Diamond H Ranch Braunvieh Bulls for Sale


If you are interested in learning a bit more about Braunvieh and some of my opinion of and experience working with the breed…. read on.  If you want to see the bulls we have for sale and don’t want to read all this stuff, scroll down this page and you’ll find the bulls we have for sale.

If you are unfamiliar with Braunvieh Bulls there are a few things you should know about them.  They can breed at an early age, do not think a yearling won’t breed 20 or more cows (we use long yearlings all the time) and typically last several years longer than the the popular black breed (it is common to see a 10 year old Braunvieh bull in the pasture working).  That fact alone saves you money!  They are very docile and their  strong libido makes them naturally hard workers.  They will add bone, muscle, and MILK.   They also defy the antagonism between maternal and growth.  That is good news to producers.  With Braunvieh you get the growth you are looking for, and are able to produce fertile, productive females!  Thats not true with most all breeds.

Please click this link to read a great Braunvieh story from Troy Dean at the Whittaker Ranch in Decatur, Texas.  It pretty much sums up why a commercial producer should use Braunvieh Bulls.  Everyone (I asked the same question) wonders “If these cattle are so good, why have I never heard of them?”  Well, I once had a breeder tell me “if  you ever see 3 Braunvieh Breeders agree on anything, you better write it down, because it won’t happen again!”  I’m afraid that may be more fact than fiction.  People, more than the cattle, have prevented this breed from moving forward.  

The Braunvieh Association of America (BAA) is working at exposing beef producers to the benefits of adding Braunvieh to their herd.  You may have discovered there is a shortage of Braunvieh (especially good ones) on the market.    The BAA has produced a series of programs that have aired on “The American Rancher”.  One of my favorites, “The Braunvieh Bull…He always works” aired  February 2016 on the RFD channel.  It is informative and you can hear from people that have made the decision to work with Braunvieh.  Of special interest, is JHL cattle company.  He has as much data as most anyone on the planet, and therefore,  I believe his opinion, as a result of collecting this extensive data, carries weight!

The Braunvieh Bull….He always works!”

                               If you are a video watcher, click on the link to see a video about Diamond H bull philosophy

oI don’t think a lot of people put enough weight on their bull buying decision.  Without a doubt, your bull is the single greatest influence on your herd, and therefore your profitability.  AND, if you use a bull, he has bred 3 years before you know if his genetics are working or not!  You better be right! And his impact on weaning weights and fertility will directly effect YOUR BOTTOM LINE!  So, if you don’t think you can’t afford that expensive, high performing bull….. I suggest you sell two cows, and buy one really good bull.  He will pay for himself in a hurry!  Saving $1000 or $2000 on a bull today will cost you $1000’s in the next short period of time.  Think about it, if a bull that costs you $5500 adds only 25 pounds wean weight(and that number is more likely 50#), that is $60 plus, per head.  Times 30 cows is $1800 additional profit the first year.  If that bargain bull you bought at the sale or out of your neighbors culls, lowers weaning weights 25 pounds, you lose $1800 per year, in weight alone….forget fertility, carcass traits, etc.  YOU MIGHT GET LUCKY WITH THAT BARGAIN BULL, BUT IN THIS BUSINESS THAT IS A RISK, I PERSONALLY AM UNWILLING TO TAKE!  WE DO NOT SKIMP ON OUR BULLS….THAT IS EVIDENCED BY OUR PURCHASING XEROX X002.  YOU SHOULD NOT EITHER.

We have a wide range of genetics ranging from half blood Braunvieh (crossed to Angus and Gelbvieh genetics), to Full Blood Braunvieh. Our genetic mission is to produce bulls which will put money making performance into your seed stock and commercial herd.  We focus on “the big three“;   birth weights,  weaning weights,  and yearling weights.  While maintaining a fullblood presence in our herd, we are striving to accomplish our performance goals  in a purebred, black and polled package. See Herd Sire page for pictures of the bulls that provide the foundation for our Seed Stock Braunvieh Genetics.  Let me say here that there may be the commercial cattleman saying “that stuff is not important to me, I’m just a commercial breeder“.  I respond by saying, if you want to make money at the sale barn, THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!  I would love to go over how it impacts you and the profitability of your program.


