We have semen on Diamond H  Braunvieh Senior Sires, purebred Ranger 11R (PB53600), our deceased fullblood 3W OB73264,   fullblood Mr James P6 (AS50405),  polled purebred Xerox X002,  polled and  heterozygous black 77ZA “Beefmaker” and our newest (and VERY exciting) 22E “Peterbuilt BC 94113 and 19E “Mack” PB94110.  

If you are looking for black calves,  Ranger11r,  a Ranger son, Beefmaster and both Peterbuilt and Mack are your options.  Ranger11r is the bulls for commercial folks.  All his offspring are compact, many less than 1200 pounds.  He is homozygous black and polled, and does NOT carry the diluter gene, so he is Angus black and does not pass the diluter to his calves.  This counts at the sale!  His females have sound and beautiful udders (I am an udder man 🙂  )  His cattle are sound footed, are flat topped and huge rear quarter.  He is, in my opinion, the best bull in my tank.  I am down to 500 straws…the price is going up!  NEWS FLASH…the place I keep my semen, found some 5 million (the large dose used for flushing, standard size of sexed is 1 million) doses of Ranger11r female semen.  I am going to sell 20.  It isn’t cheap, but Ranger11r females are the best in my herd.  They may not be the most beautiful in your herd, but they are workhorses, and produce QUALITY offspring!  Beefmaster recently died.  He had outstanding females…in a recent program, he had 2 of the top three wean weights.  The top was a 693# female!  His dam was a fullblood of Canadian genetics, and it made a good match.

3W Lonestar Vernon is our fullblood sire we raised and was owned in partnership with Alexander Braunvieh.  He recently died, but left a big footprint in our program.  While I have not used him on heifers, he is a very moderate BW bull…low 80’s on average.  He is double bred Northstar Vernon, was puppy dog gentle, and as you can see in his picture, is a very stylish and well balanced bull.

Our low BW specialist herd sire is Xerox X002  (PB82446), owned in partnership with Alexander Farms.   He is arguably the best low birthweight bull in our breed (we sure thought so).  His calves are very fancy, clean fronted.  He does particularly well on powerful females.  He has produced many show champions, if that is your interest.  He is a TERRIFIC heifer bull, throws most of his calves under 70#.  His daughters are very stylish and his sons demonstrate alot of power and have honestly surprised me as to how well they have done on a consistent basis in performance testing. I bought him for birthweight and phenotype, but turns out….he’s got a lot of performance in him as well.  His semen is $30 a straw..

I am still learning about our “truck brothers”  Mack 19E and Peterbuilt 22E.  Mack is a low BW high weaning weight bull that is a meat wagon!  Peterbuilt is a smoother made bull, very clean fronted that destroyed his performance test of 320 head.  Both these bulls are weaning HUGE calves, made right.  I only have the earliest of their calves in production, so I have not proven them completely.  However, I feel very confident that these bulls are the future of this ranch…they are really producing stand out calves!

All these bulls are very thick, big butted, big/sound footed bulls. They all weigh about 2000 pounds.   All bulls, with the exception of 22E and 3W  have exhibited consistent low birth weight prodigy, and could be considered heifer bulls .  All bulls also show great performance at weaning and yearling weights.   Click here to see pictures.

To give you even more control of your breeding program, we are currently have very limited sexed semen on Ranger11r available in both 1 million and 5 million per straw. I have lots of male semen, and if you are looking for a black herd sire or steers, it is a great option, and is priced less than female.  I recently found a very limited number of 1 and 5 million dose of Ranger11r female, so I am selling sexed semen for the first time in 10 years.

We also have semen on the following bulls for sale.  You can click on the Registration # to go to their webpage on the BAA site.  I have LOTS of other bulls available, I just can’t list them all.  If you have a bull in mind, please call or shoot us an email and we will let ya know if we have the bull you are looking for.

Elino  8623-94            SI9094                 $50    This bull is known for carcass and making great females.  Hard to find semen.

Hari 12495-153SW     (OB2878)            $40     One of our best halfbloods came from  Hari.   An English import bull that will add volume.

Quinto 7358-4               (SI7681)             $40    A great import bull.  His females have great milk and volume.

Riss (NC) Fabian 9937-11  (SI10)           $15 with certificate   A great Fullblood with calving ease.  Sire of El Conquistador

Granat (NC) Maax 14328-21  (SI-51)    $10    Power,  will put muscle.  Be watchful of birth weight.

Pol Frank 103H  (PB26415)                     $20    Look at the stats.  This is a great performance bull.

Markus (NC) Rolf 16004-36  (SI-52)      $10  A Swiss Import,  will put length in your cattle.

TLC Bud  (OB30398)                                  $10  A Silverwood Dragon Son, out of an Ueli 7200 cow.  Will put muscle and moderate size.

Cornerstone M210 ET  (PB42730)           $10 A homozygous polled Lifeline son, if you need to add some muscle and power, this is a good choice.  Not a calving ease bull.  Limited straws available

Silverwood Dragon 4W (OB3578)             $20  This bull produces great daughters.  Will add both length and power.  We have had some birthing problems breeding Dragon, but his offspring are very powerful!

Pride of Erle  (OB5772)                                 $10  Use this bull on cow that you need to put power and growth.  Be careful, he has birth weight issue, but if used correctly, has great qualities.

Yancy GLB 8143 (OB25992)                         $20  This is one good fullblood.  He is in top 1% of breed in WW and top 4% in YW (if EPD’s mean anything to you)  We have had no birthweight issues with him.  He puts fantastic volume in his cattle and his females are especially good.  Did I mention he is the sire of our Sire, Mr. James?  We bred this bull heavy in Spring 16, look forward to the results.  There is a good story as to how Phil Kimmerer got this bull from Golden Link.  Let it suffice to say he was to be a herd sire for Golden Link and they owed Phil a favor….he got one good bull!