Braunvieh Heifers for Sale

Clearly, Heifers are a popular item, this is the number two hit page on our website.  The young cow will give you many years of production,  but heifers are among the highest risk in our business.  IF she does calve without problems/or assistance, will she be a good mom, raise a good calf, and MOST IMPORTANTLY bred back as a “sophomore” heifer?  I don’t know the number, but I have heard that 25% of replacement heifers do not make it to be a 3rd calf


Take a look at the Braunvieh bulls that we use on heifers.  They are some good rips and are proven low BW bulls!  We are blessed to have them standing for us in the pasture.  These bulls are the kind that allow the first calf heifer to put a live calf on the ground and it is not a “throwaway” or “pass” calf.  You will get an animal that can most likely move your program in the direction you are hoping for!

Xerox  X002

Not a small part of the value of these heifers is the bull to whom they are bred.  Xerox was purchased to be the heart of our heifer breeding program.  Summer of 2020 he is 10 years old and going strong.  As you can see, he is very phenotypically correct, additionally, he makes em very clean fronted.  His daughters have topped the price in LOTS of Braunvieh auctions.  He is moderate in frame, and one of the top reasons…he is in the top 1% in the breed in birthweight!  Now that I have tested many of his son’s at a performance test…I have formed the opinion: he is not only a low BW bull, he is also a performance bull.   He’s good…he makes ’em good!  For more information, check out this link (herd sires)


Well, Yes…I AM a Ranger 11R fan.   I am a fan because he was a special bull.  Now, I realize there are those that don’t hold my viewpoint, but I hold results in high regard, and the performance of his genetics (via sons and daughters), are well documented.  You can read more about him at this link…herd sires.  Many of these heifers are AI bred to Ranger 11R conventional or female semen.  The female semen quantity is very limited….I consider this a very valuable breeding.  His females are moderate, have excellent udders, and consistently wean calves of 50% or above of their own body weight.  Of course, the female calves tend to lower birthweight even more.  If the AI sticks, you will get a good result, one that I believe will move your program forward.


19E “Mack”  (just under 2 1/2 years in this picture) needs a bath and though this ain’t a great picture but I think it will give you an idea.  He had great performance, check out the details on this link

Our newest heifer bull is Mack 19E.  He surfaced in the testing of our Fall 17 bull calves.  His own BW is 68, His dam has had him and a 64# calf that also grew like a weed!  He tested well, had a strong RFI and an excellent IMF number. Weaned 631 and hit 1031 as a yearling.   He is a Y47 son (whom is out of a Ranger11r daughter).  That makes Ranger11r great grandsire on the sires side and grandsire on the dam side.  Stacking good on good!  We have weaned three calves out of 19E as I write this.  They hit the ground unassisted, one at 78#, two at 79#…. are very good phenotypically, angus black and ALL weaned over 700# adjusted to 205 days!   We put him on the Fall 2020 heifer calves and on 20 something fall cows..two of the fall heifers have calves on the ground….70# and 60#  We have a lot of confidence in this young bull, and want to get as many calves on the ground as possible. We preg checked the heifers and all were palpated bred.




We have a rating system we use on all females. It will give you an idea of what I think of the female, and how she rates in OUR program.  It’s familiar and descriptive….Good, Better, Best, and Donor Prospect.  The first three are self explanatory, the last, not so much…That term is overused.  Donor is a term that is not as descriptive as it should be.  On the Diamond H, you won’t see a 4 year old donor.  And for one of these to be called a donor prospect..her performance numbers are exceptional, and in most cases, her dam was a donor!  The pictures may not show it, but our rating is a solid review of what we think and believe her to be.

An editorial comment..I believe our “good” females will go head to head with the best of most (I did not say all, so no hate mail please) Braunvieh breeding programs.  Our culling and performance standards are first, high, and second, quantitative, and not subjective.  Those practices have increased the quality of our genetics a great deal over the last few years.  And our “best”, are the ones that we keep.  Trouble is, we are producing more than we can keep.  They aren’t cheap, but you will be proud to own them and I predict they will prove a good investment!






