We have grouped our herd into divisions that we think you will find helpful in viewing our herd and our program. I got started doing this a couple years ago, and got sidetracked.  I intend to work on pictures and get most of our herd online…a grand undertaking!  Here are a few of the 140 or so we have.

These are the working girls on the ranch. We give them a good home and keep ’em bred. In return we require they breed every year, put a live calf on the ground, and wean a calf half their body weight. These girls have done that.

This Ranger daughter, 3W,  shows why I love the Ranger to a fullblood mating! Big, long, thick, with a beautiful udder.

DOB 9/10 BW 73 ADJ WW 726

I make the claim that Ranger is consistent and 6X displays that.  Compare this cow with 3X above (also their performance numbers).  Contemporaries, both products of Ranger and a fullblood cow.  I think her first calf will be our next Wagyu cross herd sire!

DOB 9/10 BW 74# ADJ WW 698

 011 T is purebred Ranger daughter, Homozygous Black. She is out of the 507R cow, who’s calves find themselves at the top of their contemporaries most of the time. This is one good cow family! She has produced one herd sire, had one in the first Navasota Sale, and consistently weans calves over 55% of her body weight.   Bitsy, wheres my heifer?

DOB 3/07 BW 69 WW 480

Sometimes God gives you a special cow.  8S, the Princess cow is ours.  Not only her performance, but she is just special to us.  She comes to her name like a dog!  She has weaned 3 calves over 65% of her body weight!  She is a Joker Daughter, tested hoomozygous black,  out of our 6P cow.  She will not leave the Diamond H!

DOB 3/06 BW 77 ADJ WW 631

13W (BC76116) is our oldest Wagyu cross. She has done a great job on both her calves. I bred her to Granat (known as a heavy birth weight sire) and got a 71 pound heifer. Her first calf, our first 3/4 blood is VERY nice! She is 15Y on the heifer replacement page.

DOB 9/09 BW73 WW472

18P (PB53587) is a Polled Thunder daughter out of a Powerball cow.  She is dam to 42S, our oldest Ranger daughter (also  one fine cow).  We like to build good cow families.  Great udder, length, consistent performer.  A probable donor cow.

DOB 9/04   BW 72 ADJ WW 668

We call her Snowball. This Ranger daughter is out of Thumper (just below), a Black Icon daughter we raised. She has produced two top end calves, including Z62 on the heifers for sale page.    FYI this picture is in dead of winter on what little wheat we had. I really need a new one to show how she really looks!

DOB 11/9 BW64 ADJ WW 536

This Sambo 627 daughter combines foundational Braunvieh genetics with the modern performance genetics of a Pol Frank daughter. She hasn’t been on the ranch for long, but she has had a good start!

DOB 10/06    BW87    ADJ WW 620

This moderate cow typifies what we are looking to breed here on the Diamond H. 3 calves, all of which have found a place in our herd! A Black Icon daughter to a Pol Frank 1/2 blood Brangus cow.

DOB 10/07 BW 76 ADJ WW 566

55X is a homozygous black Ranger daughter out of our 525 donor.  She has done a great job as we knew she would.  That is a 90 day old Elino son on her teat.  He is definitely a herd sire candidate!

DOB 1/10 BW 76 ADJ WW 661

318T (OB 68709) We bought this cow as a heifer as part of a group of 25 and I did not notice her. But notice her now….I certainly do! Her heifer calf is 3W above, her second calf was high selling fullblood at Navasota, and her third is a Ranger heifer by her side that…well…let me say, she won’t be leaving the ranch! This cow of fullblood Candaian genetics is a future donor for sure!

DOB 9/07 BW 85 ADJ WW 550

502R (OB68716) This cow is out of a bull that goes back to Willabar Bouncer (Canadian) and a cow that includes Hari and a rich Canadian background. At this point, it appears that the son at her side will be near the top of his contemporaries.

DOB 1/05 BW 85 ADJ 550

920W (OB68237) We bought her from a breeder in Montana with high hopes. She is out of GLB Tony who goes back to Elino and has both Vernon and Admiral on her dams side. We AI’d her to Elino, hoping for a strong line breed!

DOB 3/09 BW 87 ADJ WW 618

520S (OB68715) Her genetics are Canadian on the top and English on the bottom with both Quinto and Hari in her immediate pedigree. She is the dam of 6X.

DOB 2/09 BW 76 ADJ WW 485

8025 (PB65940) The fella we bought this cow from said Harlan Sr (Golden Link) thought this cow was special. So do we. A Yahoo daughter that goes back to Spittin Image.

DOB 3/08 BW 82 ADJ WW 575

U10 (PB 70357) Black Chyna is a Final Answer daughter out of our 10P donor. She is what I would call a broody cow! Her first calf is our heifer herd sire, second fell out of a trailer and died, the third is an Elino son that shows GREAT promise (picture below). This little cow weighs 1038 and weaned one at 584.

DOB 10/09 BW 75 ADJ WW 480 YW 90

U29 (PB71479) This Riss Fabian daughter is out of an ET cow, we sold. She brings low BW to the breeding, an important ingredient for success in this breed.

DOB 7/09 BW 65 ADJ WW 574

Y49 (PB76560) Ranger’s Dragon is the mix of Ranger BW/Performance gentetics with the performance of a Dragon/Miss Prime cow.  I guess the proof is in the pudding….look at her BW to WW spread.  And her first bull calf is gonna be good!

DOB 8/11 BW 83 ADJ WW 627

Y50 (PB76484) This too is the kind of cow I am trying to breed.  I put Ranger on her dam, 8S, a HB, moderate, highly productive, cow.  With a 78# bw and 668# WW, I think that Y50 is gonna follow in her mothers footsteps.

DOB 2/11 BW 78 ADJ WW 668