AAAHH!! Another day at  sea.

It is amazing how fast things go by.  I find myself already lamenting the end of this exceptional experience.  I am having a bit of a problem keeping these blogs even slightly interesting.  Why you ask?  How much can you say about eating too much and hanging around the room?

We did have an interesting dinner experience last night.  We are in “Celebrity Seating”.  No that is not JUST because we are famous notables!  Traditionally on cruise ships, you eat at one of two seatings, at a set time, at the same table, with the same people.  That can often times be a wonderful thing, unless you get seated with a 90 year old couple from Florida, or perhaps a …..well you can imagine!  In our seating arrangement, you come on demand, and can sit alone or with other people; you just don’t get stuck with the same people if they don’t suit you.



Isn't she beautiful?!?

Isn’t she beautiful?!?




So last night, we stopped by the wine cellar for a glass.  ( Bub, you would like this place!) I tried an Italian Cab, not my favorite, and off to the general seating restaurant.  We were seated with 3 gentlemen from Florida (all transplants).  One (right up your alley politically Patricia) from Canada, one from England, and one from Israel.  For the most part, pleasant types.






I think that shadow in the picture is my finger…….Oops.





The highlight was certainly dessert.  The gentleman from Israel ordered a pear dish that seemed to me to be some sort of bread pudding with raisins.  The Englishman spoke up and matter-of-factly exclaimed “ that is Spotted D_ _ k!  Apparently a favorite in England.  Not sure what it is, but it created quite a stir at our table!





Today is most certainly the roughest day.  We are grateful for the stabilizers this ship has.  As a comment.  I am pretty amazed at the number of cruises that people go on.  The record I have heard is 60 (I’m thinking trust baby), and a close second is a retired postmaster and his wife, a total of 39 with 6 in one year.  Yes President Obama, the government does create jobs.  Unfortunately at the expense of the private sector that creates wealth.  I could do this again for sure…but how do people have a life doing multiple cruises every year?  Any way, there have been many comments that the Celebrity line is far and away the best value for the quality….Karra and I have already plotted the next. Hopefully for our 60th birthdays.

We are off to the Wine Cellar , then dinner and a show with our new friends from California, Joe and Leona.


Signing off .   TA TA!