Fall Calving, Palpated safe with calf Bred Braunvieh Heifers for sale

If you have talked to me I probably said “we expect alot of our girls”, and that’s the truth.  These heifers were put with the bull for 45 days, two breeding cycles, and most were called long bred, on 4/30, meaning they bred on their first pass of the bull.  What that means to you, is that they are front pasture, fertile doers.  That is the type and kind most folks are lookin for.  This bunch is a consistently solid group of girls…females that will do the job you ask for years to come. I am keeping 2 that aren’t even on the website.   There are several more in this group, that if I had the room, I would keep (and we are pretty dang picky). But, I can’t keep them all so, I intend to keep two more of them…One of those, F20, I’ll let you decide for me. If you come see them, I’m willing to bet….. you will agree with me, “there’s some nice ‘uns” in this group!



F20        PB95245     DOB  1/13/18      BW  77#        Adj. WW 584#


Sold into Central Texas



This is one of those pictures that is on the border of “maybe I shouldn’t post it’, and “well it’s ok but not great”.  Though the picture doesn’t show it well, she has good volume and is very deep flanked.  Her dam was a very nice fullblood 3W daughter that died in a mudbog while the herd was in Weatherford (there was very little positive about my Weatherford experience!).  F20 was her heifer calf….clearly 98C was gonna be a great cow!  This girl is a “top shelf” heifer, one good enough to be a Diamond H replacement heifer.  We have her priced as a top end heifer, and if she goes, she goes, if she doesn’t, we will keep her in our herd!  This girl had a good BW to WW spread, I’m sure with more to eat, it would have been much more.  This purebred beauty is bred to our 19E “Mack” bull and was palpated 5 to 6 months on 4/30.




F26   BC95246   DOB  2/3/18   BW  50   Adj WW   432


Sold into Louisana


I’ve been doing this long enough I like to think I can separate “the sheep and the goats” (as the Bible says),….but, boy did I miss this gal in a MAJOR way.  She is the first calf of an ET female sired by Dado.  The cow side of the flush was raised by Mark Nelson, owned by Stoney Sheer, and I think she’s a SOLID female!   This calf was the first DO6 calf we had on the ranch.   Even though D06 was a half blood, his performance test results were so outstanding, we wanted to put his genetics into our gene pool. So this heifer certainly had all the goodies to make a great one.  She had an extraordinarily low BW and not long after, she and her mother were moved to Weatherford, Tx, for 5 months.  That proved to be a VERY bad move and all the cows suffered.  When we weaned this girl (days after returning home), she was poor and my eyes saw no reason to make a producer out of her.  So we turned her out, the most likely outcome…to the feedyard for her.  WELL….all this poor girl needed was some decent groceries to do her job, and boy did she get it done!!  Honestly, I can’t tell you my surprise as to how this girl took off!  She was way behind at weaning, but let me tell ya, she has turned into a good, and I mean GOOD female!  She just keeps getting better and I think she may end up being one of the top cows in her contemporary group even the numbers won’t show it.  This 3/4 blood is palpated bred to 19E….you’ll get a real solid dose of heterosis on this one!





F30    BC95428   DOB   2/5/18      BW  68      Adj. WW 437



This picture was lit very bad so try to over look that..  Same low birthweight genetics, same sire, and out of a VERY good cow.  The female side of this heifers pedigree is Ranger11r and a very powerful cow I sold 3 years back (one of those  you wish you could rethink what you did).  Both dams of F26 and F30 were second calf heifers, an age that requires the highest plane of nutrition of a female cows life….and they both got just the opposite!  She came home got on good groceries and took off.  She is a dandy, just like her contemporary F26.  I’m telling you, ya just can’t believe how they bloomed when they got some decent groceries!  And I forgot to mention, their dams, after coming home in a body score of a (low) four, both rebred…..astounding!  Update:  She was the first to calve of this group.  She had a very black 19E heifer.  She has done a great job with the calf.






