It is interesting to note that there are more people on this ship than live in Childress.  And I must admit, I find the people on this ship somewhat more hospitable.

So far, one of my favorite results of cruising, are meeting the people.  Interesting people.  People from all walks of life.  One of the couples we met are Joe and Leona from Beverly Hills.  I mentioned in my last entry that we were going to dinner with them.  That experience most certainly justifies a further mention.  Joe’s father immigrated from Syria.  He built a chain of retail clothing stores numbering nearly 200.  Many in Houston and Dallas.   They are terrific people.  She is as delightful as people can get.  I knew Joe was my kind of guy when we were at the end of our bottle of wine and when I turned my head, he poured some of his into my glass.  I realize there are those reading this that just went….YUCK!!  Not me.  A real act of friendship from my point of view.   We have planned to see some old friends in Seattle when we get home.  Last night we decided to “drop by” Beverly Hills.  Yes Heritage, you are going to Beverly Hills!

So I can’t help to make a political statement here.  Our administration is always saying the immigration is what has made America great.  He is absolutely right…immigrants like Joe and his father.  Not the kind that come across our borders, refuse to learn our language, nor become our part of our culture.  Immigration is not just moving, it is integrating as well.

So last night a great dinner, tonight a comedian then dinner.  Oh yeah.  I forgot to tell you that I got to try something I have always wanted to experience.  Opus One cabernet, 2009.    Never thought I could afford a bottle, and NO ONE sells it by the glass.  However, there is a place on the ship called the Wine Cellar.  You can try over 200 wines 2 oz. at a time.  There was some OPUS left, so I bought it.  The steward took the bottle out of the machine, said it was about empty and poured me 9 oz.  Very generous, ……..God provides the desires of our hearts. You should believe Him, trust Him for that.    It was good….but as with many things, not as good as I had imagined it would be!  Often times the things we think we REALLY WANT……when we finally get them……are just OK.



This trip with Karra, however, is NOT one of those things!