… and on the Diamond H we use AI.  On a prior post, I discussed why we AI heifers one month before our cows.  We AI’d our Fall Cows on Dec 3rd to calve in mid September.    We use a three shot protocol to synchronize the cows.  First shot is Estradiol/Progesterone to inhibit any imminent heats.  One week later we give lutalyse to trigger the heat.  The next day we give a Estradiol  shot to tighten up the window.  The books tell you to breed by time, 30 hours after the last shot.  We use heat detection patches and breed 12 hours after standing heat.  We have enjoyed a 80% conception rate over the last 5 years.  Environmental conditions such as radical weather changes (common in these parts) can affect your results.

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John breeding the next great crop of calves.

We AI all our females for several reasons.  First, and I believe foremost, you can bring the best genetics available in your breed to your ranch for a small investment.  I am also able to study the strengths and weaknesses of a bull and match appropriately with my cow.  While not a sure thing, it increases your frequency of a good result.  Therefore, you can launch the genetics of your program at a much greater rate.

I am pleased to say, if the AI misses, We will most probably like the result!  Oscar and Juan Pablo are currently working on our heifers, Ranger and Twin Eagle.

Twin Eagle....Fertility and Muscle

A linebred Northstar Vernon son

3W Lonestar Vernon