F76        BN95139      DOB  3/11/2018      BW  76      Adj WW   623


Sold into Louisana

(And….I’m already regretting it)


IF you are long sighted in this business…realize that greatness is a process….this is the female for you!  This 1/2 blood is out of an Angus cow that has reached superstar status in her time on the ranch…In fact both Stoney and myself flushed her, due to her 6 year calving history! Yes, we flushed an UNREGISTERED ANGUS cow…that is how good she is!  I kept her heifer from the year before,  a Xerox heifer that hit 700#…not bad for a first calf heifer! I was gonna sell this one for sure, but she keeps getting better and better….the two pictures are 2 months apart…she is gonna be one LONG and beautiful cow!  She is a 3W daughter….deep in flank, lots of volume, and top and rear quarter…shes got it all, in a black polled package.   Oh yeah…I forgot to talk about her performance!   Began life, at a very reasonable 76# and then was one of a very small group of her contemporaries to make it to 600# plus at weaning.   This girl puts it together….Performance and a great phenotype in a black and polled package!  To add even MORE value, she is AI bred to Ranger11R and pasture exposed to 19E.  Vet called her long bred….IF she is bred to the AI…THAT will be some kind of calf….I feel sure!  So, I priced this one what I think she is worth.  If she sells….well so be it.  But if she doesn’t, this cow is gonna help move our program in the right direction, that’s for sure!  If  you are looking for one great 1/2 blood to breed up a great black purebred line, this is your gal!






F85    BC95279    DOB  3/19/18    BW  81   Adj WW 479



This is the last of the females sired by our Y47 bull.  For that reason alone, I am struggling about selling this heifer.  He was a good bull that died before his time (he liked a friendly fight…just had one too many and blew out a stifle).  Truth I am running out of stuff to say about this group…they have a common thread, lived their lives a a calf in Weatherford….This 3/4 blood heifer is another of the “just needed more to eat” stories.  Her dam is a 1/2 blood that has done a very good job and is the source of many good lines of black genetics on the Diamond H.  No doubt 3/4 blood females are my favorite breeding piece.  She is priced right and can be the start of a great line on your place!  She calved a 19E Bull calf.  He is a good scamp for sure.  Perfect udder….that’s an important thing.



Spring Calving, Palpated safe with calf Bred Braunvieh Heifers for sale


These heifers are palpated bred by ultrasound on 7/31. Our vet works some BIG programs and palpates 100,000 head a year!  He is very accurate.  Found one pair of twins.   These heifers were with the bull for 45 days and the vast majority was called long…that means first pass of the bull.  That is what you want…it shows fertility and LOTS of data suggests heifers that breed in the first 30 days are the ones that stay in a program.     This group was put with two bulls….Xerox X002 and a bull we sold to a customer, and bought back because his BW was too small!  Good for a heifer bull we thought, so we agreed to take him back and put him on this group.  The bull, E62, is an Angus black Xerox son that is out of 55X ET.  She is a Ranger11R daughter out of our E525 Cassandra donor, who produced on the Diamond H until she was 18 yrs old!  THAT is a genetic package I believe in!  Let me say, there are a BUNCH of dandies in this group….I would keep around 15 if I had the room…these are some really quality females!







41 F  PB96470  DHR Zorro’s First    DOB 6/8/18  BW  74  Adj WW 541



This is the first of two sets of twins in this group, and they are both very good!  This is the first of two by 31W, a Ranger11R son out of 117C, a dam that is an ET out of the well known Swiss Import fullblood bull, Dado. Dado was imported into Mexico and is famous for his quality females.   41F exhibits unusual length has a great deal of power in the rear of her flat wide top.  I really like this girl, and will most likely keep one of these twins.



42 F  PB96470  DHR Zorro’s Second    DOB 10/8/18  BW  80  Adj WW 611



If you want to know about this girl, read about 41F above.   She is my pick, but everyone likes different things in cattle, that’s just me.  I have her priced a little higher than her twin, but if you like 41F better,  your’e a winner!  Truth is, this is a great pair of females!




44 F  PB98563  SLS MS Gena    DOB 10/8/18  BW  70  Adj WW 582


Well, as fate would have it, this heifer is out of a flush mate to the twins dam above.  We give them numbers as they are birthed….this happened about the same time as 117C’s twins.  She is just another good one…she had the best BW to Adj WW of the three.  I would expect that with 117C raising twins.  A solid genetic package to be sure.  This girl is palpated bred to Xerox….a very interesting breeding that stacks low BW genetics.  Who knows…a heifer bull, or perhaps that breeding piece that you can use a powerbull on with confidence.




49F    SLS Miss Monet    PB98572       DOB 10/17/18         BW  82      ADJ WW  598


This is a heifer out of one of Stoney Sheers cows bred to a Ranger11r/N52 son.  She is a very powerful cow that has lots of performance in her genes.  Check out that BW to WW spread…nearly hit 600#.  She is really growing into a nice one…I’ll probably keep her if she doesn’t sell as a bred heifer.  There are just so many dang good ones!!



