OK, I admit at this point, I am reaching for material to keep this blog engaging.


Problem is, that we (especially me) are doing exactly what we came here to do.  Nothing.  And for those that have worried about my stress level, I admit, I am feeling invigorated.  My energy level is returning….not just my physical energy level, my emotional energy seems up.  Still 7 days of cruising to go, sure it will only get better.  This morning the Captain said we were 800 nautical miles from land.  Dead center.  Believing that this puppy won’t break down!

These are good folks, Joe and Leona from California

These are good folks, Joe and Leona from California




We had dinner with Joe and Leona again last night.  I will tell you, they are among the most delightful people I have ever met.  She is gracious like my wife.  Joe reminds me of me.  Just lots more success. We have been truly enjoying their company.







When we got in it was 10:30, coupled with the time change we had to make, it was 11:30.  We found our little friend, Karra gave him her Gelato (yes Tige, she tried Gelato) she had left over.

We got in bed and watched a WHOLE movie.  How bout that kids…..nearly 2 when I went to sleep.  That’s great, but getting up is a real problem.  You know how you feel, loosing an hour in the spring?  We have done it 4 of the last 5 nights.  At least it wont be bad in Europe.  Problem is, we are just there one day, and then to the ranch.  I’m guessing the first few days will be hard.


This foyer is 8 stories tall. If there is one thing that I would improve/change, maybe the entertainment.

Then off to Breakfast, then Karra went to a facial, I got in a conversation with a couple from New York which lasted 2 hours.  THAT is what is relaxing…..no pressures, no deadlines, do whatever you want, when you want….THAT is my idea of vacation!




Then in for a 2 hr nap, and up for a workout.  Then (now) I blog, work on the website, we go to dinner again.  That is our life…..I like it!





So, I will end with this. Vacation is good, it is necessary.  I, however, think I prefer going for the long one every three or four years. Karra and I have discussed at length, we love this.  Next is through the canal to Chile from Florida, maybe longer.   For us….this has been monumental!  It would be wrong for me not to thank two very key people that have made this possible for me.  First Cynthia Allison.  She is a true friend and gallant employee.  And Andrew.  I would not have been able to leave the ranch if I could not trust him the way I do.  Thank you both for making this possible for us!