Replacement Braunvieh Heifers. 

I give my opinion on our Heifers for sale page, that NOT EVERYONE SHOULD BUY HEIFERS.  They are lots of work and lots of trouble.  We spend a lot of time and money on our heifers.  Then ….

I have to decide which ones to keep!

Which heifers to keep is among the most difficult decisions we have to make as seed stock breeders.  Add to that, I have to sell some of my best genetics to develop a reputation and repeat buyers, while at the same time, keep the future core of my herd.  That is a fine line to walk. This girl is one of 4 contemporaries.  She is very typical of her group.  She was bred at 2 years.  They got left off the trailer when it was time to breed them and had to wait till next program.

PB 100707     DHR Sugarland       DOB 10/10/20      BW 70        Adj WW  640       Adj YW  1040

This is a 19E Mack daughter out of a cow we intended to flush that was apparently killed by coyotes in calving.  She exhibits all the characteristics we are looking for….this ones gonna be a BULL MAKER!  She will have to prove her staying ability, but we sure like how she has started life!