51F  PB 96483  DHR Ranger’s Double Dip   DOB 10/19/2019   BW 68  Adj WW  435

Potential Donor


So this mating represents the top tier of black genetics we have, and when you see her in person, you will see why.  Ranger11R sired out of the U10, cow  a very moderate double black Final Answer daughter who goes back to our donor, 10P.  So we flushed U10 and put an embryo in an older Angus resip we had….and with a 1 in 1000 odd’s the embryo split to give us identical twins!  U10 is a cowmans dream….weighs under 1100, has never missed since 2011 and has averaged right at 600# for both male and female calves.  These girls are homozygous polled homozygous (braunvieh) black and if you want high quality black Braunvieh in your program, this is a great place to start lookin!

D16      PB92655     Crystal    BW 83         No wean weight


I didn’t watch this one grow, so I can’t really rate her..she is one of two wild cards in this group.  She was bred by a couple who bought some cows from us….unfortunately they fell into health problems and could not manage the cows from 3 hours away from their house and sold them back to me.   She is 4 years old and never exposed to a bull!  They used the 77ZA bull on a fullblood Matador cow we raised to get this girl.  So I know the genetics, they are good on both side.  She is a good cow phenotypically for sure….lots of lenght, depth, volume, the whole enchilada.   She is palpated bred and will sell for a good price!  If she doesn’t sell, I bet we end up using her.




E17  PB 92656  COLE Blossom   DOB 2/17/2017  BW 88  Adj WW  N/A

This is another one of the wildcards (see D16 just above).  This cows dam was a Golden Link bred cow that was a very good producer for our program and this heifer looks a lot like her dam.    She had NEVER been exposed to a bull, and she bred on her first cycle…this could be a good cow.  She too, will be well priced.










G34  OB 98296  Carla’s Shadow   DOB 3/5/2019   BW 94  Adj WW 520


Sold into Georgia

Here are some old foundation fullblood Braunvieh genetics.  This is an embryo calf from a 1998 flush. The sire, Masterpiece, is a FULL brother to Northstar Vernon, a bull I really like to use.  Masterpiece had a lower BW and a higher Wean and Yearling weight than Vernon.  The dam, out of the Starline program in Canada, Carla FLE44E was in a lot of very good pedigrees.  I think this one is a solid pick if you want fullblood genetics.



G36  PB 97269  DHR Mississippi Lady   DOB 3/7/2019   BW 86  Adj WW 603


Sold into Central Texas


This powerhouse is a 77ZA daughter who’s dam  (Y102) is a cow we bought at the National Sale.  I was very impressed with the calf she had on her side (our 476B cow now) I bought the pair, and this cow has not dissapointed.  She is a larger cow than is usual for us at 1350 lbs.  77ZA moderated that size and both put the power, depth, top and volume, that make this a great heifer.   She is a keeper from my point of view, I just can’t keep them all.  But if she doesn’t sell as a bred heifer, I am sure we will find a place for her on the Diamond H.


G39   PB97272     DHR Sparky     DOB 3/8/19    BW 72     Adj WW  597


Another in a large group of really good females. Deep in the flank, big flat top, lots of spring of rib, and the kind of power that will have offspring that wean pounds!   Sparky is out of a cow that was only a calf, but the reason we bought the pair at the BAA national sale.  Her dam 476B, has not disappointed.  Every calf is at the top end of the weaning pen and this one was not different.  Look at the BW to WW spread…She is sired by our deceased 77ZA bull.  If this one doesn’t sell, she will be kept in our program…She bred in the first pass of the bull….I think she’s gonna be a great producer, and contributor to any program.




G45  PB97276   DHR County Rd DD   DOB 3/7/2019   BW 78  Adj WW 585





G46  BC97277  DHR Mississippi Lady   DOB 3/14/2019   BW 71  Adj WW 595



Well, when some folks want to develop a new black genetic line, they just buy a good commercial cow.  Not the Diamond H.  We bought an embryo pregnancy sired by a very popular Angus bull and the dam was the top Donor of the Mystic Hill Angus program.  That cow is this cow’s dam, and Elba 623 has an unblemished record on the Diamond H.  I kept the calf before this one, and she has what will probably be the top weaning bull calf of our spring 2020 program.  This edition is sired by our 3W bull….seems like she works with any of our top sires…..Honestly, I’m hoping she sell’s before she calves….I’m sure I will be very tempted to keep another great half blood female.  And truth is, we are starting a new high end beef program, and she’s the type that will work very well.  She’s beautiful, no doubt!


