One of the things my Dad taught me was to appreciate fine dining.   The environment, the food, the presentation, you know…..the whole enchilada (or maybe Tornedos de Filet).  Anyway this ship is a great place to be if you appreciate fine dining.

This is what I call dessert!

This is what I call dessert!


Steak Tartare.......aah!

Steak Tartare…….aah!










For Vegans (like Karra) only.

For Vegans (like Karra) only.


We went to a place called BLU last night.  Karra got an appetizer for vegetarians.  I probably should mention Karra made the decision to go Vegan.  She thinks it will help her health, I think she is crazy.  Any way, this is her appetizer and she loved it.  A lot of the experience of eating here is the presentation.  Some works of art.  The executive chef came by our table.  He is a young chap from Portugal.  As you can see from these pictures, he is an artist in food.  We are enjoying his art!





I had chocolate fondue for dessert.  It came with banana, strawberry, marshmellow, and pineapple to dip in the most luscious dark chocolate.  I came to the conclusion that you can dip a ball of dirt in dark chocolate and it would be a delight!




Speaking of art, I find it all around me.  This ship is a floating work of art.








      Farewell, next installment will include a story about how the correct wine glass is crucial to the wine.

           PS.  Just kidding about Karra becoming Vegan.  She had a filet for dinner!