So life on the ranch is pretty much the same all the time.

Dealing with the day to day minutia consumes most of your time.  Once in a while, you even have time to make capital improvements: maybe build a fence, kill some cedar trees, construct a loafing shed.  So our home life is work out, then eggs and sausage or cereal for breakfast, some quesidallas for lunch and a while a fairly sizeable number of choices, it is the same choices, for dinner.  Not much money or time spent on frivolous things.


Enter vacation.  Frivolous is par for the course



One of the things we are blowing a lot of money on is massage.  Yes, massage.  The entire staff here is good.  I have used this woman from the Phillipines; Arlene.  This woman has a set of hands like a pair of new Craftsman vice grips….old school!  So this morning, I’m thinking “wonder what kind of massage I should get today?”.  I look at the list of options and EGADS!….. at the top of the list (I’m not making this up)  is Indian Scalp  massage. So I’m thinking to myself….this sounds dangerous; decided on deep tissue…sounded safer to me.

Nothing like being a tourist!

Nothing like being a tourist!


Port in San Marten today.  Not much there: pretty beach, lots of shopping.  I worked out, Karra decided to go “walking around”. All married males know that is female speak for shopping. And as you might expect, the grandkids scored



Tomorrow is our first at sea day on the crossing.  Captain told us at dinner it would be a good crossing with the exception of the third day.  Could be rough.  Thanks to our friend Dr. Pratt for the patches.  They may come in handy!

This is the "Allure of the Seas" the largest cruise ship on the seas.  6000 passengers.  Pretty much Texas size!

This is the “Allure of the Seas” the largest cruise ship on the seas. 6000 passengers. Pretty much Texas size!




Going to eat dinner tonight with a couple from Beverly Hills.  He started a retail chain, currently 200 stores. Salt of the earth kind of people.  The kind of people that once were esteemed for work ethic and courage to persevere.  Today, seems like our administration holds their type with a sense of disdain.  She went on the zipline tour with me.  Was too old according to the rules…..lied to them.   She is my kind of gal!

So…Grandma Hill, I am preparing to do what you always dreamed of…cross the Atlantic on a ship.  I believe she is happy to know her “Toddy Boy” is on his way.  So am I!  Better yet,

with the woman of my dreams!