Vision from Above

While I realize this is an unusual tab on a ranch site…we think this is an unusual ranch.  I confess, I never intended to breed cattle.  I bought the Diamond H to hunt and fish.  A place of rest from my office life.  God had other plans.

The whole story is lengthy, but suffice it to say, it started with a vision while I was praying.  Not an out of body vision, just a picture in my mind.  I saw several men with their feet on the fence visiting, looking out over a pasture of grass.  The odd thing was at the time, the pasture was cotton, and there was no grass there.  Second odd thing was that I read “Wild at Heart” by John Eldridge. Not odd that I read it, odd in the depth of the impact it had on my thinking.  For me, that was a game changer.  As it turns out, it was for my wife as well.  Third thing was what we now affectionately refer to as  Karra’s “dam talk with God”.  While on a woman’s retreat at Glorietta, New Mexico, while standing on the dam of a lake, she heard God’s voice more clearly than she ever had before.

Since those early experiences, we have had several events that have led us clearly to where we are.  And the vision will always be the mission of the Diamond H: to build a Christ centered men and boy’s ministry on a working cattle ranch.

In  2009, we finished building on to the original house (circa 1930/40’s) to include a large kitchen and a “bunkhouse” that will sleep a bunch of folks. In 2017 we added on a “great room” to have room to congregate, and fellowship.   So here we are in 2019…and still no formal ministry.  We have had groups use the facility, but not in the way I have envisioned.  When people ask us, “What is your ministry gonna be like?”,  I shrug and say, “I don’t know, I’ll tell you when He tells us!”  I guess you could say, I have built the ark, we’re just waiting on it to start raining.

In the meantime we have had several groups use our facility as a special place to host a small group.  We have a “bunkhouse” upstairs with 10 beds and two bedrooms available as well.  There is adequate space to have Bible study, discussions, meetings or the like.  If you are considering a group meeting that you think our ranch would be a unique and peaceful place, give me a call and we will talk about it.

What I will say, is that this is a beautiful place, a peaceful place.  We would be interested in talking about your group and your goals, to see if the Diamond H might be a fit.

We fell in love in 8th grade…….really!