~Is there ANYONE ~

that doesn’t like going to the pasture to look at calves?  While hard work (and sometimes a bit stressful), my favorite part of this business is calving.  And nothing lifts your heart like watching little ones kicking and running, or the little bulls practicing their head butting.  Here are a few pictures of random calves…..we hope you can come to the ranch to see ’em live!

A James son

Some stand out early. This was one of those!

A first calf sired by our Y34 Ranger son

Maybe our next Wagyu cross herd sire?

A 2W son that was a first calf. He will wean soon!

We kept this one. She turned out very nice! Has a good calf on the ground herself.

What a story. We needed to move these heavy bred cows to where I wanted them to calve. The dam of this calf had moved off, but did not show signs of having calved. We moved her, and I did not catch on that her behavior was that of a mother saying “I had a calf stupid”. 4 days later, I caught on to my mistake, we went to look for the carcass. We found this calf, having been in the pasture waiting on mom for 4 days! Did I mention we had an ice storm with 6 degree days during that period? This picture is the day after we found her. THESE CALVES ARE HARDY!!

This may be my favorite picture. It is one of the things that makes these cows great….the Udder!

This is a Spittin Image son out of a cow I bought on her mother. He is about 3 weeks from weaning now, and he is VERY good!

This bull is less than 6 months old. He is out of a Ranger son, to a 1/2 blood Wagyu cow….if the performance is there his carcass will make him a top prospect….he is a stout little guy!