Braunvieh Heifers for Sale

Clearly, Heifers are a popular item, this is the number two hit page on our website.  The young cow will give you many years of production,  but heifers are among the highest risk in our business.  IF she does calve without problems/or assistance, will she be a good mom, raise a good calf, and MOST IMPORTANTLY breed back as a “sophomore” heifer?  I don’t know the number, but I have heard that 25% of replacement heifers do not make it to be a 3rd calf.  So, the genetics of the heifers you buy are VERY important!  I am very pleased to report that, in the last three years (6 breeding programs) we have bred 91% of our heifers and MORE IMPORTANTLY, not one sophomore heifer has gone open.  I think that is the acid test of a programs fertility!  That is a high bar for sure!


Take a look at the Braunvieh bulls that we use on heifers.  They are some good rips and are proven low BW bulls!  We are blessed to have them standing for us in the pasture.  These bulls are the kind that allow the first calf heifer to put a live calf on the ground and it is not a “throwaway” or “pass” calf.  Rather, you will get an animal that can most likely move your program in the direction you are hoping for!

Xerox  X002

Not a small part of the value of these heifers is the bull to whom they are bred.  Xerox was purchased to be the heart of our heifer breeding program.  Spring of 2021 he is 11 years old and enjoying life as a semen bull.  We still use him AI on Ranger daughters we want to outcross.  As you can see, he is very phenotypically correct, and he makes em very clean fronted.  His daughters have topped the price in LOTS of Braunvieh auctions.  He is moderate in frame, and one of the top reasons to use him…he is in the top 1% in the breed in birthweight!   Now that I have tested many of his son’s at a performance test…I have formed the opinion: he is not only a low BW bull, he is also a performance bull.   He’s good…and he makes ’em good!  For more information, check out this link (herd sires)


Well, Yes…I AM a Ranger 11R fan.   I am a fan because he was a special bull.  Now, I realize there are those that don’t hold my viewpoint, but I hold quantified results in high regard, and the performance of his genetics (via sons and daughters), are well documented.  You can read more about him at this link…herd sires.  Many of our heifers are AI bred to Ranger 11R conventional or female semen.  The female semen quantity is very limited….I consider this a very valuable breeding.  His females are moderate, are very fertile,  have excellent udders, and consistently wean calves of 50% or above of their own body weight.  Of course, the female calves tend to lower birthweight even more.  If the AI sticks, you will get a good result, one that I believe will move your program forward.



19E “Mack”  (just under 2 1/2 years in this picture) needs a bath and though this ain’t a great picture but I think it will give you an idea.  He had great numbers in his performance test , check out the details on this link


Mack surfaced in the testing of our Fall 17 bull calves.  His own BW is 68, His dam has had him and a 64# calf that we also kept!  19E tested well, had a strong RFI and an excellent IMF number. Weaned 631 and hit 1031 as a yearling.   He is a Y47 son (whom is out of a Ranger11r daughter).  That makes Ranger11r great grandsire on the sires side and grandsire on the dam side.  Stacking good on good!  So far, Mack has weaned lots of 700# plus calves, bull and heifer!  One bull weaned 799#!  His calves are built right.  He is proving to be a very solid consistent producer of both quality males and females.





  • Fall Calving, Bred Braunvieh Heifers and First Calf Pairs for sale




G44   DHR Starstruck    BC 97275      DOB 3/14/19     BW 75       Adj Ww  525

This 3/4 blood heifer is out of a 1/2 blood Wagyu that gets her Wagyu geneticsfrom both her sire and her dam in different blood lines.  That dam, B15, has most certainly surprised me by both the quality of calves she has produced, and the consistency with which she has produced them.  She is sired by 77ZA, our now deceased Ranger son who, as you can see, sired some killer females.  So this girl is a deep flanked meat wagon, and if she follows her mom’s legacy, she will provide the milk her calves need to do very well.  So I think this girl is a great 3/4 blood that will begat terrific purebred females.  And for those who are breeding for meat quality to sell to end users, this is one you should make a part of your program….she is the type we try to raise.  She will elevate the quality of meat you produce, I can believe she can elevate the quality any program.  Unfortunately, her calf was presented with a leg back and I did not catch it in time to save the calf.  She is palpated bred back to 19E.




