We believe that a seedstock producer, ipso facto, has a higher standard of production quality in our animals.  That includes several areas that I, for one, take extremely seriously.  If you are considering buying registered Braunvieh cattle, I suggest this may be the most important page you will read. While quality shows in the animal, there is MUCH that goes into the background of the animal that does not show up in the genetics (but should show up in the price).

While my “quality statement” above may sound OBVIOUS, I have seen many that do not communicate that in their breeding and selling practices. Here are a few of the things we do that set us apart.

You would be surprised (I am) how many do not have weigh scale one on their property.  They GUESS at birth weights and wean weights( if they even turn them in).  If they are within a couple of weeks of the birthdate, that is “good enough”.  I don’t think we have a bigger responsibility than to provide ACCURATE data!  During calving season, our number one priority is to tag, weigh, and doctor calves (every new born gets a dose of EN)force 2 and multi min to get them off on the right foot, healthwise).  We will have them weighed within 24 hours near 100% of the time.  

We prevaccinate 30 to 60 days before weaning and again at weaning.  Every calf gets Bovishield Gold modified live vaccine, 2 doses of an 8 way, two doses of Pasturella, and a dose of multimin.  Each calf is weighed at weaning with Tru test scales, de horned if necessary, and freeze branded.  At prevaccination, we pull hair for DNA and test for: color, horned/polled, and Leptin gene.  Additionally, THE SIRE OF EVERY CALF IS PROVED BY DNA!…we don’t just say “that is the breeding”, we PROVE it!  


This page is currently under construction.  Please return here in the near future to see what we have added.