Not Everyone should own a bull.  I always say, ” a bull is used 3% of the time and is responsible for 97% of your problems”.  So if you are a smaller operator, or want to see what Braunvieh genetics can do for your herd for a small investment,  perhaps you should consider leasing a Diamond H Braunvieh bull.

Here’s how our program works.  There is a monthly fee, (200 to  300 dollars) with a 3 month minimum.  All pricing is from Childress, and returned to Childress and depends on the bull you lease.  The bull will be semen and trich tested when he leaves the ranch and trich tested when he returns.  The lessee is responsible for the safety and health of the bull .  If you are interested and want more info, give me a call. We can discuss what your needs are, and if we have a bull that fits your bill.  These are all bulls that tested in the top 10% or proven herd sires on our ranch.  It is an opportunity to move your program forward with top performing Braunvieh genetics at a very reasonable cost.   It is our intention to increase the size of our bull battery if the demand suggests that we should.

Y34 is a Ranger son out of U10. He is tested Homozygous Black and should be double polled as well. He is a favorite of those that have used him. We put him on our spring cows and he is breeding a group of our Fall 14. He moderates frame and BW, can be used on heifers, Puts a great phenotype on his calves.  This is a rotten picture.  I think he will work his way to the top of the Diamond H Sire Battery.

Mr. James is a Yancy son whose dam goes back to Spittin Image. He shows great depth, and volume. He is very thick in the rear quarter.  He is an all Swiss, which carries more milk production.  He will put milk and volume into the breeding.

This is a heterozygous black Ranger son. He did very well in all aspects of testing at Navasota. His first group of calves are in the mid to low 80’s and very stylish. All have been black but one. Apparently he is one of those that throws his black gene most of the time. He tested very high on Rib-eye, Marbling and Gain. He was in the top 20% in RFI as well. We will be using him alot on the Diamond H. He looks ALOT like Ranger11R did at this age.