Your Options of how to buy a Braunvieh bull from Diamond H Ranch

            All bulls that we sell are guaranteed to be breeders.  All will have Vet certified BSE tests within the last 6 months.

  •  Bulls on the ranch, Not performance tested.  Once in a while we sell untested bulls.  I personally believe testing is money WELL SPENT.  That said,  occasionally for one reason or another, we will have a bull that reaches breeding age that was not put through the testing process. These bulls are typically sold as non-registered, but carry the same fertility and soundness guarantees as any other bull sold on the Diamond H.  They are clearly less money.

  • Bulls that have completed performance testing at a third party testing facility which includes RFI efficiency testing and ultrasounding for carcass results.    RFI testing, a measurement of feed efficiency , I believe, will be one of the most sought after characteristics of a bull in the future (from my viewpoint, it already is one).  If you are unfamiliar with RFI, Click here, and you can get a simple explanation of what it is and how it is measured by the Growsafe system.  Remember, efficiency is a very inheritable trait, and it is ONE WHICH WILL CONSISTENTLY MAKE YOU MONEY!!   These bulls are priced largely based on performance relative to their contemporaries.  All bulls start at a base price.  If they perform above the group in any category, they demand a premium.  If they perform below, we apply a discount.  Also, different bulls are able to help you reach different goals.  If you sell at the local auction, you don’t necessarily need a bull with great carcass, but rather growth is your focus.  If you own calves to the rail, you need a bull that does it all.  Testing gives you options.   YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, AND HAVE A GOOD IDEA WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT !  
  • Mature Bulls.  We sometimes have bulls that we have used/tested as herd sires.  Sometimes they did not do what we expected, sometimes we have enough of their genetic influence in our herd.    These  mature Purebred and Fullbloods represent the top tier of our genetics.  These are bulls that topped their contemporaries in testing and were kept to improve the level of genetics in our seedstock herd.  Let me make something clear.  WE DO NOT SELL OUR PROBLEMS ON THE DIAMOND H.  WE KILL THEM.  IF THE BULL HAD A PROBLEM, HE BECAME HAMBURGER, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I think that deserves further comment.  Selling problem cattle should be, at minimum, (and often is)  done at the local sale barn.   One should not expect a seedstock producer to sell problem cattle off the ranch.  I am alarmed that it happens more often that you would expect.  It won’t happen on this ranch.  If the animal has a problem, usually kill it, I don’t even want that type of animal going through the sale barn with my brand on it!!   If it is a cow that we are selling  went open then was later was bred, we make that CLEAR at the  time of the sale.  We believe you get what you pay for at the Diamond H….and quality is not cheap!

Braunvieh Bulls standing on the Ranch for sale

(and ready to go to work!)


 Mature Bulls we have used as Diamond H Braunvieh Herd Sires


We don’t just use good bulls as Herd Sires at Diamond H Braunvieh, they must be GREAT bulls.  They have to be proven in someone else’s pasture, like Xerox X002, for example….or we find outliers at third party bull test facilities and them put them on a few cows  the first time.  If they pass the test, we keep them and use them to move our program forward.  Then occasionally, we sell  them for various reasons.  We have one of those for sale currently….








