The heifer breeding program on the Diamond H. (part 1)


This one's for sale, will be AI'd to Riss Fabian

he time is upon us to breed the fall heifers.  Breeding is my second favorite time on the ranch….calving is of course the coup de gras! All heifers are bred one month before cows.  That allows them to have a little more time to recover from the stress of birth and mother hood to give them a better shot at being bred back as a “sophomore” and to assimilate into our

Hari Daughters are maternal with lots of performance.

program with their older peers.   We breed the majority of our heifers as one year olds. Therefore, when it is time to breed back they are at a very difficult time of life.  The’re losing their teeth making it uncomfortable and more difficult to eat.  Add to that the fact that their calf is taking the valuable nutrition they still need to make the transition to a mature cow, you get the result that the sophomore is the most difficult animal on the ranch to breed.  We give them the very best nutrition we can to give them the best chance to stay in the program.  Part two of this installment is coming soon.