This group of fall bred heifers turned out to be a very good group.  They were all AI bred then put with a registered Wagyu bull for only 30 days.  That is a very short window to breed, the AI and ONE pass of the bull….so If they bred (and 11 of 14 did) it speaks of their fertility…these are cows that will stay in the herd, and not go open in a year or two!  We expect a lot from our cow herd, and it starts in this first breeding.    There are for sure 8 I would like to keep, but that is just not possible.  I am selling some really nice females in this bunch…..I mean the kind that  you can build a program around…ones that most programs won’t sell.  These are hard to produce, and they just don’t happen that often.  So, I am listing some that I don’t usually sell; sure they are gonna cost a bit more, but some of these are our best, you won’t see this type and kind in many auctions!  And these heifers are bred and bred right.  And as of March 19th 2021 preg checking, we have had NO second calf heifers go open in 7 programs!  That is staying power, genetics that will stick in your program for years to come

 I’ve managed to get pictures of most of the group, but not all of them.




14H      BC97275       DOB 2/20/20     BW 74     Adj WW 604   AGM 71.2%

This 3/4 blood heifer is sired by our deceased Ranger11r son, 77ZA.  I consider him a female specialist, as he sired some good sons, but his best are females.  She is out of our oldest 1/2 blood Wagyu cow, 13W, our 22E’s grand dam.  This is a good cow family building.  This girls exhibits good length, and depth of flank.  And her growth is expressed in the spread from BW to WW….pretty salty indeed!  She is AI bred to Ranger11r and was pastured with a registered Wagyu bull.  She is a great choice for those that are selling beef off their ranch….both herself and the potential 5/8 Wagyu if she did not stick to the AI.





16H      PB99214       DOB 2/21/20     BW 92      Adj WW 495   AGM 91.3%


This is another one of those that, if she does not sell, I will keep once she calves.  This is a Xerox daughter out of the 89A cow who has been a consistent producer.  IF we keep this heifer, she will be the third of three out of 89A with a fourth in development currently that weaned a 117 ratio!  This cow is good (she is for sale as well), definitely a donor quality cow, who I plan on flushing this year if she doesn’t sell.  This is a “cow family” building cow.  And she is AI bred to Ranger11r female then to a registered Wagyu bull.  She was called by ultrasound to the AI….that would be a great heifer calf!  Lots of value in the heifer that’s for sure.




18H      OB99236       DOB 5/8/20     BW 88     Adj WW 483   AGM 100%


This fullblood heifer is out of one of our Canadian import cows that is out of the Wonderbar bull, a SwissWay Marshall son.  She is sired by our 3W bull, a Northstar Vernon son…so these are definitely world class fullblood genetics.  We have kept 5 daughters of 3W for our herd, so we are willing to let her go.  She is AI bred to Ranger11r female sexed semen.  The breeding of Ranger11r to fullblood genetics has resulted in 2 herd sires and some very good cows!  She was then pasture exposed to a registered Wagyu bull.  A similar breeding resulted in our 13W cow which is the granddam of our 22E herd sire.  A good heifer, bred right!




21H      PB99216   DOB 7/12/20    BW 73    Adj WW 588    AGM 90.1%

Plain and simple, this is not a flattering picture.  If she does not sell, I think I’ll keep her.  Her dam (who is also for sale) has produced several daughters that remain in our program…I don’t think I can say anything more to say what I think of this cow family.  She goes back to our U10 donor and is sired by the 21Y Andrew bull.  I AI’d her to the Black Joker bull, and she is cleaned up to the registered Wagyu.  He called her long….Joker is a strong possibility.  She is priced at the top of the list…. trust me when I say, when you lay eyes on her, you will understand why!



Picture not yet Available, but coming soon!