D06    BN89894   SLS  King James 10-60    DOB  1/18/16  BW  78   Adj WW  699   Adj YW  1215

ADG  4.63  (1.27)     RFI  -.22      REA  12.3 (108)    IMF  4.52  (116)    BF .24

One look at his numbers and the decision to use this bull in our program was easy.  In spite of the fact he was a half blood, we liked him so much we wanted to get some of his performance and carcass traits in our herd, we were willing to go backwards in percentages.  Look at those ratios in his performance numbers….he was A TOP PERFORMER, ACROSS THE BOARD, IN ALL CATEGORIES.  Add to that, the fact we used him on heifers with zero calving problems.  So what you have is a high octane performance bull with low birthweights….a commercial mans holy grail!  We have found another good purebred heifer bull, so we are putting this one on the market.  He is HUGE thick, lots of volume,  and believe me, he isn’t through growing yet…he is one thick, growthy bull that will deliver the beef all the way to the rail!  And by the way…I live in “red dirt country”, and that reddish color on his back is just dirt.  Maybe we will get a rain, and he will clean off.    This bull is Angus jet black!





133    SLS King James  PB84718    DOB 8/30/16       BW  88         ADJ WW    653     ADJ YW  1003

Sold into the Hill Country of Texas

Folks, this one is a tough decision.  This bull EARNED his way into the program.  He jumped a fence and bred several cows we were lining up to AI…bummer…well, maybe not.  Many of the resulting prodigy went to the Navasota bull test.  The results were startling…they were in the top echelon!  I called the customer  I had sold King James to, and he was kind enough to sell him back.  He has put some rock n roll females in our program…that’s for sure!  Now my struggle is this….I have way too many top performing herd sires…I can’t use them all.  He has done his stint, and like it or not, I am gonna sell him.  He makes a powerhouse calf, male or female.  He is polled and carries one black gene.  He will usually throw color however.  His prodigy have lots of growth and carcass traits….This is  ONE GOOD BULL!

 E28  DHR Beefmakers Blackbeard  BN92467   DOB 4/6/17  BW 82  ADJ WW 682   3/15 wt  1115

ADG 3.68   RFI -1.01   REA 12.87  IMF 3.55  BF  .11

When this guy left the ranch…I had high hopes and he exceeded my expectations.  His dam is a cow I bought as a bred resip.  She is of obvious Brangus decent.  She did not accept the embryo we put in her and she was bred by our 77ZA bull.  E28 is the outcome.  This guy went to Navasota, and had a strong ADG, AND he had the 10th best RFI in the entire test!  That is the kind of bull I am looking for.  In this part the world, the ear influence is not needed, but,  for the guy looking to put a little ear in his genetics,….this bull may just fit the bill!  Moderate birth weight, a strong 682 wean weight, an adjusted yearling weight that will be somewhere north of 1100!  He carries two copies of the Leptin gene, good news for folks feeding out their own cattle. He is definitely a larger frame than we usually produce.   This bull brings ALOT to the table….  IF you had been looking at the website, and saw his old picture, I updated it, 10/26/19….as you can see, this guy is a hoss, and needs a position on a ranch “senior herdsire”. His weight on 10/16 was 1945#.

Spring 2018 Born Diamond H Braunvieh Bulls off Navasota Test

This group of bulls arrived in the first part of April, I was struck by how consistent they were.. all with lots of volume, lots of power in the rear quarter.  Look at the numbers….no real outliers in either direction.  Consistency…something we are striving to put into our genetics, something that buyers are looking for in the calves they buy.








F25  SLS Xerox Mr. Mulch  BC 95127  DOB 1/24/18  BW  68   Adj WW  653    Yearling 1065

ADG  3.62   RFI  N/A  REA  11.90   IMF  3.62   BF .25

 This guy is a muscle head, that’s for sure!  He is a Xerox son out of an Angus cow that Stoney Sheer has on our place.  I recently had to move most of Stoney’s cows off the Diamond H…we just don’t have the groceries…but this bulls dam, a full blood Angus stayed…she has done a very consistent job!  He is low BW and certainly has the phenotype a cowman is looking for!  He did not get assigned a RFI because he spent too many days with reduced consumption, which would have impacted his ADG as well.    I am told if you breed a tigerstripe to a black cow, you get black 100% of the time!..I think this is the sleeper in the group, he’s got potential, for sure!  Wt on 10/16/19 was 1315#.



