the last group of fall calves that had enough groceries to wean our normal weights.  I am keeping 5 out of this group, they are a VERY consistent bunch of gals….I gotta say, really good’uns!



88H   DHR Wynona Judd   PB100717  AGM 88.6%   DOB   10/29/20      BW 62      Adj WW 530       Adj YW  752


This gal was a twin…we kept her was pretty much a coin toss.  She is sired by our new top sire, 19E Mack, who has given us many sons and daughters just like this girl.  Lots of spring of rib, deepness, and power in the rear quarter.  Her dam is a Ranger11r daughter out of the well known N52 cow of show ring fame.  She did a great job raising these twins, weaning near 1100 pound between them.  That is quite a spread from BW to WW for twins to be sure.  This girl is tested Homozygous black, and Homozygous polled.  She will get darker and darker.  It is also noteworthy tha she will be a purebred when we hit the highest standard of 88%.  She is gonna produce calves that GROW!  Let me comment here…almost did not use this picture….this girl won’t let me get a picture where she is standing in such a way to show here length and powerful hip.  She looks like a twin to the heifer below.   She is AI bred to Ranger 11r, cleaned up by Ferdinand to calve in fall.  Not yet palpated.



89H  DHR Little Big Town  PB 100718   AGM  90.2%   DOB  10/29/20   BW 76  Adj WW  597   Adj YW  882

I think these two are a statement of what their sire does….marks his calves in a BIG way.  Another thick, deep, Homozygous polled, 19E Mack, daughter to admire.  She is out of a polled high percentage original Braunvieh colored Xerox daughter that has done a great job for us.  So stacking two very good blood lines to produce a dark high percentage purebred.  She grew to near 600 # on her mama, and near 900 on her own.  This is a good female to build a program around.  She is AI bred to Ranger 11r, cleaned up by Ferdinand to calve in fall.  Not yet palpated.











14 month old Exposed Purebred Braunvieh Heifers


These girls have developed well under the weather circumstances.  The first two are full sibs.  Their dams are both  King James daughters out of our A10 donor cow, one year apart.  These heifers are both own daughters out of Ranger11r.  Note that we were able to get these girls ultrasound at the yearling mark.  As expected, did quite well on all fronts….IMF was very good in my opinion!  Fertility, Maternal, and carcass…..make for a great cow!



69J  DHR Dixie Chick   PB103927   AGM  89.9%  DOB 8/17/21   BW 73  Adj WW  520  Adj YW 879

IMF  4.13   REA  11.6   BF .23


Remember, this girl is a long yearling, she’s a long way from where she will mature.  This and the next are pretty much the best genetic package we have to offer.  The dam is a King James (James son) daughter out of our A10 donor.  A10 is sired by James out of our 42S Ranger11r daughter (a donor as well).  So….this is a heifer that come from a line of donors and line breeding of two of the best bull to ever stand on the Diamond H….Ranger11r and James.  I’m gonna sell one, and keep the other.  You get to choose which one you like best.  Believe me when I say, these pictures do not do these animals justice!  She is AI bred to 77ZA Beefmaker, and pastured with the Fernando bull, a low BW registered Angus. Only time will tell, but I believe these are gonna be donor cows some day!  This girl is tested Homozygous black and polled.  Obviously carries the diluter gene.    Still, she will get darker as she gets older.




70J  DHR Cantina   PB103928   AGM  89.9%  DOB 8/21/21   BW 70  Adj WW  483   Adj YW 752

IMF  3.93   REA  11.2   BF .27


The story is pretty much the same on 70J as 69J above.  These are both great animals with as good a genetic package as we can breed.  Not much to add….the story is above for 69J.  The breeding is identical as well.  One other note, the AI sire, 77ZA has raised a number of replacement females for us.  That would just add “fuel to the fire” if the AI sticks!  And if not….the result would be a nice halfblood in an Angus black and polled package….puts a lot of value in these heifers to be sure.  Is homozygous polled and heterozygous black.  



81J  DHR Dynamo   PB103935   AGM  89.9%  DOB 9/19/21   BW 94  Adj WW  526  Adj YW 834

IMF  4.2   REA  11.9   BF .23


If you like ’em long and deep with lots of muscle, this may be the one for you.  She is sired by G68, a bull we sold into central Texas a while back after we got 15 or 20 calves out of him.  She is a maternal sib to the 82H heifer we sold at the national BAA sale.  This one is good enough to keep for sure.  She is also AI bred to 77ZA Beefmaker and pastured with Fernando.  


So, with the new ground we acquired in Wichita Falls, we are growing the herd for the first time in a long while.  We are selling a very limited amount of females.  These are not our culls…our culls end up as feeders.  These are the kind of females that will stay in a program for their lifetime.  Remember, we only leave them with the pasture bull for 30 days.  They are currently priced as “exposed”.  If the palpated confirmed bred, the price will go up at that time.  If they go open, we will sell them at a significantly discounted price for those that want a way better than average female that will do fine in a 60 or 90 day breeding program.  Don’t forget, we have not had a first calf heifer go open in 5 years.  That, in a period of time we have been out of severe or extreme drought  (government drought monitor stats) for one 2 of the last 72 months!  That’s tough, and these genetics have performed!  They will perform for you as well!









Heifers, are without doubt much like their human counterpart…..middle school aged girls.  I can hearing them saying..”is this my good side?” or “does my hair look OK?”  All I know, they are a PAIN to take pictures of. This is an usual pose…  It is very time consuming to get the job done well.

 Please contact us if you are looking for females.  Things change.  Let’s talk about what  you are looking for to compliment your program.  If we don’t have it, maybe I can help you find it.   And don’t forget, pray for our leaders and pray for our country!


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