26H       PB100465        DOB 2/29/20     BW   71       Adj WW 552   AGM  95.6%

This is a very nice heifer out of a fullblood cow owned by our friend Stoney Sheer.  She was sired by the 77ZA bull but is an original color Braunvieh, and light at that!  Her dam is an ET calf that Stoney got out of a  flush just before moving her to Texas.  The cow he flushed goes back to the Lone Star program of the 90’s and the sire was the Dado Heinzengburg bull from Mexico.  So this breeding is mixing good from both past and recent genetics.  Now for the “how did that happen”.  When they put her in the chute, to start syncronization for AI, they decided preg check her and she was 5 months bred!  If she calves before (give or take) April 5, she was bred with her group and we missed the call last fall (it will be a 1/2 blood Wagyu calf).  If she does not, she is bred by an unknown bull.    I will be glad to pay to have her DNA’d to our bulls, but I doubt it will match anything.  Will update this post if it is to the Wagyu, If not, well….remember how fun it was to open a box of Cracker Jacks? 🙂  Anyway, she is a good heifer and this first calf could be a strong positive, who knows?  Due to this situation, she is priced as an open heifer, even thought she bred early in her contemporary group.Here’s an opportunity to make a good buy on top genetics with very high Braunvieh percentage heifer.




27H   DHR Daffodil ET    PB99246      DOB 3/1/20     BW 71      Adj 205 day 580   AGM  82.1%

This heifer represents the core of our black Braunvieh genetics.  Ranger11r flushed to our 10P donor.  She is homozygous black and polled, and will turn darker as she gets older.  These are low BW high growth genetics. She has a very broad top and expresses a very powerful rear quarter.   Again, I’m not too excited to sell her, but I can’t keep them all, so I will let my customers decide what I keep and what I sell.  She is AI bred to her grandsire, Black Joker and pastured to a registered Wagyu bull for a double black calf either way.



30H   DHR Granny    PB99222      DOB 3/06/20     BW 79       Adj Ww  618   AGM 88.7%

Dang, if I lived where it rained once in a while, I would not sell this heifer for sure!  She is out of our homozygous black donor, 42S, the oldest Ranger11r daughter in the BAA herd book.  She is sired by the product of a flush, Ranger11r to the fabled N52 cow.  This double bred Ranger11r daughter is why I love stacking him the way I do….built right, lots of spring of rib, depth, wide top, major bone, and she will have a picture perfect udder when her time comes.  She is bred just like the 27H which makes her line bred to Joker on both sides.  My experience with that has been very good, I’m expecting a very good double black double polled calf if the AI sticks




36H   DHR Strauss ET    OB99775      DOB 3/14/20     BW 79       Adj Ww  507   AGM 100%


This heifer is the product of a flush in the early 90’s..  I bought a tank that was full of some very good and rare fullblood genetics.  The sire is the well know Levi bull from the Whitetail program and the dam was Carla 44E, full of genetics straight from Canada and Switzerland.  Can’t tell you much about the dam, but she was 90% of the genetics in this tank, flushed to 5 or 6 different bulls…that tells me a lot.  I have no Levi sons, but have heard much talk about his impact in the very well known Whitetail program.  I intend to implant an embryo of the same breeding this spring, but made the decision to keep a 3W daughter with genetics on the dam side that I’m looking for.  I have enough full bloods for now.  This girl has genetics that are outcross to ANYTHING out there!  She is also AI bred to Ranger11r female and pastured 30 days with Registered Wagyu.



41H   DHR Cantina    PB99228      DOB 3/18/20     BW 77       Adj Ww  548  AGM 91.2%


This heifer definitely is different genetically from the rest of the group.  This high percentage purebred is the only Andrew 21Y daughter in the bunch, and is out of a cow we bought at a national sale 10 years ago….her last calf.  We have several maternal sibs to the calf in our herd, this is a solid cow family.  She is puppy dog gentle and is gonna make a deep broody female.  She is ultrasound bred to a Registered Wagyu bull.  That will get her in production with a solid calf, that makes a carcass breeding piece or good steak for the family.



I have more to post…call my cell if you would like more information and pricing.



Heifers, are without doubt much like their human counterpart…..middle school aged girls.  I can hearing them saying..”is this my good side?” or “does my hair look OK?”  All I know, they are a PAIN to take pictures of. This is an usual pose…  It is very time consuming to get the job done well.

 Please contact us if you are looking for females.  Things change.  Let’s talk about what  you are looking for to compliment your program.  If we don’t have it, maybe I can help you find it.   And don’t forget, pray for our leaders and pray for our country!


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