F37    DHR Outback   PB 95251   DOB  2/9/18   BW  82  Adj WW 642  Yearling 1005

ADG 4.37  RFI  1.04    REA  11.67   IMF  3.76  BF  .25

SOLD into Oklahoma

This fella is the kind of bull ya like to own.  He is very pleasing to the eye….thick, smooth, front to back.  I saw his dam as a heifer calf on a cow that was part of a pair for sale at the National Sale.  I liked the calf SOO much, I bought the pair.  This was her first calf, sired by our Xerox bull.  A bull I bought for birthweight, but has proven himself as a performance bull.  His ADG was number 1 of Diamond H bulls, number 2 in the pen of contemporaries.  His carcass numbers were very balanced and RFI was not great, but not that bad either.  This bull is homozygous polled and will be a top pick for the commercial guy that wants to wean big calves that will grow and hang well on the rail.




F59    PB95265    DHR Gridiron     DOB  2/18/18     BW   78      Adj WW  676      YW  1030

ADG    4.12      RFI  2.03      IMF  2.72     REA   11.71    BF  .23

SOLD into Oklahoma

When ya look at this guy it is hard not to use the overused phrase, big butted, big gutted, big footed.  He is gonna develop into a big one ton hunk of bovine flesh, thats for sure.  He looks alot like his fullblood sire, 3W.  His dam is a cow I bought out of Montana years ago that has done a great job.  HER dam was a Pella cow that had 11 straight calves…this is a good cow family sired by a good sire!  He is a pick for the commercial guy wanting to put pounds on the ground!




F62  PB95627  DHR  Sequoia    DOB 2/18/18  BW 93#   Adj WW 524   YW  1010

ADG   4.12        RFI  -1.72       IMF  4.11     REA    10.80    BF  .12


Well, this is two tests in a row that we have found a bull that does it all!  The profitability index is a number that combines ADG and RFI together.  It represents what we are looking for….an animal that gains well, and does so in an efficient manner.  This guy ratio’d 120 on the profitability ratio….THAT, is a good number!  Add to that, a  4.11 IMF (1.15 ratio), a 10.8 REA and .12 Back Fat, this guy does it top to bottom.  He is a paternal brother to our Kenworth bull that topped the entire test of fall calves, sired by the Andrew 21Y bull.  His dam, 55X is an ET cow, Ranger11R to our deceased Cassandra E525 donor.  She is a full sib to the F83 bull below.   That was a GOOD flush for us!  This bull is Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled.  He almost did not make the cut when I was making the decision as to whether they would be tested or not…you can see his WW was not that great.  That is proof you just can’t always pick ’em.  His dam did not do well on the grass in Weatherford and he did not have what he needed, nutritionally speaking, as a calf on milk and grass.  As you can see, he had the growth in him, and he will continue to improve as he gets some groceries.  If you look at his performance testing numbers, he is, without doubt, the top pick in this group!  He numbers show balance across the board….excellence in all categories!!  Phenotypically, he does not have the raw power/muscling of some of the others, and he is definitely more framey that the rest of the group. 



F78  PB95277    DHR Right Side    DOB 3/11/18      BW 91      Adj WW  629    YW  960

ADG  3.88         RFI  -.69    IMF  3.35        REA   11.21      BF  .18

This Xerox X002 son is one of those you love to look at!  He is built like a bull should be, powerful rear quarter, big top, lots of guts and big n_ _ ts…..that’s for sure.  His dam, Y78 is a purebred cow that has earned her way to the donor pen.  She will be flushed this fall or next.  She is out of a fullblood we bought years ago that was a deep “soggy” cow.  He had a solid ADG with a top 10 RFI in his pen.  He will put pounds and pass his thickness on to his prodigy, which means more pounds at the sale barn.  His 10/16/19 wt was 1215.





