Braunvieh Heifers for Sale

Clearly, Heifers are a popular item, this is the number two hit page on our website.  The young cow will give you many years of production,  but heifers are among the highest risk in our business.  IF she does calve without problems/or assistance, will she be a good mom, raise a good calf, and MOST IMPORTANTLY breed back as a “sophomore” heifer?  I don’t know the number, but I have heard that 25% of replacement heifers do not make it to be a 3rd calf.  So, the genetics of the heifers you buy are VERY important!


Take a look at the Braunvieh bulls that we use on heifers.  They are some good rips and are proven low BW bulls!  We are blessed to have them standing for us in the pasture.  These bulls are the kind that allow the first calf heifer to put a live calf on the ground and it is not a “throwaway” or “pass” calf.  Rather, you will get an animal that can most likely move your program in the direction you are hoping for!

Xerox  X002

Not a small part of the value of these heifers is the bull to whom they are bred.  Xerox was purchased to be the heart of our heifer breeding program.  Spring of 2021 he is 11 years old and enjoying life as a semen bull.  As you can see, he is very phenotypically correct, and he makes em very clean fronted.  His daughters have topped the price in LOTS of Braunvieh auctions.  He is moderate in frame, and one of the top reasons to use him…he is in the top 1% in the breed in birthweight!   Now that I have tested many of his son’s at a performance test…I have formed the opinion: he is not only a low BW bull, he is also a performance bull.   He’s good…and he makes ’em good!  For more information, check out this link (herd sires)


Well, Yes…I AM a Ranger 11R fan.   I am a fan because he was a special bull.  Now, I realize there are those that don’t hold my viewpoint, but I hold quantified results in high regard, and the performance of his genetics (via sons and daughters), are well documented.  You can read more about him at this link…herd sires.  Many of our heifers are AI bred to Ranger 11R conventional or female semen.  The female semen quantity is very limited….I consider this a very valuable breeding.  His females are moderate, are very fertile,  have excellent udders, and consistently wean calves of 50% or above of their own body weight.  Of course, the female calves tend to lower birthweight even more.  If the AI sticks, you will get a good result, one that I believe will move your program forward.


19E “Mack”  (just under 2 1/2 years in this picture) needs a bath and though this ain’t a great picture but I think it will give you an idea.  He had great performance, check out the details on this link

Our newest heifer bull is Mack 19E.  He surfaced in the testing of our Fall 17 bull calves.  His own BW is 68, His dam has had him and a 64# calf that also grew like a weed!  He tested well, had a strong RFI and an excellent IMF number. Weaned 631 and hit 1031 as a yearling.   He is a Y47 son (whom is out of a Ranger11r daughter).  That makes Ranger11r great grandsire on the sires side and grandsire on the dam side.  Stacking good on good!  We have weaned three calves out of 19E as I write this.  They hit the ground unassisted, one at 78#, two at 79#…. are very good phenotypically, angus black and ALL weaned over 700# adjusted to 205 days!   We put him on the Fall 2020 heifer calves and on 20 something fall cows..two of the fall heifers have calves on the ground….70# and 60#  We have a lot of confidence in this young bull, and want to get as many calves on the ground as possible. We preg checked the heifers and all were palpated bred.




An editorial comment..I believe our “good” females will go head to head with the best of most (I did not say all, so no hate mail please) Braunvieh breeding programs.  Our culling and performance standards are first, high, and second, quantitative, and not subjective.  Those practices have increased the quality of our genetics a great deal over the last few years.  And our “best”, are the ones that we keep.  Trouble is, we are producing more than we can keep.  They aren’t cheap, but you will be proud to own them and I predict they will prove a good investment!






Fall Calving, Palpated safe with calf Bred Braunvieh Heifers for sale


These heifers are palpated bred by ultrasound on 4/17/2021. Our vet works some BIG programs and palpates 100,000 head a year!  He is very accurate.    These heifers were with the bull for 45 days and the vast majority were called long…that means first pass of the bull.  That is what you want…it shows fertility and LOTS of data suggests heifers that breed in the first 30 days are the ones that stay in a program.     This group was put with two bulls….19 E and E62.   The bull, E62, is an Angus black Xerox son that is out of 55X ET.  She is a Ranger11R daughter out of our E525 Cassandra donor, who produced on the Diamond H until she was 18 yrs old!  THAT is a genetic package I believe in!  The 19 E bull is proving to be perhaps the top sire at the Diamond H.  His calves are low BW curve benders.  He has weaned SEVERAL calves over 700# and just weaned a bull out of a first calf heifer of 799# (dang, I wanted the 800# number, but we don’t cheat).


