Well, Sort of.

When I left I said I was gonna spend a day and not get up.  Well I almost made it.  Till 4 anyway.  Two movies.

Had to workout with Matt.  He is a trainer from Croatia.  Very knowledgeable.  He is going to work with me and send me home with a program.  Todays workout was all on a yoga ball.  I can’t believe how hard it is.  Sweat pouring off my chin.  Tomorrow, spinning at 9 and Boot Camp at 10.  Back to back.  Should be hard, will be fun.

When I am at home, I typically have a snack in the afternoon.  Maybe a few nachos, maybe a PB&J sandwich.  Everyday at 3:45 Sebastian drops by with a tea cart.  Karra has darjelling tea, I have, well,

not a PB&J

Dinner with my lovely wife tonight.  We miss each of you..sort of :)!