F86   OB 96346  DHR Arabers’ Son ET   DOB 3/20/18   83#   Adj WW  512   Adj YW  928

This guys’ genetics were part of a semen tank I bought from a program very active in the 80’s and 90’s.  They raised top shelf genetics…period.  There were many embryos sired by the Araber bull, and a full brother to Northstar Vernon, a bull I have used quite a bit with great success.  I was particularly interested in the dam of this calf.  She was a deep bodied, broody type of cow that had a great production history.  She is a Dado daughter, known for some the very best dams in the early days of the breed in the US.  The Araber bull is an early Swiss import…and his pedigree is something to read.  I can just see the cows in his pedigree standing on a mountain somewhere in Switzerland!  The grand dam of the dam of this bull was the 323rd cow registered in the US….get the picture?….these are FOUNDATION Braunvieh genetics.

This guy was weaned in the Weatherford.  He was younger than the rest…I made a last minute decision to put the embryo in the resip and therefore he calved late compared to the rest.  I think that showed up the most in the yearling wt.  He was the youngest bull at the test and I would imagine he was bullied (no pun intended) at the bunk alot.  I prognosticate that though he did well at the test, he was at a disadvantage due to his young age.  He is of good phenotype, a balanced bull.  His 10/16/19 wt. was1100#.  As Araber is of direct Swiss genetics, I chose to keep him horns intact, as is the custom in Switzerland.



F79  DHR Gridmaker  PB95276  DOB  3/11/18  BW  87#  Adj WW  608   Adj YW  885

ADG    3.38       RFI  1.07      IMF  3.158    REA  10.71    BF  .14


This bull has been elusive in terms of getting him pictured and on the website.  He is an Andrew 21Y son, out of 77A a Y47 daughter that has done a good job on the ranch.  Truth is, his numbers are not as good as I expected them to be.  That said, his yearling weight was taken by the folks at Navasota when he was finishing up the testing process there.  Clearly, I have no way of going back and doing a re-weigh, but I am fairly positive that it is not correct.  I assume it was simply recorded incorrectly.  He weighed 1175# on 10/16/19….something is amiss.  At any rate, as you can see, he is a solid bull, thick boned, flat topped, and stout rear quarter.  He is a bull that will put bone and milk in his females, he’ll make females you’ll want to keep and put pounds on your steers. His 10/16/19  weight was 1140#.




F64   DHR F64   OB95269   DOB 3/12/18  BW 78    Adj WW  565

Sold into Costal Plains of Texas 

Well once in a while we sell a bull that is not tested.  This is one of those times.  When it came time to sort to take calves to the test, we missed this guy.  I decided I would just cut him and sell him as a steer.  Two months later, it was time to sell the steers, and I saw one wasn’t a steer….oops, we forgot to band him.  As I looked at him, I thought he was looking better than I expected, and as he had 38cm testicles at the time (pretty big to cut off)  , I decided he should stay intact.  And as you see, he has turned out quite well.  Remember, he has only been on grass (and not a lot) since his weaning.  His contemporaries, spent 4 months at a bull test eating while this guy was eaking out an existance here on the ranch. And there is another fact about this guy that ya need to know…his mother is a 3W daughter, he is a 3W son.  It was not an accident, it was a test.  A very savvy cow woman once told me that if  you want to know if your genetics are clean, breed the sires to his daughters.  If things are good, you will get a good outcome…if the genetics have problems, they will surface in the offspring.  If they are clean, you will get good offspring.  I’ve done it multiple times with Ranger11r, and with James.  This is the first time with 3W.  Truth is, until very recently, my partner in the bull has had him on his ranch more than I, and the vast majority of his calves born on this ranch  most of have been males.   87A is one of the females, the other, 98C died stuck in a mudbog in Weatherford (did I mention Weatherford was a very unpleasant experience?).  Anyway, as you can see, the breeding was successful.  His mother, sired by 3W was out of a fullblood cow we bought nearly a decade ago….she had Canadian genetics which included great bulls like Aron Egg, Willabar Bouncer 3B, and Northstar Vernon (4 times).  If you are well versed on Braunvieh, you know that is “who’s who” in foundational Braunvieh genetics.  A rare opportunity to put golden Braunvieh genetics in your herd at a budget price!  He weighed 1045# on 10/16/19.