There are 6 in this group for sale…I am debating on one two others….to sell or not to sell? Of course, on the first round of pictures, I got pictures of both I am hesitant to sell.  Believe me when I say, these are some nice females and they are bred RIGHT!



60G      PB98623      DHR Peterbuilt’s First         DOB 10/5/2019         BW 94         Adj WW 640


As the name implies, this girl is the first female of our performance outlier….Peterbuilt 22E.  She clearly has his growth, hitting 640# for an Adjusted wean weight.  I have the dam of this heifer on a short list of possible donors…she has thrown several like this one, and appears to have more to come.  She just weaned a 618# Andrew daughter this week.  This heifer is AI exposed to Ranger11r female semen, and clean up to the 19E bull…the prodigy should be a very good performance animal, very likely Angus black.  This girl has lots going for her, I think she is a top shelf for sure.



55G   PB98619       DHR Tender Lady      DOB 9/15/20       BW 82            Adj. WW 633

I probably should not use this picture.  She is standing in a way that makes her look like her back is not straight, and that she is not as thick and deep flanked.  When you see them in real life, you LITERALLY can not tell her apart from 60G.  They look like twins with the exception of the ears on 60G.  This girl is good.  She has a little twist in her pedigree as well.  This heifer is a maternal sib to our 22E bull.  That makes her 1/8 Wagyu.  She is sired by the King James bull, and I’m telling ya, this girl has it all!  Another massive weaning weight, with performance that have her a 3.05 WDA to weaning.  And like the 60G above, she is AI bred to Ranger11r and pasture exposed to the 19E bull.  I think these girls are really bred to succeed!



54G          PB 99776           DHR Royal Answer          DOB 9/13/20            BW  72            Adj. WW      557


I should probably not have this heifer listed for at least three reasons.  First, the picture is horrible, second she is bred to her sire, and third, I doubt I’ll sell her.  But, in spite of all that…here she is.  She is an ET calf sired by Ranger11r out of the 8s Princess cow.  I keep thinking Princess is done, she is after all 16 years of age.  Not sure what that is in cow years, but it’s a bunch.  She weaned her last natural calf in the last spring group.  Her heifer was in the top 5 weaning weights, male AND female!   It’s one thing for that old of a cow to bring a calf to the weaning pen, and wholly another to be in the top 8% of the weaning pen!  I flushed her with two other “senior” cow’s and she was with the fall bull for 2 weeks…was hoping she got bred, but alas…no.  Flushed her to the Mack bull.  Anyway, back to the heifer…well, that is a big part of the heifer’s story, she is out of a GREAT cow!  And then she is sired by Ranger11r.  The result is predictable…a very moderate female that is double polled and black, will have a spectacular udder, and if like her mother, will wean 55 to 60% of her body weight on a consistent basis.  

OK, this is where some folks will think “that’s not good”.  Many years ago, at the suggestion of a VERY experienced woman, I bred several Ranger1r daughters to their sire. That is the only sure way to prove whether or not the genetics are clean, without problems.  If there are problems, you will know them, if not, you will get very consistent results.  The results then, were very good.  I decided this was a good opportunity to repeat the process.  This heifer is AI’d to Ranger11r and was pastured with E62. 


I will make an effort to get some good pictures of the rest of the bred heifers we intend to sell.  As always, coming to the ranch is the best way to see them.  I’ve never had some one say “gee, they looked better on the internet”!






















Heifers, are without doubt much like their human counterpart…..middle school aged girls.  I can hearing them saying..”is this my good side?” or “does my hair look OK?”  All I know, they are a PAIN to take pictures of. This is an usual pose…  It is very time consuming to get the job done well.

 Please contact us if you are looking for females.  Things change.  Let’s talk about what  you are looking for to compliment your program.  If we don’t have it, maybe I can help you find it.   And don’t forget, pray for our leaders and pray for our country!


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