G51  PB 97281  DHR Peanut   DOB 3/19/2019   BW 85  Adj WW 514


Sold into Central Texas


Here is one with some fullblood genetics on the sire side, our 3W Lonestar Vernon bull.  Her dam, 155C, is a Princess 8s daughter, out of a Bonina Phenomenon son, Final Answer 64J.  This pedigree is loaded with greatness, this girl has lots of great ones on both sides.  She is bred to our E62 Xerox son.



G53  BC 97283  DHR Jailbait   DOB 3/20/2019   BW 80  Adj WW 668


Sold into Central Texas


The dam of this 3/4 blood Braunvieh is a half blood Wagyu, Z58.  Here’s where this breeding gets interesting.  Z58’s Dam is 55X, also the dam of the bull this heifer is bred to.  She was a great Ranger11r daughter!  So..more great facts…Z58 is the heaviest weaning cow at the Diamond H.  Can you believe that out of a 50% Wagyu cow?  Check out the weaning wt on this heifer…  I know I sound like a broken record, but….3/4 bloods bred to a purebred or fullblood bull produce purebred heifers…they most usually,  produce the best purebreds.  This girl is gonna produce pounds, and offspring that produce pounds..and that’s our business!




G54  BC 97284  DHR Missy   DOB 3/21/2019   BW 79  Adj WW 581


Sold into North Louisana

This is another heifer sired by our 77ZA bull.  Her dam came to us nearly a decade ago from a program in Wyoming.  We bought 4, and all have done a great job for us.  This picture and her numbers say it all.  BW under 80 and weaned at nearly 600#’s…those are pretty impressive numbers for a heifer!  Deep flanked, broad top, and she is gonna have good length.  This is a good maternal cow.




G65  PB97297  DHR Amazon   DOB 4/24/2019   BW 106  Adj WW 619


Sold into North Louisiana

This heifer is another very good 3W daughter (if you have been reading, you should have noticed he bred a BUNCH of really nice females in this group that was bred spring of 2019. This one is out of a Black Icon daughter Stoney Sheer has on the ranch and I picked this one out of the heifers his cows had on the ranch that year.  She has had some good calves…this is another one of them.  Clearly, the BW is a consideration, but she calved way late, I’m pretty confident that she was 10 to 14 days late.  Don’t know why, it was an anomoly, one that drove the BW up quite a bit.  I suggest just don’t use a big powerful bull with a BW issue…perhaps AI her to a great low BW bull…perhaps like Xerox or Ranger11r 🙂




G81  PB98924  DHR Candy   DOB 4/15/2019   BW 81  Adj WW 557


Sold into Central Texas


When we imported 39 cows from the Fieldstone program in Canada, they were bred to 3 bulls, two Calvin bought from a program in the US, and one he raised.  Of the 39, we calved and 29 and weaned around 24.  Of those, we kept none of the males and 4 of the females.  Two of those went open and are on their way to the meat program…the other two bred early in the 45 day program and are this heifer and G86, below.  Both are out of the same bull, C503.  Truth is I don’t know much about the sire, but, the dams of both heifers are very good fullbloods.  This is an opportunity to get genetics from a program in Canada….He was a good breeder, that’s for sure.




G85  PB98927  DHR Stone   DOB 4/13/2019   BW 80  Adj WW 545


You can see the narrative for this girl on the verbiage for G81, just above.  This girl is a solid and fertile prospect for any program.  She is a good way to put value Braunvieh genetics in your herd.



Heifers, are without doubt much like their human counterpart…..middle school aged girls.  I can hearing them saying..”is this my good side?” or “does my hair look OK?”  All I know, they are a PAIN to take pictures of. This is an usual pose…  It is very time consuming to get the job done well.

 Please contact us if you are looking for females.  Things change.  Let’s talk about what  you are looking for to compliment your program.  If we don’t have it, maybe I can help you find it.   And don’t forget, pray for our leaders and pray for our country!


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