We are going to sell this calf as unregistered and untested.  He will make an outstanding bull for a commercial cattleman looking for all the benefits of using a fullblood Braunvieh bull in his herd.  AND, it will be a price the commercial cattleman will appreciate!


A note…this picture was taken very late in the day, with the sun about to go down.  It caused a very red tint, and made the bull look to have much less volume than reality.  I posted two pictures of 48F to illustrate that something as subtle as lighting, can have a HUGE impact on the looks of the picture, even impacting the phenotype of the animal…who knew?



2018 Fall Born Diamond H Braunvieh Bulls off PX Feeders Gain/Efficiency Text


 This was a small group of bulls, but they were very consistent in their performance, and in their quality.   These are current pictures (first of November 19) and the bulls are 12 to 13 months old.  These bulls were in a pen with bulls of a wide range of age, and the results (ratios and contemporary grouping) are having to be calculated, and the “official” comparative results (ratios and ADG standings) are not yet done.  This is what I do know.  There were only 11 bulls in the 90 day DOB group including October through December bulls.  Of those 11, there were 3 breeds represented by 5 breeders.  Of those 11, Diamond H bulls had 4 of the top 5 ADG:  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.  The larger group had bulls born beginning in February, 8 months older than our oldest bull. There were 41 bulls, representing 6 breeds with 10 owners.  The top 16 ADG results were by bulls born in June (1), May(1) and February and March (the remainder).  The 17th and 18th bulls were Diamond H Braunvieh bulls born in October.  Diamond H had 3 bulls that had an ADG over 4# per day, the only bulls in their age group to accomplish that.  So…..while, I can’t compare ratio’s or the like, I think these bulls performed VERY well!  Even when including bulls that were 5 months older, Diamond H bulls had 3 of the top 5 Braunvieh bulls in ADG.  I will repost when I get the final comparative results.  For now, here are the pictures  and information that I do have.




37F   SLS Mr. Fries 302       BN 96530    DOB  9/20/18       BW  82     Adj WW   673      Adj YW   1363

ADG  4.50      RFI   .64     IMF  4.36      REA   15.16      BF  .34

Sold locally in Childress County!!  Doesn’t happen very often….the Bible says “Jesus was not a prophet

in his own town….they did not see what he had to offer because he was the “carpenter from Nazareth”



This halfblood bull is a standout…he is hard to miss in the pasture, that’s for sure.  His dam is an Angus owned by Stoney Sheer that has consistently produced superb and I mean GOOD calves.  Her “E” calf is a heifer that we kept, and she is a standout female as well.  He was sired by a very old fullblood bull named Fries.  He is a foundation Swiss bull, and the semen is very difficult to come by.  I was suprised when Stoney used it on anything other than a flush.  Clearly he was hoping for a female, but this bull is going to make a commercial man one terrific bull!

He started at the top of the pen weaning 673 and once off his dam, he grew to an astounding 1363; a very big number to reach without any feeding (other than the test of course).  He is deep flanked, massive volume, and a big, flat, top that won’t quit.  And look at that ribeye…. which can be overlooked, once you notice a marbling number of 4.36! Oh yea…he had the top ADG of his pen, and did so with a respectable efficiency number.  When you see this guy in the pasture, you will agree….he is just a monster of a bull!







38F    DHR  Rangers’ Rock Star      PB96467     DOB   9/20/18      BW 82      Adj WW  663      Adj YW  1039

ADG  3.99      RFI  N/A     IMF  3.80   REA  14.03     BF  .28

Sold into Eastern Colorado


I often hear the phrase in cow sales..”out of the heart of our program”.  Well this breeding is definitely that.  The sire…Ranger11r.  Dam….sired by our Fullblood bull 3W, out of the Princess 8S cow.  Like her dam, D38 is a very moderate, and obviously productive cow! This was D38’s first calf.  She weighed 1080 pounds when she weaned this calf…that is a 61% of her body weight…not bad for a first calf heifer!!  It took a lot out of her, but she bred back as a sophomore and just had a beautiful 83# King James heifer!     “Rocky”  was the number 2 weaning calf in the group, and stood out from day one.  When I dropped him off at the test, I expected great things.  Then not long into the test he got a respiratory infection they had difficulty clearing up.  He was off feed more than 20% of his average (the system keeps up with such things) for 10 out of the first 55 days.  That is why they would not give him a RFI.  In spite of that, he gained 3.99, making him the number 5 Braunvieh, the number 3 of his age group.

He is phenotypically very correct, has the Ranger11r rear quarter, and top to match.  He did better than average on IMF and had a spectacular REA.  





 45F     DHR Strongman    PB 96473      DOB  10/11/18       BW  96       Adj WW   656    Adj YW  1003

ADG    4.30     RFI  -.95      IMF   4.267     REA  12.63     BF  .33


I named this fella when he was a small calf.  Even young…he looked like a bull!  Had the walk, had the talk, and had muscle of a calf much older than he.  And, it turns out, he is a lot more than a pretty face!  This is the third test in a row that we had a bull “do it all”  By that, I mean he performed in all pertinent categories, from wean weight to carcass traits.  I make that point, because it is not easy to do, and our program has done it consistently.  As you can see, this bull had a great ADG (second in his pen), while sporting a GREAT RFI!  That is the combination we are all chasing;  EFFICIENT GROWTH!  Add to that a solid ribeye area, and an extremely good marbling number, all in a very strong phenotype, you have an animal that is at the top of his weaning group, both in performance and carcass.  This is the bull for the man that is feeding his own calves to the rail.

Strongman is out of a N52/Ranger11r daughter sired by 31W a Ranger 11E son.  I feel confident that his higher BW comes from N52 as those kind of things often manifest in the second generation.  While he is most likely not a heifer bull, I am as confident as is possible, he will have no issues in breeding mature cows.  He is definitely a product of his genes.  He is very phenotypically correct  He has tremendous power in his rear quarter, very broad and flat top, and is straight and correct in every way.  He travels well and very smooth.

This is, without question,, the pick of his group!


48F    DHR Jimbo    PB96477    DOB 10/16/18   BW 82    Adj WW   651     Adj YW 1121

ADG  2.93    RFI  -1.10   IMF  4.03   REA  16.81    BF .22

Sold into the Hill Country of Texas


This bull is a paternal brother to 45F and is out of a James daughter that has ratio’d 107 Wean Wt on 5 calves for the Diamond H.  His numbers demonstrate what his genetics would suggest.  His superior genetics produced superior results!

Jimbo came very close to being yet another bull that does it all.  He had the right BW, had a strong WW tied to a way better than average yearling weight.  He had the number one RFI in his pen…The carcass results are given only to the owner of the bull, so I am unable to know this bulls place in Ribeye…That said, I’m sure they are out there, but,I have never heard of, much less had near 17″ ribeye in an animal!  As a 3.4 is considered the “gold standard” of IMF. a 4.03 is gonna result in some tasty and probably tender meat, with a .22 BF to boot!  His achilles heal is a lower ADG, an important number to be sure.  But, this animal has a lot to offer.  And the argument could be made that given his ADG at the test was impacted by his lower age.  If he is a more timid calf, he may have not had the bunk time he wanted and hence his gain was lowered.  That theory, while certainly only theory, would be supported by the fact his gain per day of age was so high outside the gain.  Regardless, this is one good bull and his numbers show he has much to offer!